My Autumnal Fragrance Edit.


As we are residing in the fourth quarter of the year where fashion hits the store with loads of new fragrances and clothing in reminiscence of the new season’s arrivals and also, this is the time of the year where not only the winter clothes top up the aisle shelves but also the autumnal fragrance range too. Hence, with that as the inspiration, today I will be showing you with some of my favourite perfume picks that I would be particularly adorning myself in welcome for the winter chill colder months. So, let’s get started right away.

Jimmy Choo is a company that magnificently specialises in producing ultimate footwear, bags, clutches and fragrances in the fashion world and the latest 2015 release of exotic perfume from Jimmy Choo is definitely my kind of luxurious yet modern perfume where it has the whole splash of floral and fruity fragrance with top notes as black currant and pink grapefruit and heart notes as tiger orchid and passion-flower and base notes as patchouli and raspberry.

My next option for a sophisticated fragrance would be DKNY’s Be Delicious that is given by the great Donna Karan from the fashion city of New York. As people say that first impression is the best impression and this saying definitely fits for this perfume as it is shaped adorably as a gorgeous green apple and it has a sensually hidden fruity scents of apple, cucumber and sparkling grapefruit as top notes and the floral essence of magnolia and rose as heart notes and finishes off brilliantly with sensational woody flavour of sandalwood and white amber as the base notes.

I always love to celebrate the perfume that has the aroma which has the cascade of soft and free spirit of femininity indulged in it and this super cool refreshing fragrance from David Off Cool Water Wave hits the right spot to fulfil my thirst quenching tropical aroma of scent where its top notes start off with the fruity sparkles of fresh watermelon, exotic mango, sweet passion fruit and tropical guava and also, it has the fabulous heart notes of sweet&spice from pink peppercorn and the floral flavour of freesia and peony and ends ultimately with the phenomenal woody base notes of sandalwood, iris wood, amber and musk.

Lastly, I can’t leave the doorstep without this smashing signature perfume, Daisy from Marc Jacobs on a warm autumn day as this perfume really brings the warmth of the sun along with the pure pleasure of joy instantly and it also has an amazing mixture of fruity and floral combinations that has the fantastic top notes as the mixed floral essence of quince flower and freesia along with the fruity content of crisp apple and it also comes under the heart note as the floral bouquet of gardenia, iris and peonies and leaving a beautiful base note of musk and cedar wood towards the end.

If you have a whole new range of autumn perfumes just like me, then you could always write down your favourites onto the comment section that is right below.

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