Travel: Grey Seals Spotting & Watching…

Happy New Year all! I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I hope you had an amazing time too. Thinking about New Year, it reminds me of a splendid visit that I’ve experienced along the coastline, watching the extremely gorgeous grey seals along with their new-born pups. So, I’m taking this opportunity to share along with you and hence, let me talk through more about it.


Winter is the best time to watch grey seals as this is their main breeding season and I saw thousands of seals nestling around the seashore along with their tender-looking newborn pups, some mother seals fed their cuddly newborn pups, some ginormous male seals rolled over to get smeared over by sand whereas some seals found interesting to dive into the water and lastly, some intelligent mammals took an adventurous step by crawling onto mountains of rocky stones and all-in-all, it was a rare sight to watch. Also, I was fortunate enough to see two hefty male seals made a quintessential setting by showcasing their power by ending up in a fight. To be honest, the whole setup looks so special and incredibly eye drooling to watch.


These curious grey seals are the cleverest mammals one could see as they know how to use the landscape (water, sand, rocks and bushes) really well. And, when it comes to pup nourishment, scientific facts shows that these female seals feed their pups regularly and it seems like pups put on weight like 2 kg/day as their mother’s milk tend towards like condensed milk which in turn give their pups enough goodness and the flubber-y skin that they need to keep warm during this winter


Even though, these seals looks so heavy but in reality, they move so fast and that’s why, these sea animals are always kept restricted from mankind by fence all along the coastline as it just takes few minutes to cross over the shore and another key fact is that they could swim only for 30 mins in water and then, they will comeback to the shore for breathing and relaxing and the maximum length that they could within an hour is 19km, which is remarkably a tremendous achievement when compared to their size.


When it comes to body colour, a newborn seal pup looks more like white coloured and after three weeks, it turns into spotty grey-coloured and then, an older male or female seal looks more like black-coloured.

Well, how did you spend your Christmas and New Year? Please share along your thoughts and experiences and as always, I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful midweek and see you soon in my next post.

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Day Out In London.

Touring around London is the best day out one could think for and if the weather is good, then it is always a bonus and as far as I remember, I think that was the last day of summer as I literally wrapped up with scarf and jacket ever since I’ve returned from that exciting trip. We all know that one day is not enough for a big city like London and so, this time, I’ve covered one part of London that includes London bridge, Blackfriars, Tower Bridge, The Shard and Borough Market.


Look at the London bridge that has Thames river as underneath and the magnificent The Shard (the tallest building in Europe) to the top and the exceptional view is the one to die for and the local ambience of boats piercing along the water with cafes and bistros that is filled up with tourists and Londoners on the sides are quintessential for people watching.


This picture was clicked around London Monument area where I managed to click 3/4th of The Shard and this place was bustling with youngsters and peddle buses.


One cannot miss Tower bridge when you step into London and I was so fortunate to see the ceremonial opening and closing of bridge session and there was big bunch of crowd, who were shooting the historical mighty scene with pride.


Thanks to the multi story steps that aided me to cover up the whole spot of Thames river with bridge, boat and ship.



Weather was so good that day and it was like mid twenties and whole credit goes to Sun God who showered us with plenty of sunshine and one thing that was daunting was my foot and thanks to Transport of London, where I hopped on and off the entire day using bus, train and tube.


This is Blackfriars area that is ideal for shopping and most of the shops will be closed on weekends as this whole area is dedicated for working community.

The other wonderful experience was stepping onto Borough market where you could find food from all around the world just under one roof and so, you name it and they sell it and so, the whole place was crowded with food lovers, tourists an enthusiasts.

Here comes to end of this post and I wish all of you to have an amazing week ahead and see you next time with another post. Also, please remember to leave your awesome comments and as always, I would love to read them.


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Beach holiday.


Summer is all about sun,sand and sea and what kind of summer holiday without a beach, isn’t it? And, that’s why, here comes my series of summer holiday fun facts which will yield all the goodness of summer as one single package and now, let’s see in detail.

Family Time:


Beach holiday provides pocket of opportunities for families to come together and so, invite your friends and families to give yourself a fun-filled family holiday and that is always rejoiced with happiness and laughter forever.

Detox Your Body:


Beach holiday works at its best to de-stress and recharge your body by soaking up in the sun and also, by having a wonderful lazy beach walk or soaking up your feet in the sea water or otherwise, you could bring your childhood inner sense appeal like building a sandcastle or burying your feet under the sand.

Say “Goodbye” To Hectic Work:


Beach holiday acts as a catalyst to show off your beach wardrobe like off-shoulder top, denim shorts, shirt dress, tan top and many more and last but not least, beach bags and tan sandals are ultimate mandatory too.

Richness Of Sun:


If you want to look like Sun goddess, then beach holiday plays an important role to make your glow tanned skin to look even more beautiful and also, aids to top up you month-ful supply of vitamin D sufficiency.

Water Sports:


Also, there are so many adventures that you can do in beach like jet skiing, beach quad biking, horse riding, canoeing, sailing and many more and so, just go for it.


Lastly, give yourself a bit of time off to feel yourself much better and relax your mind and body in a natural way which always helps you both work wise and also, physically too.

I hope you all had a fun time in reading this post and you could also show your love by sharing your thoughts onto the comment box that is down below and until then, have a good week ahead. Happy Holidays!


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Murano – A Day Trip from Venice, Italy.


Well, there are so many options to explore more of Venice and one particular spot that is consistently bustling with tourists is always said to be Murano. Murano is just 1.5kms away from Venice and there are also frequent water transports available at your own convenience. So, if you are looking for a day trip that is not too far from Venice yet still would like to spend most of the daytime by walking and strolling through the galleries and buying glass souvenirs, then Murano is the quintessential location for it. By the way, the above picture is one of the parking bays in the centre of Murano.


Moreover, there are plenty of gelato and sandwich shops are available at any time of the day and these shops are scattered all across the lanes to fulfil every thirst-quenching hungry customer needs; plus, the neat and tidied stone tiled pathways gives a phenomenal ambience for the globetrotter to make themselves comfortable while on their memorable journey.


Besides too, Murano has some unique features where you can’t see anywhere else as the canal in here runs right in the middle of the island and either part of the canal is always adorned with glass makers, souvenir shops, glass galleries and restaurants. In further, to make the whole bustling atmosphere even more lively, there are also several small bridges that runs across the canal and they look so gorgeous to see and it is such a pleasure to watch too.


Furthermore, if you are looking for any kind of glass statement pieces, then sky is the limit as these Murano shops are filled up with thousands of souvenirs to collectibles that includes: rings, bracelets, watches, animal collections, flower collections, vases, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chandeliers, lamp shades, coasters, bowls, plates and many more. And, the interesting part is that most of these glass shops have their magnificent glass making workshops at their backyard and luckily, I had a great chance to get a sneak peek into some of the glass making techniques that they use – Oh my goodness! the amount of work those tradesmen put in is certainly a hats off job as it is such a tremendous piece of hard work to do in their day-to-day work schedule.


After getting stuffed up with bag full of fantastic collectibles, the next mandatory stop would be Venice and I should definitely say that not only Murano is so good, the entire trip is like a treasure land that has a plentiful of architectural monuments and buildings that spread all across the water channel that dates back many centuries before.


Look at the ancient settlements that has so much flare for architectural excellence and most of these structures are mostly dominated by domes and towers and it is such a historical place to explore at least once in your lifetime.

21sep159Well, when you look onto the exterior of these buildings, you could clearly identify their architectural intelligence as these buildings are still standing elegantly with pride and dignity along with their predominant craftsmanship.

21sep1510 21sep1511 21sep1512

These are some of the pictures that I clicked on my return trip from Murano to Venice and I would surely say that this trip is one of the most memorable holiday trip that I ever had in my life.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could always drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comments section that is right below.

If you have missed any of my series of posts with regard to Venice trip, then you could always jump into right here, here and here to catch up with all of the latest updates.

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Venice, Italy – Grand Canal and their Adjoining Bridges.


Grand Canal is the one of the greatest sight-seeing spots in Venice, Italy and today, I will be taking you on a journey along the length of the Grand Canal and I will be share with you about my exceptional personal experience of this great voyage. Moreover, Grand canal is not only a scenic location but also works as a transport channel for millions and millions of tourist visitors that visit this place yearly and they are considered as the main means of transport in this hottest historic location and in further, you could also use this water transport as a water taxi or water bus or gondola.


Furthermore, if you want to explore Venice in a fun full yet in a majestic way, then riding onto gondolas along the banks of Grand Canal is a must and the surprising part is that there are several parking spots for gondolas that runs right across the main attractions; plus, gondolas are the specialty of this locale and hence, who wouldn’t love to go on for a ride?

18sep153 18sep154 18sep155

These are some of the best captures on the central part of the Grand Canal where you could explicitly see several number of historic buildings which dates back centuries before in the range of 13th to 18th century old and these great architectural landmarks were once occupied by the noble Venetian families and even today, one could clearly able to see their true reflection of enormous amount of wealth and culture that were associated along with them.


This bustling atmosphere starts from dawn to dusk everyday and the crowded water taxis and speed boats are just a real pleasure to watch and ride and the most amazing part is that the old Venetians were not only interested in showing off their architectural excellence in just buildings alone but also extended their abilities and functional capabilities onto the connecting bridges too.


Look at the centuries old strong bridge and their adjoining historic territories set as the background and doesn’t it look amazing? And, one more additional fact that I want to share along with you is that there are nearly 425 bridges that is standing along elegantly from centuries and centuries long until now along the Grand Canal. WOW! Besides, you could also visit an innumerable number of churches and towers all across the corridors of Grand Canal and it is a great way to spend in your lovely sunny afternoons.


Besides too, you could also able to see some awesome Venetian iron balconies and large domed windows when you ride along the Grand Canal and in further, Venice is the only place where speeds boats take their pride to drop in and out of tourists to various hotels that is spread along the banks of the Grand Canal and this is the only way to get into the hotel too and anyway, you could also see exactly the same in the picture as a visual interpretation of what I said right now.

18sep159 18sep1510

Lastly, this picture also gives us an evidential proof of the hustle and bustle of Venice that is crowded by the local people and tourists all year around and these hardworking boatman gives us the handful of much-needed ride everyday and hats off to their immense dedication of work.

I hope you had a great time in reading this post and you could also catch up with some of the other parts of the Venice that is right in here and here. Additionally, you are most welcome to drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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Day 2 – Venice, Italy.


Today, let me take you through my journey of travel in the most prestigious district of San Marco in Venice, Italy. As you all know, I have covered my expedition on San Polo district in Venice on the Day 1 of my travel and if you have missed any of it, you could always jump onto the section that is right here. As San Polo district covers the upper curve of the Grand Canal and similarly, San Marco district travels along the lower curve of the Grand Canal and it is one of the most reputable districts among the entire six districts of central Venice.


The eminent landmark of the San Marco district is none other than Basilica of St. Mark that is highly regarded as the treasure-house of ancient Venice and its whole architectural structure sits elegantly as a center stage on the most famous St. Mark’s Square that is also called as Piazza San Marco; plus, the whole surrounding area of the bustling square is always filled up with pigeons, tourists and cafes. Moreover, the adjoining museum and the magnificent clock tower is certainly worth the watch.


Furthermore, the great sight-seeing point in this area is that tourists queue along the top of the bell tower to see the most gorgeous panoramic view of the historic city and the whole structures, pillars and monuments clearly explains the great architectural intelligence of the architects even farther away centuries back.

Finally, you can’t go empty-handed after passing through the humongous designer stalls that has the most fabulous latest fashion arrivals and hence, I took this opportunity as a great pleasure to show you some of the best designer show rooms in the city.

14sep154 14sep155 14sep157 14sep1561

Doesn’t it look so gorgeous! Even though, one can’t afford to drop into each section of the store but still, it’s definitely worth to have a premium window shopping experience that is all under one roof.

I hope you had a fantastic time in reading through this post and in addition, you could always drop in your valuable views and thoughts into the comment section that is right below.

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Day 1 – Venice, Italy


It’s been a long time that I have posted a travel post and this time, I plunged into this opportunity straight away to showcase some of the fabulous time that I spent on a gorgeous trip to Venice in Italy. Oh my! It was such a pleasant experience and I want to share with you with some of the best moments that I had. Besides, Venice is all about canals, bridges, artistic buildings and the periodic history that comes along which tells the whole story of the city that dates back centuries before. Furthermore, I have decided to make it as a series of posts which could clearly give you a full picture of Venice in detail.

So, let me start first with the San Polo district which is located at the upper curve of the Grand Canal and this small district has the most monumental buildings that has the hidden treasure of architectural intelligence inbuilt with it and Siester S Polo which is also named as the Church of Frari is one among the evidential proof of their incredible knowledge in the field of architecture and this church also boasts a museum of Venetian works too.


Moreover, the San Polo district also has an array of secretive lanes that leads to the pavement for the colourful, multi-storeyed, terraced houses that has so much of in-depth architecturally encrypted history and character. Perhaps, most of the buildings are painted in deep yellow and orange shades that is also accompanied along with the huge green-painted, double-doored windows and most probably, those windowsills were beautifully decorated with the colourful bunch of flowered plants.


Additionally, these beautiful narrow lanes are not only restricted to just tourists alone but also to the travel-friendly shops where they sell varied range of products that ranges from souvenirs to travel post cards. In further, a few of the popular buildings also features some brick details which clearly exhibits the dated back history of it.


In addition to the quieter lanes, this district also features some of the exquisite stone tiled lanes where it is not only great for a stroll around walking tour but these wonderfully decorated lanes also has some of the best Pizzeria and Ristorante with tables and chairs outside that is ideal for a quick snack for the hungry tourists who is roaming around.


Not only the secluded lanes boasts cafes and bars, here in Venice, you can see plenty of cafes, bars, pizzeria and ristorante that is running along on either side of the canal and hence, there is always scope for your tired enough legs to get some rest and breathe for a while.

12sep156In addition to the corner shop, there are also some serious designer shops that is plentiful to serve for all kind of tourists that ranges from sunglasses to souvenirs.

12sep157Last but not least, there is no way that you got the complete feel of San Polo district without visiting the great old Rialto Bridge as this the proudest pride of this district; additionally, as there were some restoring work going on the bridge, I took this fabulous view of the famous Grand Canal from the bridge that is such a pleasure to spend on any sunny afternoon.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post along with me and also, I would appreciate if you could drop in your valuable comments and views in the comment section that is right below.

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Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels – Breathtaking Majorca – Part 3.

This Balearic Island, Majorca boasts humongous numbers of cafes, restaurants and hotels to eat, sleep and relax during your holiday period over there; plus, the cafes and restaurants in Majorca offers wide variety of cuisine and food that ranges from luxury to pocket-friendly which can easily fulfil every customer needs.



Even though, Majorca possesses large selection of cafes yet here, I am showing you two of the best among them.

Garito Cafe:

This is a classic-styled cafe that comes along with bar and club facilities too.

Cafe C’an Moixet:

If you are a coffee lover like me, then this is an ideal hangout spot where it offers freshly brewed morning coffee along with pastries at a much affordable price than others in that area. Additionally, the tapas served here are so deliciously good. But, albeit it is located in a prime site, still it consistently continues to deliver quality food at jaw dropping prices and so for me, its definite must.



Though, there are so many restaurants to name for yet my choice should be one that is down below.

Simply Fosh:

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Majorca and it’s name “Fosh” is basically derived from it’s British chef Marc Fosh, who creates high-class mediterranean dishes to the starving customers and it also acclaims a highly appreciated Michelin star award last year for its tremendous quality of food service to the hungry customers. Furthermore, this restaurant also runs well-decorated Braseria named “Misa” that serves local cuisine and also holds supplementary bar facilities too.



Jumeirah Port Soller:

Jumeirah Port Soller is a five-star hotel that is spreaded across the clifftop location with spectacular sea views right in front of the hotel; plus, it also has a delightful spa atmosphere where you could go and relax yourself with 100% reassurance of perfect peace of mind. Furthermore, this hotel also has open top swimming pool with perfect sea looking waterfront, which is absolutely a true delight to watch. Plus, if you are looking for some time out in the evening, then don’t forget to stop over by the adjoining bar facility that comes along with the hotel. All-in-all, this hotel fits perfectly for couples as well as family with kids too.

Hotel Cap Rocat:

This refurbished former military fortress offers plenty of sea stunning views to customers and also situated in a perfect landscape where you feel like steping into an area of relaxed setting that is right in front of the sea bay. Also, this hotel features loads of other treasures to explore including luxury suites, finger-licking cuisine, beauty treatments, massage section and first class swimming pool to keep everyone occupied and relaxed in their spare time.

So, that comes to end of part 3 and hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday.

Things to do – Breathtaking Majorca – Part 2

If you are a historical lover other than sun, sand, beach and sea then, Majorca is the right place that can offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities for tourists and they can also easily explore the island effortlessly, by which the island itself explicitly exhibits true form of cultural ambience in the form of their stupendous architectural skills and furthermore, even though there are lots of historic buildings and iconic structures to be visited for yet here, I have compiled a small handful portfolio which encapsulates a fool-proof evidence that can showcase their architectural intelligence.


La Seo:

No one should miss this center stage of prominent and elegant gothic-styled cathedral during their visit to Majorca plus, the cathedral is also popularly known as La Seo, whose interiors has been renovated by Antoni Gaudi in the years between 1904-1914 lately. Besides this, the cathedral also boasts eight chapels along with an additional impressive feature of well-installed gothic rose windows, which is considered as one of the largest of its kind in the world, and also the cathedral is defined as a timeless classic to be admired for.

Arab Baths:

Arab Baths makes a quintessential place that can fit ideally to anyone’s afternoon strolling session and moreover, the humongous structure is basically is divided into three components: the central square floor that is enclosed by sky-lited, domed structures, which is on the other end connected to a barrel-vaulted lateral corridor, by a series of twelve columns and then the latter is positioned perfectly well by an array of long-stretched orange and lemon lined trees that faultlessly take you through the floral bloomed garden with well-designed ground patterns and water features that reflects the whole building exemplarily gorgeous, whereas the adjoining part of the garden is well surrounded by the famous cathedral and other iconic buildings that are nearby to give a plentiful satisfaction for hungry-learning globetrotters.

Blue water ocean with hidden caves.

Most-cited Museums:

Not only cathedral, Majorca also holds a tremendous number of museums that is plentiful to fulfil any visitor’s needs and here are some of them to be noted for: the cathedral museum, Es Baluard or contemporary art museum, the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation, the Juan March Foundation and Ses Voltes.

Other must-watch attractions:

Explore and finish off your lovely day by watching the Palma city hall, Vivot Palaces and last but not least, the Grand Hotel, which is the Island’s first modern building in Majorca that dates back 1903 and it is also considered as Majorcan hotel forerunners.

That’s the end of part two. Have a wonderful Monday!

Breathtaking Majorca – Part 1

Last week, this time, I was relaxing on a lovely seaside resort on the tropical paradise of Majorca, the largest island in Balearics and today, I want to share with you all about Majorca through this blog. As the whole world knows words are not enough to describe about Majorca – the deep blue sea, breathtaking views, crystal clear water, white soft-sandy beaches and the cool marina with beautiful promenade – Oh!, the beauty is endless and the sight watching is an utter pleasure to die for.


As I stayed in Majorca for quite a while lately, at this moment, I am trying to cover up the whole journey in a few part of series to give you an actual exposure which was already running through your imagination before; plus, this is also going to be the first part among the whole series. Furthermore, adjoining this post on the “Travel” category is totally like icing on the cake for me.


Moreover, people come to Majorca for various reasons including either as beach-comber or history explorer or foodie and in all means, they get the best out of everything. Besides, even though there are so many ways to traverse through this island in infinite ways but for me, touring through the sea was my top priority and these picture gives us the fool-proof evidence of the right choice decision.


Subsequently, this picture is taken from the area Porto Pollensa, where there are so many activities to keep you occupied and entertained all through out the year plus, this neighbourhood also offers plenty of cafes and restaurants for trespass food-yearning customers and on top of it, you could also take a glimpse on the fantastic, panoramic view of the sea as well as the spectacular long-distant mountains while strolling through the ever popular, glam-filled and long-stretched pine walks and I strictly reckon anyone not to miss this field of vision as it offers die-hard scenic beauty.



Additionally, the stupendous marine life under the mirror-reflected, deep blue sea is a must-watch for all group types while time passing on the boat ride plus, over in Majorca, most of the boats boasts glass-bottomed basement where each and every voyager can acquire the delightful glance of nature-driven, ocean’s miraculous beauty.


Here comes the end of first part and I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.