Perfect Tran-Seasonal Nail Shade.


I love hot summers and I also love cold autumns and being inspired by two diverged weather conditions, I was on a hunt for a nail shade that is quintessential as a transitional asset that can be adorned onto my nails flawlessly for both seasons and that’s where I bumped onto Lancome Nail Polish in the shade of 501B Aquamarine. This gorgeous shade has the magical combinations of teal and aqua mixed together and the best part is that they can be worn on for a special occasion along with an embellished dress or it also works exemplarily well as an ideal weekender along with the casual combo of Denim and White T-shirt.

Moreover, I really adore the crystal clear transparency of the bottle packaging along with the silver stamped symbol of rose on the front top of the bottle; plus, these two factors certainly epics the story of their capability of luxury indulgence in a true form as well. In addition, the screwable black top also has the etched rose design on top which definitely completes the chic look just like an icing on the cake.

While coming back to the nail polish, this vibrant and intense nail polish has a great consistency of the formula that gives a silky smooth texture that also comes along with the high precision brush applicator for a fuss-free, glossy, long-lasting finish to the end. Besides, if you are looking for a sheer blue nail-coloured look, then you could absolutely opt for a single coat but instead, you could always go on to a double coated look that is suitable for all types of looks.

Furthermore, if you are looking for other aquamarine nail shades, then you could always look out for the gorgeous shades including I’m Addicted from essie, Wait N Sea from China glaze and Can’t Find My Czechbook from OPI.

I hope you could also try this brilliant shade onto your nails too.

If you want to drop in your various thoughts and views, then you could always pop onto the comment section that is right below.

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