Beauty: Sweet Scent from the Spring Garden of Flower Blossoms.

Last week, on one fine morning, I received one of my best beloved fragrances (Daisy, signature perfume from the iconic Marc Jacobs) from the online retailer by post. Then, I walked around the room and sat next to the glass-mirrored dressing table. There, sitting in front of me was the gorgeous perfume bottle, made out of solid translucent glass, crafted with fine perfection, which in return, grabbed my attention in full swing saying “have one spritz of me” and truly saying, it was such a scenic beauty of eye-catching moment.



When it comes to the exterior of the bottle: the reflective, transparent, see-through, cuboidal-shaped, glass bottle at the bottom takes a narrowly-upward, tube-shaped structure to the top, where it gets crowned by the beautifully designed, gold-coloured, semi-spherical, metal cap which was adjoined by the various-sized, gold-budded, three-coloured flowers including pretty pink, pastel pink and pale mint, which all in turn takes the perfume to the next enviable levels.



Coming back to the aroma, I would say, it is a sweet-scent mix of pleasure treasure, which proceeds to the flavory amalgamation of joy and happiness, in conjunction with the richness of flowery blossoms and the real radiance of warmth beauty from the hot, sunny, summer days.


Fragrance notes: 

Top fresh notes: juicy apples, quince flower and freesia

Middle heart notes: gardenia, iris and peony

Base notes: cedar wood, musk and sandalwood

So, now, let me take some time off to indulge myself to take a ride through the fields of flower bouquets to get the aromatic bursts of summer fragrance in a unique, fun and vibrant way.


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