Summer-hued ombre nail candies.


I love nail art and if it has ombre effect along with it, then I am in heaven. These ombre effects are so gorgeous and eye catchy too plus the surprising fact is that it is so easy peasy to do. Moreover, as today is Friday, I think it is a quintessential time to bring some fun and playful sentiment to go on to cover the whole weekend with plentiful of colour and creativeness. Furthermore, nowadays, nail art doesn’t restrict to celebrities and A-listers alone, but instead, all the beauty lovers are willing to spend their valuable time to bring in some creativity to their nails. Hence, let us see how today’s tutorial is going to conquer the flavours of summer in our nails.

Products that are used:

  • Boots Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit (White Nail Polish)
  • Barry M Quick Dry Speedy Purple
  • Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Sugar Plum
  • Barry M Quick Dry Coral Shimmer
  • Cite London Top Coat
  • Cello tape
  • Sponge (cut a 2 inches rectangular piece)
  • Cotton buds
  • Nail Polish Remover


How to do ombre nail effect?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply the base coat onto your nails first.
  3. Cover the perimeter of your nails with cellotape.
  4. Now, apply a single layer of Sally Hansen’s white nail polish onto your nails. The reason for applying white polish is to make the hues to standout sensibly.
  5. Then, take the sponge and apply three layers of nail polish one after the other by starting with Barry M’s purple nail polish first, then followed by Barry M’s sugar plum and next by Barry M’s coral shimmer. Apply the layers with liberal amount of nail polish onto the sponge so that when it is pressed onto your nails, it looks like well pigmented.
  6. Now, press the sponge firmly onto your nails.
  7. After that, apply the Ciate London’s top coat.
  8. Then, peel off the cellotape.
  9. Now, take out any spillage or wastage around the outer circumference of your nails. Well, this can be achieved by dipping the cotton bud into nail polish remover and by running the cotton bud around the perimeter of your nails.
  10. Note: Don’t forget to dry your nails for 2 minutes each time after every fresh coat of nail polish.
  11. Now, your nails are ready to show off.

These ombre effect nail candies are so easy to make and I would recommend to anyone who wants to make a stepping stone into nail art fuss-free.

Keep up the Friday feeling!


Bargain treats with mini beauty haul.


I love bargains and when it comes to beauty, I am the first one to grab it. Yes, you heard it right. Moreover, even though the weather is not so great in here, I think this is the best time to lead to some sensible buys for which I have been waiting so long to make it happen. Further, this time I restricted myself to opt for makeup and nail products as there were brilliant buys of pocket-friendly items and also, I am pretty much glad to treat myself in an non-impulsive way. So, with lot more to come, let’s get dive into it right away.


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Purple No.524:

Oh boy! I have been waiting so long in a while to acquire this colour and I could imagine myself wearing this colour along with a lavender hued dress on a sunny afternoon while wandering around the farms in the country side. Plus, this is such a gorgeous colour and two coats of it can give a gorgeous tint of colour and the benefitting part here is, it dries out quickly at a flash of time just as the name says and so, there is no need to wait for too long to get it dried. Besides, if you have worn this along with the good quality base coat and top coat, I can say that one can’t go wrong with it.


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Turbo Charged Coral Shimmer No. 525:

This enchanting coral shade is quintessential for your summer nail collections and the glittery shininess from the nail varnish always reminds me of the glistening peachy princess’s dress of fairytale stories as the colour brings such a pleasant royal look instantly to your nails. Besides too, this nail lacquer does sound a little bit of sheerness and hence, if you want to opt for a thick opaque shade, then you need to apply atleast three coats of it and not to forget that should be accompanied along with a base coat and a top coat.


Maybelline NewYork Lasting Drama 24H Automatic Gel Pencil:

This is my first coloured eyeliner to try on and it looks so striking to wear as well. Moreover, there are so many reasons to fall in love with it and some are: the liner is gel like and hence the streak of line that is defined has a tint of bright pigmentation and the highlighting part here is, it is waterproof as it is great to wear either under sun or rain and while talking about the texture, it is so intense and the quality is immensely pure to perfection and last but not least, the versatile application tip at the top brings an easy flow of liquid liner in a perfect way as there is neither no spill nor wastage. Hence, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go for a coloured eye liner as a new addition to their beauty looks.

Maybelline NewYork Super Stay 24H Waterproof Powder No.40 Fawn:

With no hint of pressed up powder in my beauty aisle, I was on a hunt to look for the best affordable one and this powder came into my sight instantly and this powder ticked all the boxes including perfect colour with a bit of shininess, waterproof factor, easy swiping feature, flawless coverage and finally, the long-lasting staying power against oil, sweat, heat and humidity and then, what else can I ask for? as this sounds unbelievably awesome.

Note: For UK beauty lovers, if you are popping into Boots in near future, don’t forget to try the best bargains of 2 for £7 on Barry M nail and lip products and buy one and get second as half price on Maybelline NewYork products.

Disclosure: All the reviews that are listed above are totally honest of my own and I have purchased all of these products myself.

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My Luxury Summer Fragrance Shelfie.


Even though there are plenty of fragrances to look for this season, but still, there are only few fragrances which are in particular for warmer summer months alone since these lightweight fragrances are ideal to use on hot sunny days and doesn’t make too much overdose of perfume sensation onto you at all. Besides, having the fact of niche symbol on it, I am certain that my luxury version of summer fragrances doesn’t disappoint me in any way as they have all the scents of nature ranging from florals to citrus and from fruits to fresh summer flavours. So, let us see what is in store for?


Moreover, when it comes to big screen blockbuster of eau de toilette sprays, I always have the expectation of super cool floral flavours and also plentiful of fruit flavours as well and hence, for this summer, I have started using Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers which has the combination of fruit flavours such as fresh apple and citrusy mandarin and also, floral flavours of hand-picked, velvety roses and refreshing gardenia. Besides too, I’ve completely fell in love with another fragrance from the same brand that is none-other-than Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Dream Petals that has so much richness of sophisticated mild floral accents and also, I could imagine myself wearing it while strolling on a blue-watered, crystal-clear Mediterranean Coast which is what I all expect from summer that too, nothing can beat those long-lasting, wonderful memories either.

It’s for sure that there has been always a debate of which is a wise decision? A perfume or a fragrance mist – I think both are absolutely great on their own and it doesn’t matter whether you choose a fragrance mist or a perfume during summer time and the only point that is surely noted down here is, how much lightness does it offer? as no one wants to soak up with body full of heavy perfume on a radiantly hot summer day and that’s where my journey of passion for fragrance mist has all started and that too solely from the trust-worthy brand Victoria Secret – Oh My! I can’t even imagine a day without these goodies full of aroma on my body as it completely gives me an instant lift of rejuvenating feel which is all I needed on a busy bee weekday.


Right now, I have three flavours of Victoria Secret’s fragrance mists and the first one that won my heart was Victoria Secret Coconut Passion and this inspiring fragrance mist is so invigorating with richness of vanilla and mildness of coconut and the scent has so much feel of staying power that lasts for all day long. Furthermore, the other fragrance mist to bring onto center stage is my all-time favourite, Victoria Secret Love Spell that has alluring fruity flavours such as cherry blossoms and peach and it is perfect for my long hour work days. Last but not least, this fragrance mist, Victoria Secret Love Addict has full strength of exhilarating and energizing power that is ideal to wear on any dramatic evening occasions. Additionally, the sole wow factor that comes along with these addictive fragrance mists are the soothing sensation of chamomile flavour which can give an instant oomph to anyone who wears it.

Writing this post itself making me so much fortifying and revitalising feel which also aids me to recollect all those memories right in front of me.

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Happy Tuesday!

One simple step to get nail spa inspired pastel nail candies.


So, how many variations are there to interpret nail candies? Yes, there are so many different ways including french manicure, dark shades, neon shades, pastel shades and a whole range of nail art designs. Anyways, It’s Monday today and the weather is so dull and gloomy outside and I think, it is a quintessential time to get your nails polished and lacquered with spectrum of pale enamels. As we all know, pastel shades are an exemplary way to bring back summer straight to your nails that is clean and cool in each and every way. And hence, with so many options to hunt for this season, today I will be chatting along with you by demonstrating how an addition of one single step could completely transform and bring an instant oomph to your pastel nail candies.


Now, here comes the valuable question: Why nail salons stock up pastel shades? There are so many ways to answer this question and herewith, I will be mentioning a few of them and let us see that in detail now.

  • Pastel shades are literally defined as seasonal and in particular, these shades are quite popular during the months of Spring and Summer.
  • Pastel shades has the capacity of uplifting your style sense with a real feel of true elegance.
  • Pastel shades are so versatile and invariably very well adaptive as it is ideal to wear either for a long stroll beach walks or to bring an urban chic look while wandering around the city or to spend a day out in a country farm and whatever may be the location it fits with the locale flawlessly.
  • Pastel shades are meant to give a quick, clean and tidy look immediately and hence, it is great on its own either if you opt for a relaxed look on a lazy Sunday afternoon or for a preppy look when it is accessorised with designer outfits and accessories.
  • Pastel shades aren’t only for manicure alone but also, it is perfect to be worn as a pedicure albeit and the only thing that is to be noted down here is that you need to look for a right kind of footwear (silver stilettos and tan sandals are awesome for pastel hued pedicure) as not all the footwear can go comfortably along with these icy pedicure.


Recently, I bought the french manicure kit by Sally Hansen and I have been waiting for so long to use it and hence, with a little bit of exploration, today I started to use the white nail polish from the french manicure kit to create the pastel nail candies and by now, you must be wondering why am I using the white nail polish? and what is the necessity of using the white nail shade when I want to recreate the pastel shade instead? And to answer this, let me explain briefly that white nail shades are similar to a foundation that stands as a base for makeup and also, white nail polish is useful to make the pastel shade to stand out well. Moreover, while the pastel shade sits on top of the white base, the hue and the texture of the nail candies are multiple times stronger and powerful and that’s the reason, why I selected white nail polish as the base shade.


How to create a nail spa inspired pastel nail candies?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and moisturised nails (I used coconut oil as a natural moisturiser onto my nails).
  2. Then, apply the Boots essential base coat onto your nails to give a nice even out coverage to your nails.
  3. Now, apply the white nail polish from the french manicure kit by Sally Hansen to your nails.
  4. After that, apply two coats of pastel blue shade from the No.7 nail polish onto your nails.
  5. Then, apply the Boots essential top coat onto your nails.
  6. Now, using the cotton bud that is dipped with nail polisher remover, clean all over the outer circumference of the nails.
  7. Also, don’t forget to dry your nails each time after application of new nail shade onto your nails.
  8. Finally, the crisp pastel nail candies are ready to be shown off.

Note: If you want to know the quality of the base and top coat from the Boots essentials, then you could faultlessly catch up onto my other tutorial of creating confetti nail candies that is right here.


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My latest additions to my hairline beauty.


So, how many versions of hair type do you know? I know – beach waves, straight hair, curly hair and many more and whatever may be your natural hair but to keep it safe and sound, one always need to have a trust worthy hair product; plus, it is also a known fact that women give much importance to hair care product like they do care for their skin care essentials as well and hence, herewith, I am going to showcase my latest additions of hairline products that are more affordable and also full of natural goodness too.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner – Honey Treasures:

Hence, whenever you hunt for a good conditioner, what are the essential components that you might look for? Let me explain: nourishing element, natural goodness and no artificial parabens and this conditioner has all these three elements in it and that’s why I am so happy to try this Garnier Ultimate Blends nutritious conditioner to apply onto my hair regularly that could also leave my hair silky soft and healthy looking hair every time when I use. So, let us pop into the first element which has both the properties of nourishment and also natural goodness, which is none-other-than, honey and we all know honey is not only good for skin but it is also great as a hair conditioner too and that’s why, this product brings an instant lift of strengthened, healthy balance of hair from root to tip even after first time use and also, it has a gorgeous scent too. Plus, this product has additional source of royal jelly and propolis, which takes care of hair against any breakage or split ends. Furthermore, the other fascinating fact is that this product doesn’t have parabens at all, which is really great for a hair product because adding too much chemicals onto hair is not right at all.

How to use:

Just apply this conditioner onto the shampooed hair and leave it for 3 minutes while you are on the shower so that your hair absorbs all the richness and nutritional contents from the product and then wash and rinse with tap water and later towel dry it. After that, you could either blow dry or air dry your hair as per desired.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil With Argan Oil:


I love oils especially when they are in dry form as it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or greasy or clumsy at all and that’s where recently I bumped into Pantene Pro-V dry oil with argan oil where it has a supplementary source of argan oil along with it too. Besides, I have testing and trying this product for a week now and also, I could see visible results of smoothness and shininess to my hair. Besides too, each time after application, it kept my hair hydrated and moisturised all day long and also, it was kind to my scalp too as it didn’t leave any itchiness at all.


How to apply: 

What I all did was, I tried to apply three squirts of this oil onto my towel dried damp hair and then later combed and blow dried it and then, my hair looked sleek with gorgeous glowing shine too. Moreover, one cannot go wrong with this product as it is super dry to use that you could hardly feel that oily nature onto your hair but instead it keeps your hair shining long-lasting.

So, here comes to the end of the post and I hope you could try these products onto your hair too.

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My recent beauty product empties.


As like everyone, I like to do shopping but also, I would like to embrace the fact of using all the old products until to the end so that I could get myself indulged entirely upto the last bit of the product. So, that’s why, today I will be showing you some of the recent beauty product empties that I have been using those for a while and also used up completely to full perfection as the finished products were good in quality that also came along with an associated trademark of trust-worthy brand and hence with much anticipation, let me take you through straight away.

Burberry Mascara in Midnight Black No.1:

Burberry is a British brand that is well-known all over worldwide and they do products including clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and beauty products and I should say that every women out there just like me would be craving to have their luxury products to be filled in their beauty collections and while talking about the quality, one can’t deny the fact that their products are made out of pure perfection and their products lasts long too and hence, what more one could ask for? Besides, when you keenly look into the packaging of this product, you could able to see that it looks like a mascara filled in a rectangular bottled tube and while coming to the metallic top part, it has different versions of geometrical patterns which is just like the patterns that are on their scarves design that runs through all over the metallic part as well. Furthermore, this versatile mascara can able to give an even coverage from day to evening look effortlessly and the contents inside the mascara are so special that it instantly lifts up the lashes with bright voluminous look; plus, one could also define the look faultlessly with just a matter of quick time.

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in deep:

Benefit is another must-have product to be in every women’s makeup bag and their products have significant features too which aids to create the look as desired. Additionally here, I have the brow pencil in deep colour as it literally matched with my brow colour instantly. Moreover, when it comes to the texture of the product, it is so smooth, smudge free and creamy which is ideal to sketch a well-defined brow in the same direction as the brow grows so as to give a natural look. In addition, it also gives a completed flawless look with the help of a spoolie brush that is connected to the other end of the pencil.

Maybelline NewYork Master Precise liquid eyeliner:

I love Maybelline NewYork products because of their quality, affordability and value-for-money. In here, I have the master precise liquid eyeliner and to its name, it is great to make a quintessential and precise eyeliner effortlessly. Also, the sharp sponge at the top is ideal to make a defined line either thin or thick as per sliding and tilting the tip to define the line as desired and also the sponge tip assists you to get the easy flow of the liquid eyeliner but also helps you to take the required amount to draw and hence the product also lasts long too.

Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Cream with SPF 15:

I cannot believe a day starting without this cream and I use this cream everyday without fail and this is one of those skin care product that I can’t skip at all as it acts as a shield for my skin protection since it has a factor of SPF 15 and it is also great as a moisturiser which sits on my skin and hydrating all day long under the makeup flawlessly and it is also exceptionally good for no-makeup makeup days as there is a constraint of sticking onto certain amount of beauty products to be minimum.

So, these are my recent beauty product empties and you could also catch up with all of the latest happenings in other platforms like Twitter // Instagram and Bloglovin’ too.

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Review: OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum.


Today, I am doing an honest review on my blog regarding a product named OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum* that is kindly sent by OZ Naturals through BrandBacker and I am absolutely quite honoured to do a trial run for their amazing product as well. Basically, hyaluronic acid is a substance that is inbuilt in our body by birth but it starts to deteriorate chronologically and hence, to keep up the content going in our body, it is essential for us to include this content in our daily part of beauty routine to give a younger looking youthful skin. Besides, hyaluronic acid is quintessential to give a long-lasting essential hydration back to our skin too. In addition, it is also been used in Korean beauty regime as daily essentials for years and years by now and it is also followed and well celebrated by important celebrities to A-listers and hence, with immense popularity among the fashionable beauty contenders, let me guide you through some more evidential benefits of using Hyaluronic Acid Serum at its best.


Nutritional components:

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic acid serum is packed with all sources of natural goodness that are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, even though, this product includes 5% of Hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for moisturising your skin on its own but also, this product characterises other vital ingredients as well. Plus, this bottled liquid gold is made out of 72% organic ingredients and hence, one could able to take up the challenge to use this product without any reason for a second thought as it is full of wholesome goodness from some of the plant-based ingredients such as:

  • Organic Aloe (It has a natural source of cooling properties)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • Organic Jojoba Oil (It is rich with conditioning and moisturising properties)
  • Wildcrafted Green Tea (It has an amazing characteristics of anti-oxidant features)


Moreover, this enriched product also contains two additional essentials including:

  1. Vitamin C – which is ideal to give a great source of antioxidant that can give your skin an immense protection and also, it acts as a shield to your skin to fight against damaging free radicals.
  2. Vitamin E – which can keep your skin away from aging and can give a long-lasting youthful effect to your skin and also, this essential vitamin leaves your skin with silky soft baby skin each time after application.


As a moisturiser onto your skin:

There are so many valuable reasons that you can try this product as blind-folded and some of the main facts are:

  1. As hyaluronic acid has important attribute of withholding moisture content, this product serves exemplarily well as a moisturiser and it is also ideal to leave your skin plumped up supple all day throughout.
  2. This thirst quenching product drinks up all day goodness of moisture and it doesn’t leave your skin dull at all.
  3. Along with hyaluronic acid, this product also has aloe, glycerin, green tea and jojoba oil that are supreme to assist in balancing skin moisture levels at all times.
  4. As it has imminent qualities of anti aging contents that is great to stimulate collagen onto your skin which also serves as an ultimate in diminishing surface lines and wrinkles on your skin.


All about the product:

The product is packed with simple to perfection for easy handling and when you try to open the outer white and green carton packaging, there comes the liquid bottle which has a resourceful moisturising gel like serum that comes along with a versatile black dispensing pincher to the top that is also sealed with a plastic outer wrap and I think that the idea of using pincher is a sensible option since trying out the moisturising goodness all in ration without spilling any drop is a must too. So, when you unwrap the plastic seal, then it is all yours to use the powerful moisturising serum onto your skin right away.


How to apply?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly washed and cleaned face.
  2. Optional: If you using a good quality toner, then use it.
  3. Apply a thin layer of this serum onto the desired area by starting a little onto your face first and move along to spread it all over the face to see the visible results.
  4. Wait until the serum gets dried up and you could also see how quickly the serum gets absorbs onto your skin immediately right after.
  5. Now, apply your usual moisturiser and you could also see the serum helps to enhance the moisturising levels onto your skin as well.
  6. Then, you can carry on with the regular makeup to complete the beauty routine.



To be honest, I have a dry skin (it is also ideal to use it on all skin types) and I tried this product continuously for the past five days and the matter of glowing looking healthy skin is a valuable result that I could able to see visually by the end of the day and even though, five days is not enough to come under any conclusion but I should say the highest factor of trying a moisturising serum under vulnerable hot and humid conditions that too in radiant summer times means a lot and it is a valid point too and I am proud enough to say that this product has accomplished its mission successfully by withstanding under high temperatures and hence, I would sincerely recommend to anyone who is willing to look for a professional moisturising serum that might include in their regular beauty regime.

Things that can be improved: 

This product is readily available onto the online web market but it would sound even better if this product is available on the high street shops and drugstore.

My skin loves this product and if you want to try out this incredibly good OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum onto your skin, then you could also go on to here to try out.


*Sponsored Post: This review was sponsored by OZ Naturals via BrandBacker and I received this product in exchange for my fully honest review. All opinions about this product review are my own and it does not reflect the views and opinions of the sponsor. Also, if anytime a product has been sponsored, it will be notified on my post as well.

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Geometrical Vs Tear Drop Patterned Ear Candies.


Jewellery is an ultimate essential for every women which could unbelievably able to project their trend and lifestyle to the outside fashion world faultlessly. Besides too, bigger is always better and these ear candies are popular for every season and it also comes to the fashion world as various shapes and sizes. Not only high street shops stock up their new collection of earrings whereas the big players like Dior, Celine and Louis Vuitton also exhibits their new range of seasonal collection every biannually. Hence, if you were not in the ear candy game before, then, you must seriously think about it to enter into the world of ear candies as there are so many collections out there that can gorgeously able to adore your ears with a symbol of style and hence, today I will be strolling along with you by mentioning two versions of ear candies that is getting popular than ever and so, let us dive into it straight away.


Geometrical Patterned Ear Candies:

I love abstract and geometrical patterns as it takes me straight into those interesting mathematical sessions that were talking about numbers, shapes and patterns and in here, these pair of light-weight ear candies are in galore of shape and also, they are designed as a leaf-like striped patterned that is running from top to bottom by maintaining a series of thread that is tightened and turned around the small circular metal loops to give a new form of geometrical pattern and they are so fabulous and modern too; plus, it is perfect for a weekend wear that can be worn along with a pair of jeans and tee and also accompanied well with a high-rise pony tail as this hairstyle could effortlessly able to showcase those eye-catching staple piece to any enviable eye drooler.



Tear Drop Ear Candies:

There comes my favourite tear drop ear candies which can give a classical, elegant and pure form of femininity instantly to anyone as this trend is ever popular and it doesn’t affect in whatever way the trend wind blows. These pair of gorgeous earrings are made with cross-sectional blue stones that are simply stunning to mere perfection and also, all the tear shaped patterns are attached to each other in a way that it did spread out like a fan shaped structure and the dangling floating tear drops at the bottom are the highlighting part as they dingle and dangle that dances along inline with motion. Moreover, I am pretty sure, these mesmerising pair of earrings works exemplarily well with any kind of embellished dress that is ideal for an ultimate celebration for any festive event and you could also match these pair of gorgeous earrings along with a pair of silver high heel stilettos and also by making your hairstyle as a ballerina bun as this hairstyle assists you to showcase your glittery earrings incredibly well to others.

I hope you could also add a bit of style statement earrings to your wardrobe for this season.

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My deep conditioning hair care routine.


Nowadays, it is not only beauty spa, but even hair spa is getting popular than ever and thanks to the hair care products that are literally proclaimed as the forerunners of taking care of everyone’s hair with simply ease at home. Albeit, we are all tied with busy work schedule most of the time, it is an absolute necessity for each and every individual to take care of their hair too and, by the way, no one wants to have a hair that looks like strangles with millions of tangles. Even though, I take regular intervals of shampooing and conditioning to my hair, I dedicate some time every fortnight to take a deep conditioning hair care routine and that’s where my beloved hair care product, Matrix Biolage Voluma Therapie Full-Lift Volumizing Conditioner comes into use.


Supplementary essential elements:

This product is added with plenty of protein-boost infusion where it gives an instant silky smooth hair after deep conditioning and also, it lifts and bodies the hair with all-over volumizing look. Furthermore, with additional natural enriched source of Soy Protein fibre fillers, it weightlessly detangles your hair and makes your hair to be manageable and healthier too. Besides, the most important factor to be noted down here is, it doesn’t have any cruelty components at all as it is paraben free.


Deep conditioning hair care routine:

  1. Soak the hair with any preferred good quality oil but here, I preferred to use coconut oil onto my hair by spreading generously all over the hair.
  2. Then, with all of your fingers, gently massage your hair by going in circular motions so that the oil gets soaked to the roots of the hair incredibly well.
  3. Leave to soak it for 30 minutes.
  4. After that, wash your hair with a regular good quality shampoo.
  5. Then, use the above conditioning product to the wet hair and rinse it nicely with water.
  6. Then towel dry your hair.
  7. Lastly, dry your hair as per desired.
  8. Now, your hair looks like sleek and smooth in each and every strands of your hair.


I hope you should also try this routine once in a while to give a recommended volumizing look to your hair.

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My trust-worthy heat protectant hair products.


Hair styling is a day-to-day beauty routine that you can’t skip by any means and styling it in a different way is a common factor too. Albeit hair styling is a regular procedure but the amount of heat that we use onto our hair before styling is really an immense feature and hence taking care of our hair is an ultimate necessity too and with that as the important criteria, today I will be talking you with some of the hair products that I use which acts as a barrier to protect my hair and also not to damage my hair as well. So, let’s see how well one could able to protect their tender loving hair away against the roar of the heat.


Debate on mousse or spray:

As hair care is taken care from young to old, nowadays the beauty market is flooded up with hair care products on the shelves of  the beauty counter and to pick up a product from the humongous range either on the high-street shop or drugstore is a tough job for anyone too and hence, selecting the right product from them is a skill too, which is of course obtained by trial and error method and also an expensive deal too and the only way to see is, how it works onto your hair and hence, after a long experimentation of trying out various products myself, now I have landed up onto two trust worthy products, the first one is L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray and the other is VO5 Plump It Up Weightless Mousse. Even though, there are so many debate on which one is the best? Either Spray or Mousse, but for me both sounds good and serves the job 100% effective as per guided.


L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray:

This heat protectant spray is great for straightening your hair as it takes complete control onto each of the hair and it protects right from the roots to ends and the amount of content used is also less too and let us see what you all need to do:

  • Press the button on the top to unlock the trigger.
  • Just spray 3 or 4 times on to the damp hair from 15cms away and its light-weight formula evenly distributes and gives a total coverage from roots of your hair.
  • Brush the hair through comb which is then followed by a blow dry which it leaves your hair a frizz free, smooth, blow dried hair that can last long upto 3 days.
  • If you want more volume, then you could concentrate onto the roots and blow dry your hair by head upside down.
  • The benefitting characteristic of this product is that it protects your hair upto a temperature of 230 degree centigrade to give a flawless looking, no-flyover hair.
  • Note: If in case the spray gets contact with your eyes, then rise it immediately.


VO5 Plump it up weightless mousse:

This product is so great on its own and the non-sticky, weightless feel is quintessential to use it on your hair and it also protects your hair against the damage caused by the heated appliances. Furthermore, the product is designed in such a way as it gives your hair a fabulous bounce and volume as well. Plus, this product aids you to express the very best of your hair too. Hence, let’s see how it can be used:

  • Shake the product well and hold it upside down to squirt out the mousse contents onto your palms.
  • Then, do circular motions on your hands to mix the content well and stroll through your hair starting from the roots on the towel dried hair and remember to distribute the mousse contents evenly all throughout the hair.
  • After that, style your hair as desired.
  • Note: If your eyes gets contact with this product, then rinse your eyes straight away.

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