Matching eyeshadow for a darling sky blue dress for this Spring.

Be brave enough to talk through the iconic 1960’s tales through the application of flashing blue eyeshadow that effortlessly fits successfully with any form of blue outfits and hence don’t be afraid to try it out.

Lately, Rita Ora hit the final night in Cannes with her blue party-themed look by wrapping a baby blue dress, blue footwear along with the matching flashy blue eyeshadow. So, if Rita Ora can do it, we can do it too.


Having this as a mindset, this time, I got hooked up with this Ombre Hypnose eyeshadow from Lancome. Apparently, this gorgeous blue shade is super easy to blend as it has intense pigmentation factor in it and you can also build the colour incredibly well too to have an even out coverage around the eyes.

So, have fun playing around with this shade in your eyes for this Spring season.


Time to show off party-inspired smokey eyes.

Makeup to impress has always been all about showing off your complexion, eyes and lips but when you look in-depth, yet there are still a whole load of stuff you need to get learned about and one of that kind is, how to master to get smokey eyes? The inspiration to reach to this answer is from none-other-than Cara Delevingne, who is a real admiration for getting perfect smokey eyes.

Cara Delevingne:

Recently, among many star-studded celebrities from the Cannes International Film Festival, the 22-year old, British supermodel/Actress, Cara Delevingne hit the red carpet at the bash of “Divine in Cannes” de Grisogono dinner party adorned with layered necklace of diamonds, emeralds and rubies along with a matching ring and looked incredibly stunning with a gorgeous angelic white draped dress along with messy seaside beach waves, silver sandals and last but not least, her signature beauty look, smokey eyes. Her eye makeup was absolutely flawless and she looked ravishingly beautiful with dark smokey eyes that complimented her skin tone unbelievably brilliant.

So, here, I made a debut attempt to get this look and hence, let’s get started.

Products that I used:

  • tea biscuit shade eyeshadow from Estee Lauder
  • immortal charcoal gel creme eyeshadow from Maybelline New York color tattoo 24 hr
  • L’oreal black eye pencil
  • L’oreal flash lash superstar mascara
  • Bourjois duo bronzing and illuminator powder
  • blending brush

How to achieve smokey eye look:

Having got the inspiration from the above, I have recreated the look of achieving a charcoal hued smokey eyes.

1. Firstly, kicked off with a fresh clean face and applied primer to it to give a long-lasting control of eyeshadow onto my eyes.


2. Now, I applied tea biscuit shade(like champagne colour) eyeshadow from Estee Lauder to give a glittering base to the eye makeup.


3. Then, dabbed in gently with the shiny shade of immortal charcoal (gel creme eyeshadow) from Maybelline New York onto the eyelids to get covered by it completely and blended it uniformly throughout to give an even out wash of colour.


4. After that, I splashed in the charcoal eyeshadow to the lower lash line and applied a thin layer of L’oreal black eye pencil just under the lower lash line and smudged it nicely with the blending brush to give a darker note.


5. Then, subsequently, I applied the L’oreal black eye pencil on the upper lash line and blended it vigorously through out using the same blending brush to achieve a darker look.


6. Besides, having covered up the upper lash line, I brought the blending brush concentrating towards the outer corner and blended it gradually to get a nice, dark smokey effect.


7. Now, I swept through tons of L’oreal false lash superstar mascara onto the lashes to give a dramatic look.


8. Finally, I highlighted the socket of the eye and the brow bone area using the highlighter from the Bourjois Duo bronzer and illuminator powder to give an enhanced definition to the look.


9. Now, the look is completely ready to show off.

I hope you would also experiment this party makeup at your side too.

My travel-handy eye palette.

Nothing can beat the real excitement of warm arrival of hot summer days and especially, when the radiantly glowing, bright sunshine literally falls onto the natural-looking face, which also uplifts the skin tone multifold while strolling around the beach side is certainly a true delight to watch.

Further considering the above fact, this time I have picked up this gorgeous-looking, neutral palette from Maybelline New York and far as colour is concerned, it’s quintessentially pretty and dynamic. Plus, I also feel that Maybelline New York is doing  wonders in the making of wide range of eye products than those of much more expensive brands and surely, this eye shadow is one such example.


Eyeshadow Palette Detail:

Firstly, the eye palette is brilliantly extraordinary and besides, rather a special one as it’s been specifically designed to capture the true essence of neutral tones through a modern reinterpretation of Maybelline New York’s timeless beauty codes. In addition, this ravishing-looking eye palette contains different shades of brown hues that are geometrically separated by arched black lines and dazzlingly treasured in a transparent-fronted, see-through black box, which is even much appealing enough to tempt someone with less degree of beauty know-how.

Application Process:25may152

This travel-friendly, easy-to-use product is ideal for everyday use and with its versatile, in-held applicator as a blending tool, this creamy-powder texture is great for any laid down days and we all know, our fingers are more enough to smudge around the eyelids otherwise. So, now let us get into some action.

  1. Start off the process with primer as the base around the eyes to give a longevity feature for the eyeshadow to stay on longer.
  2. Then, smooth off the dominant base colour(champagne shade) around the perimeter of the eyelids.
  3. Next, blend in the medium shade of brown in little circular movements to give a definition around the crease area.
  4. After that, splash the darkest tint concentrating on the outer corner of the eye to give an amped up enhancement to the eyes.
  5. Subsequently, brighten up the inner corner of the eye with the silvery shimmery shade to give an instant spruced up uplift to the eyes.
  6. Later, coat the vanilla-shaded, ivory colour onto the brow bone as a highlighter for giving a maximum impact to the eye.

Afterwards, deciding that eyeshadow are as good as it should be, finish off other things by using eye pencil on the lower lash line and a slick of black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line along with tons of mascara on the lashes. Last but not least, shape the brows either by pencil or powder palette and the job is done.


To summarise it all, I didn’t have any problem on neither how I should apply the palette nor needed an online help since its that easy peasy. So, for me, it’s a great everyday beauty essential that is a must for every women’s wardrobe.

Here prevails the off-shoulder situation.

“The only place you never gain weight is on your shoulders. It doesn’t get wrinkly, it doesn’t get fat. I love shoulders.” – Donna Karan.

Want to have a glam look and feel confident for this summer? Then, here comes the situation of showing ample dosage of shoulder for any kind of warm, sunny days. And it’s not just me, even famous celebrities including Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Sam Faiers, who are also loving this trend set of ultra-chic, summer wardrobe.


These days, the off-shoulder tops and dresses are selling out faster than ever in retail shop counters and its also making a mark on life-changing trend set profile in true fashionista’s life. Of course, why not? The flirt, feminine look can be easily hooked up by anyone with fashion mind. Hence, as being experimenting with summer must-haves styles of various cuts and designs, this eye-catching, off-shoulder detail impressed me so much than any other type. That’s why, having booked for a holiday next week, I can’t hold myself in trying out this gorgeous tops on a sandy beach to chill out with the radiantly glowing, warm weather.


Features of NewLook’s off-shoulder top:

  • printed woven fabric
  • off-shoulder neckline design
  • elasticated stretchy hemlines to the shoulders
  • double layer design
  • pleated and floating top layer
  • sleeveless detail
  • printed with summer shades of orange, blue, white and black



Starting off with the flattering, light-weight fabric – I love the contrasting colours printed on to a feather-soft woven fabric, which immediately spruces up an instant pop of colour yet also, resembles the existence of warm, summery feel to it. Plus, the elasticated, stretchy off-shoulder factor makes the top ideal for a figure-hugging fitting that sits comfortably in place, which apparently brings out the real essence of femininity by showing off a subtle flash of skin around the shoulders. In addition, the pleated and floating top layer supplements even more for an added bit of flavour to pattern detail, which also aids in giving a complimentary flirt look. Furthermore, the versatile sleeveless arm characteristic also attributes in a great way to have a free form of air flow around the arms during the period of hot summer months.


Style file:

  1. Go for a 1950’s snazzy look by opting an off-shoulder top with high-waisted skirt.
  2. Show your best edgy daytime look by partnering an off-shoulder top with a pair of perfectly fitted jeans.
  3. A stylish look is achieved by tucking in an off-shoulder top with pretty, black skirt.
  4. Nail this season’s gorgeous style trend by teaming an off-shoulder top with light-coloured (preferably white), skinny jeans and white sandals.
  5. For a tough look, style the off-shoulder top along with denim shorts, chunky wedges and spiked tribal necklace.
  6. Have it a go for a balanced silhouette by coupling an off-shoulder top along with figure-flattering, full length skirt.


And, finally, the shrewd way to ease off this warm-weather is by dressing up with an off-shoulder top and I hope you all agree with me.

A quintessential nail lacquer for bronze-goddess look.

Are you in search of trendy beach nails for this Spring/Summer? OR are you looking for a flawless edgy update with completely different inspirational nail look for the forthcoming warm beach days? Then, here is the way to answer all of your valid questions.


As many woman out there, I also enjoy doing makeup and the favourite part out of all is, adding different hued shades on my nails, which can amp up more beauty . As being started as a tremendous passion for nail varnishes at a very young age and even today, the inclination towards it hasn’t been subsidised even a single bit. That’s how I was brought up and every time when I add new tint to my nails, I jump up with true form of sheer joy and nothing can beat those triumphantly joyful moments. Even though, I am not an expert in choosing the right nail shades, but inevitably I end up successful and also gets compliment for being optimistic. That’s why, whenever I do pampering sessions including manicure and pedicure regularly, I am invariably choose contrasting colour combinations that can bring more drama to the nails.


While talking about colours, I want to tell you that this time my eyes fell in love with this bronze Goddess inspired ocean blue nail colour from Maybelline New York Color show by Colorama. And, I think it fits quintessentially for this season’s sun-kissed, bronze Goddess beauty look. Furthermore, the deep ocean blue colour can compliment well with the sun-tanned skin tone look.



  1. Apply single layer of base coat on the cleaned and buffed nails.
  2. Then, apply two coats of ocean blue nail lacquer on your nails.
  3. Now, apply the top coat and it is optional because the in-built gel feature adds more shine to the nails even without top coat and hence, it’s entirely up to your own choice.
  4. Then, clear off any nail spills around the side of the nails with nail polish remover.
  5. And, finally, your nails are ready to show off.

Have a great fun Friday!

The wide wearable prints for this Spring/Summer.

Nowadays, the talented designers have left no stone unturned when it comes to designs and patterns and this time, they have shown their competence and expertise in juxtaposing print themes and their new innovation of bandana paisley prints are one among them.

Design inspiration:

Those are the days where we have seen the bandana prints being restricted only to scarf alone but now, the fashion industry leaders have rephrased this rule and made this statement prints to feature in their wide range of collections from trousers to shirts and tops to dresses. Plus, here, in context to this, I just need to reference one of the notable designers who is literally into this field and that is Moschino. Oh my God! Their signature bandana printed trousers and sandals are absolutely gorgeous. Also, another incredible innovation is from Charlotte Olympia with their new styled flat espadrilles, which is  amazingly awesome. Not only designers who are into this, but also, high street retailer like ASOS, who has displayed an array of bandana paisley prints in their Spring/Summer 2015 collections are apparently a true welcome package to all.

My take on this print:

I am totally in love with this newly-found tops and the beautiful paisley prints scattered around chest and corners with an open slit to the back are remarkably eye-catching feature. In addition, for me, paisley prints are the quintessentially highlighting part in this and I think, it is perfect for layering.


Moreover, the cuts, design and patterns can absolutely able to steal the centre stage and undoubtedly, it is certainly going to give me a long mileage for this season.


Furthermore, having gained huge popularity in the catwalk runway of Spring Summer fashion show, I reckon every woman must opt for this cool, easy-going staple for this Spring season.


Hope you all have it a go for this Spring.

Braid like a Parisian.

At this time of the year, fashion and beauty takes centre stage when it comes to hairstyles and they are now, getting so popular than ever. Even recently, all eye-drooling and jaw-dropping moments has happened when Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne opted for braids instead of straight, sleek hair in the Hollywood star-studded event, the famous, Cannes International Film Festival 2015. That’s why, in here, today, I want to share with you about my version of Parisian-inspired, low-maintenance hair up-do, side-braided french plait, which can effortlessly transforms you as this season’s true fashionista.


Preparation is the key for any kind of braid and this is also not in exception. I reckon to do this braid with a two or three days old hair but in here, I did it with freshly cleaned and washed hair and in either way, the same result can be achieved and its entirely up to your level of comfortability. Besides, considering volumnising texture as the base element, add a few sprays of dry shampoo to the roots of your hair, which instantly lifts your hair with softer, thicker and more manageable hair, which is quintessentially helpful to achieve what you want to do.

Essentials that you need:

  • Brush
  • Hair band or scrunchies
  • Bobby pins
  • Jewelled pins
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hair spray

General Tips:

  1. This hairstyle looks great on all kinds of hair. With curly hair, make the plait as loose as possible and with smooth, straight hair, make it as a little tight plait.
  2. To get a perfect finish to your hairstyle, make the section of the hair same each time while you take and by this way, the completed plait looks more neat and tidy.

How to do?


This beautiful easy-to-do, side-braided french plait can be defined as a normal french plait that starts from the fringe all the way down to the end as the side braid. Apparently, this versatile hairstyle involves just a few steps to follow and the entire procedure does chronologically need under less than 10 minutes to finish off the whole plait. Yeah, it’s that easy peasy. So now, let’s see how to do.

  1. Firstly, take the side parting either to the right or to the left as per your wish.
  2. Then, start working along to the less-parted hair and take a small bunch of three-stranded hair from the beginning of the perimeter of your forehead.
  3. Now, go a little below and incorporate an-inch section of hair from both sides each time and continue the braid and repeat this process again and again until you reach to the side of the nape of your neck.
  4. At this time, you will be left with the end of whole three-stranded hair and now,  finish the step of braiding as a normal plait straight down and tie off the ends and leave it to rest on your shoulder.
  5. Now, with your own decision of making a tight or loose plait, work accordingly by either pulling or stretching your hair here and there to get the desired look.
  6. Then, choose the area where the bobby pins need to be secured for any bits and pieces.
  7. And finally, finish off the side-braided french plait by adding a few spritz of hair spray all around the back of your head to avoid any fly overs, which leaves your hairstyle with an elegant look.



You can recreate and append more glam look by adding a pretty bow to your finished hairstyle OR accessorize your plait with an added glittering effect by pinning around a few jewelled pins along the middle portion of your plait.


  1. This Spring/Summer inspired hairstyle keeps you stay and look cool.
  2. Keeps you away from the flat-iron throughout the summer.
  3. This look can be easily transitioned from day to night.
  4. It leaves your hair with a no-heat, beach waves for the next day, which saves spending any extra time in getting ready.

Enjoy braiding!

The blooming Spring in Chelsea.

This post is dedicated to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015.

Today, the much-awaited Spring garden full of surprises, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015, is officially kick-started and scheduled to run for the next five days starting from today. In addition, with the helping hands from the warm weather, the show is unquestionably going to be a hit winner. So, if you are in and around London, make sure to drop in to the show because, the blooming flowers in the wonderland makes an eye-pleasing, exquisite bouquet full of blooms visually and also, the true elements of this year’s show which are filled with flowers, which are vital and full of life, is certainly going to supplement your day further more special. Plus to amplify even more, the Queen and Prince Harry is making their presence this time to the show, which I think, a quintessential highlight to this year’s flower-studded show.


Moreover, horticulturists have been working hard on all these days to make sure the  show to be successful and the grand exhibit of exceptional display of flower garden are all well prepared before the inauguration of the show.


Additionally, this year, the show is expected to have a record number of visitors and also, forecasted to have around 165,000 people while during the show.




So,I hope you all have wonderful Spring day out there.

A perfect colour for short nails.

These days, I am having a true indulgence of manicure moment at home, where I can do myself fuss-free in a more relaxing yet convenient way without spending much of time, energy and home rather than hassling around the nail salons.


Ever since I saw the stunning green shades glittering around the nails on the models and moreover, having seen their inspirational catwalk runway from Spring Fashion Week show, I made up my mind to definitely make it a go for this Spring time and that’s why, I opted for Maybelline New York Color Show by Colorama “POW GREEN”.


So, Why I chose green nail lacquer:

As we all know, green is the new blue for this season and myself, wholeheartedly, I want to embrace this fact of modern beauty and was determined to be brave enough to show off myself to the day-to-day updates of beauty mantra and that’s the reason, I picked this gorgeous pastel olive-green nail lacquer from Maybelline New York and thankfully, I should say, I am absolutely glad to have selected the right colour.


Advantage of green nail shade:

  • green nail shades are great and it is an exceptional welcome-gift for either short nails or after cut-nails since the green shade makes your nails look longer visually
  • green nail shades compliments your skin tone brilliantly which, makes your skin tone looks more tanner than usual, which is also, of course, another summery echo
  • the pleasing effects of coolness and softness from the green nail shade makes you feel very refreshing
  • the green nail shade acts as a breaking barrier from the harsh-weathered winter blues and makes you to enjoy in the present state of gloriously brightened sunny days

Nail Application:

  1. Start your manicure with the base coat on your perfectly prepared (buffed and cleaned) nails.
  2. Since the consistency of the formula is transparent, apply three coats to give a nice, glossy texture and not to forget to dry off the nails at equal intervals.
  3. No need for top coat because the gel-effect featured in the formula leaves your nails unbelievably shiny and it also saves you from doing one more chore.
  4. Finally, finish off the manicure routine by clearing out any excess nail polish or spills around the sides of the nails by a nail polisher remover dipped earbud.
  5. Last but not least, dry the nails completely and be ready to show off.

Have a wonderful Manicure Monday!

As cool as the shade.


In here, the weather is absolutely delightful with the warm sunny rays radiantly glowing and finally, I could sense, Summer is on its way. So, whenever you talk about sunshine, the first thing comes to anyone’s mind is the official beginning of the much-needed warm, sunny beach days. Perhaps, I know that whoever going on a beach holiday, the first thing comes to their mind is, packing up some summer clothes, stocking up on sunscreen, to check on the regional UV forecast and last but not least, the very essential sun-protection checklist. Plus, since the temperature is on the rise, the first and foremost criteria to be noted for is all about sun protection and surprisingly, if we can cover up in style, why not do it wholeheartedly? That’s where the super-sun-saver, wide-brim beach hat comes to play a great part in giving a seriously enviable beach wear inspiration to your Spring/Summer look. Moreover, sometimes, sophistication and luxury doesn’t come along with a high price tag and this hat is, one of those.


So, why to choose wide-brim hats?

Even though, there are so many flattering shady hats including cow-boy hat and big, floppy sun hat available in the high street, the wide-brim beach hat serves a major role  in protecting your skin from the vulnerable UV rays from the sun, which I consider as a mandatory thing to be taken care of when you are on the hot, sandy beach side and also, with a surprise, it compliments your outfit brilliantly. Furthermore, there is no doubt that it certainly going to give so-much mileage to your wardrobe throughout the whole summer since there are no shortage of sunny days. And, therefore, let’s see all about the focal point of it.

  • the wide brim of the hat safeguards as a shield from the blistering rays from the sun
  • the top of the hat fits on to your head perfectly and always leaves you with a good hair day against from the windy sea breeze
  • it serves as the best hide spot and also, helps you to relive on the enchanting summery moments again
  • it keeps you shaded throughout the day and makes the entire breezy, beach summer days as functional and at the same time, fashionable too


Characteristic features:

  1. This white wide-brim beach hat has taken the classical inspiration of woven-styled stripes which runs throughout the hat stunningly and the complimentary, sparkling sequins, which is sewn and the embellished onto the hat gives a touch of glam and elegance to it and also, it looks like silver glitters are sprinkled everywhere as if wintry snow fallen from the sky.
  2. The hat starts off with the elegant-looking, dome-shaped fore-screen top and this head-hugging structure makes the hat ideal to sit onto the head perfectly.
  3. The adjoining midsection to the base is punctuated with a white string rope, which has a bow-tie detail to the end and also, the feathering out strands from the bow gives a dazzling and stylish effect to the hat.
  4. The most-adorning, wide-brim base gives an uneven, flattering effect to the sides of the hat and this solid-floating feature plays very well with the matching tunes of the sea breeze.
  5. Overall, this pretty and neutral-coloured white hat fits perfectly to the current style-trend of cool, boho style-theme.


How to wear:

  1. This really pretty shaded hat along with cat-eyed sunglasses can be worn along with neutral-coloured to all-white matching costume to give a fun and playful look.
  2. This hat looks appropriately uber-chic when it is accompanied along with a long maxi dress and undoubtedly, this pattern takes centre stage to give a more polished look.
  3. A modern and snazzy look is unbelievably achieved when this hat is coupled along with a knee-length denim dress.
  4. A super cool look is attained when this hat is partnered along with a crop top and lacy tap shorts.
  5. A long white skirt and midriff-showing, tied-up cotton shirt combined along with this hat makes a wonderful fashionable combo of modernity.


Have a fun day Friday!