Day 1 – Venice, Italy


It’s been a long time that I have posted a travel post and this time, I plunged into this opportunity straight away to showcase some of the fabulous time that I spent on a gorgeous trip to Venice in Italy. Oh my! It was such a pleasant experience and I want to share with you with some of the best moments that I had. Besides, Venice is all about canals, bridges, artistic buildings and the periodic history that comes along which tells the whole story of the city that dates back centuries before. Furthermore, I have decided to make it as a series of posts which could clearly give you a full picture of Venice in detail.

So, let me start first with the San Polo district which is located at the upper curve of the Grand Canal and this small district has the most monumental buildings that has the hidden treasure of architectural intelligence inbuilt with it and Siester S Polo which is also named as the Church of Frari is one among the evidential proof of their incredible knowledge in the field of architecture and this church also boasts a museum of Venetian works too.


Moreover, the San Polo district also has an array of secretive lanes that leads to the pavement for the colourful, multi-storeyed, terraced houses that has so much of in-depth architecturally encrypted history and character. Perhaps, most of the buildings are painted in deep yellow and orange shades that is also accompanied along with the huge green-painted, double-doored windows and most probably, those windowsills were beautifully decorated with the colourful bunch of flowered plants.


Additionally, these beautiful narrow lanes are not only restricted to just tourists alone but also to the travel-friendly shops where they sell varied range of products that ranges from souvenirs to travel post cards. In further, a few of the popular buildings also features some brick details which clearly exhibits the dated back history of it.


In addition to the quieter lanes, this district also features some of the exquisite stone tiled lanes where it is not only great for a stroll around walking tour but these wonderfully decorated lanes also has some of the best Pizzeria and Ristorante with tables and chairs outside that is ideal for a quick snack for the hungry tourists who is roaming around.


Not only the secluded lanes boasts cafes and bars, here in Venice, you can see plenty of cafes, bars, pizzeria and ristorante that is running along on either side of the canal and hence, there is always scope for your tired enough legs to get some rest and breathe for a while.

12sep156In addition to the corner shop, there are also some serious designer shops that is plentiful to serve for all kind of tourists that ranges from sunglasses to souvenirs.

12sep157Last but not least, there is no way that you got the complete feel of San Polo district without visiting the great old Rialto Bridge as this the proudest pride of this district; additionally, as there were some restoring work going on the bridge, I took this fabulous view of the famous Grand Canal from the bridge that is such a pleasure to spend on any sunny afternoon.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post along with me and also, I would appreciate if you could drop in your valuable comments and views in the comment section that is right below.

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