The Beauty Blogger Tag.

A week ago I was nominated to do The Beauty Blogger Tag by the lovely Emma. Check out her blog and I’m sure, you would certainly love as much as I do.

The rules for this tag:

  1. Tag the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you were given.
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/fashion/lifestyle.
  4. Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.

The questions Emma gave me:

  1. Why did you start blogging? – Before starting a blog myself, I was a regular reader of some of the well-known blogs and the effort that they put in each of the post makes me to inspire a lot and finally, I got hooked up and decided to give it a go and I’m extremely glad that I made the right decision at the right time.
  2. Favourite Lipstick?Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in the shade Flame (03) is my current favourite and I have started using this Hollywood style glam red lipstick since Valentine’s day and I’m so intrigued with the fuller looking plumper lips that it gives as it is infused with Volulip, a new ultra plumping agent.
  3. Top three things on your bucket list? – It is a very tricky question but still, I would love to shortlist some of my bucket list items to three. The first one on top of the list is Charlotte Tilbury Covetable lipsticks that is designed exclusively for her high clienteles and by releasing this charitable lipstick tubes, she has taken lipsticks to a level up position and in particularly, I would prefer to purchase Miranda May (in honour of the super model Miranda Kerr) and Electric Poppy (in honour of British supermodel Poppy Delevingne, who is also sister of Cara Delevingne) and secondly, I want to try MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in which everyone is raving about and I’ve heard that this matte liquid lipstick is so easy to apply and doesn’t budge at all unlike other liquid lipsticks and hence, you could able to coat multiple times with complete peace of mind and lastly, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, which is one of the product that I’ve been eyeing so long.
  4. Skincare go-to? – I regularly follow two time cleansing routine everyday and I don’t skip it even while I’m on move. Then, I use my luxury toner  to tone my skin and then, I use OZ Naturals HA moisturising serum in the morning and Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum in the evening skincare routine. Finally, I top up with moisturiser and for body, I always trust my Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter and Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Cream  for face and lastly for lips, I love to use my bejewelled luxury Ted Baker cocoa scented lip balm.
  5. Favourite drugstore brand? – I love Maybelline NewYork, L’oreal Paris and Rimmel London and some of my favourite picks are Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, L’Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara and Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.
  6. Favourite high end brand? – Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden are my favourite high end brands and some of my cherry picked items from their range are my travel friendly Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow palette and Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers perfume.
  7. Natural or smokey eye? – For workwear, I always choose natural eye but for any other special occasion, I’ll go for a flawless smokey eye.
  8. Brushes or beauty blender? – I prefer to use brush.
  9. Favourite highlighter?Bourjois Paris Bronzing and Illuminator duo and Soap&Glory Solar Powder.
  10. What are your social media handles? Twitter and Instagram.

I nominate:

Bronaghs Beauty and Books


Puddle Side Musings

Lizzie Loves Beauty

A Brash Attitude

Chanelle Hayley

Ladies and Lace

Alifya Lifestyle

Clair Neriah 

Mrs Strawberry Blonde

My questions are:

  1. What is your key point for a successful blog?
  2. What is your current favourite Spring makeup look?
  3. Name three branded lipsticks from your collection.
  4. Do you use toner regularly and how often?
  5. Do you have any travel wish lists for this year?
  6. What is your tips on getting a pro-styled smokey eye look?
  7. How frequently do you clean your makeup brushes?
  8. Are you a blush or a bronzer person?
  9. What is your take on using natural skincare product in your beauty regime?
  10. What are your social media handles?


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March Beauty Empties.


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and pardon me, I was travelling a lot during Easter holidays and finally back home this morning and hence, I’m posting Monday’s post today and I’m extremely apologising for my inconsistency. From tomorrow onwards, posts will be uploaded as regularly as every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Besides, time is flying super fast like a rocket and March literally went past by a fraction of a wink and I can’t believe myself doing a March beauty empties post already. Yes girls! This time, I’ve managed to finish off couple of products that I’m eagerly waiting to share with you and hence, stay tuned!

L’occitane 20% Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream:

L'occitane 20% shea butter dry skin hand cream

First of all, let me start with the L’occitane products as I’m so overwhelmed with the results that I got from their products. This product not only contains just one but it credits five good elements which made me to try instantly and some of the key features includes 20% shea butter content, honey and almond extract, multi-award winning and best selling product and finally, anti-oxidising vitamin E content and hence, there is no wonder that it is great to use on dry skin and makes your skin to be get rejuvenated immediately. So, what else could you ask for, isn’t it?

L’occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream:


The formula of this cream is so light-weighted and it looks like a milky white whipped cream and the shea butter content in the cream works incredibly well as it absolutely melts on your hand and sinks into your skin right away as just as a second skin. Besides, it gives a lengthy period of 48 hours comforting moisturisation and hence, whoever looking for a long lasting moisturisation, then this is the cream for you. Further too, it is great to use on all kinds of combinational skin types and especially, sensitive skin too.

Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara:


After 4 months of rigorous coating on my lashes, this black magic mascara has finally got ended up and it came right into my empty basket and viola! Even after singing its praises on several occasions, still I’m totally got hooked up with the nourishing content of the formula which makes it as a unique product when compared to rest of its peers. With a stunning content of nutritious keratin and moisturising shea butter, this product is definitely one of the best finds that I’ve discovered recently and for full catchups, click in right here.

Soap&Gory The Righteous Butter:


Yes, I do agree that this time most of the empties are skincare products as winter was at its hike during the previous month which made my skin to ask like “GIVE ME MORE“. Further, coming along to the product, since it is an award winning body butter, I do trust that there is no need for any introduction and the two most vital elements of aloe vera and shea butter makes this butter like cream to help your skin to soften immensely well. Last but not least, this after shower essential plays an important role in my daily skincare basics and for further information if you want to know more, then click in right here for a full detailed review.

Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel:


The best about this product is its simplicity and the added element of no artificial perfume or colour and 2 inbuilt vitamins makes it ideal as a versatile everyday use. Also, 100% soap free formula makes it super easy to work on your skin and it is also recommended to use by all skin types including sensitive skin as well. All-in-all, it is gentle to use on your skin and leaves your skin cleansed and revived well.


One of the best drugstore bought skincare product is Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Body Butter and the aroma of this body butter is mild and smells like a scented talcum powder, isn’t it amazing? Also, the richness of Vitamin E and the intense quality of 24 hour moisturisation makes it as a sensible find. Lastly, Along came Betty hands that do wishes dry hands lotion is another great find from the skincare division.

Have you ever tried any of these products before? If so, share your personal thoughts and as always,  I would love to read them. Happy Tuesday all!


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Brand Focus: Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder, sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara, eyeshadow palette, intuition, night repair synchronised recovery complex II, advanced time zone anti age reversing wrinkle creme

Estee Lauder, sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara, eyeshadow palette, intuition, night repair synchronised recovery complex II, advanced time zone anti age reversing wrinkle creme

If one particular branded product that I’ve been using quite often and non-stop these days would certainly be from Estee Lauder and I’ve tested and tried couple of products from their range and I’m totally loving it a lot. Besides, it is not because of the fact that it is a high end product, but I’m extremely elated with the high quality and the irresistible formula that they are up to. Yes, I agree that they also carry a hefty price tag but the unmatchable indulgence that you get from their products makes it definitely worth a try. So, stay tuned to get to know more about some of the cherry picked items that I’ve picked from this brand.

Estee Lauder Intuition:

Estee Lauder, Intuition, eau de parfum, perfume, fragrance, Valentine's day ideas

I am a great lover of combinational fragrances and this fruity/floral oriental fragrance is a typical example for that and when you smell the fragrance first, you could faultlessly able to get hold of floral essences of bergamot, gardenia petals and accord and fruity flavours of orange and grapefruit. Click here for a full detailed review.

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme:

Estee Lauder, Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme.

Even though there are so many anti-ageing products available in the market, this latest find is such a real treasure as it unbelievably reduces all signs of ageing effectively well and some of the key aspects that it handles are: visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and winkles, brings in soft glow to skin, makes my skin to feel supple and rejuvenated and finally protects my skin from the harmful UV rays as it has an added factor of SPF 15. Click here for further information.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II:


This anti-ageing serum works at its best during my evening skin care routine and I use it regularly to keep my skin being repaired and reshaped well. This serum is packed with full of anti-oxidants and hence, when I apply a tiny blob of it right after my cleansing routine, I feel like all the energetic ingredients from the serum gets completely absorbed to my skin instantly.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara:


Well, if you are looking for a high end mascara with all the features of lash multiplying and  high volume lashes, then this is the right choice for you as it exquisitely lengthens, lifts and curls your lashes exponentially well. Besides, the tint comes as an extreme black and hence, the lashes are coated extensively well with a carbon black ink.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Palette:

Estee Lauder

This travel-friendly eye shadow palette boasts all the basic combinations of rose, beige, taupe and brown which is ideal to define any kind of Spring inspired makeup look. Moreover, it comes with a liberal amount of two satin shades, a matte shade and a shimmer shade which could flawlessly able to sketch a rose or nude makeup look indefinitely well.

Have you ever tried any of these products before? If so, share your personal thoughts with me and as always, I would love to read them. Happy weekend all!


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Spring Perfect Pink And Nude Lipsticks.

Rimmel London, Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick, Lancome L'absolu rouge, Revlon Super lustrous lipstick
From L-R: Rimmel Kate Moss (shade 08), Rimmel Kate Moss (shade 03), Lancome L’Absolu rouge rose nu, Revlon (champagne on ice), Rimmel Kate Moss (shade 05) and Revlon (blushed)

Today let’s talk about the makeup game changers. Have you guessed what it is? Yes lovelies, I’m talking about the stunning lipsticks and with Spring has just now started, I think it is a quintessential time to chat about the mighty pinks and nudes, isn’t it pitch perfect? Well, if you ask any women “what is your Spring beauty wardrobe?”, then the first answer would be channelling some of an array of lipstick line and I know you also agree with me. So, stay tuned!

Rimmel London, Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick, Lancome L'absolu rouge, Revlon Super lustrous lipstick

For much of a delight, to welcome this Spring in perfect harmony, in this post, I will guiding through with some of the key lip shades that is ideal to wear all throughout this season. Besides, I will also be showing you gorgeous lipstick range from drugstore to high end and hence, you have a wide variety of choice that you could opt for like whatever your heart feels so. Hence, let me give you some drop down list right away.

Rimmel London, Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick, Lancome L'absolu rouge, Revlon Super lustrous lipstick

Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting Finish – shade 08:

It is always a wise decision to start the show with a splendid pink shade and this Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick in the shade 08 is the right choice to put forth first in this category. Apart from the marvellous black packaging, some of the other key elements includes the irresistible formula of black diamond pigment complex that is ideal to give you a well-pigmented opaque look and finishes off perfectly with a long lasting 8 hours wear.

Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting Finish – shade 03:

If you are looking for a creamy nude lipstick that has a light reflecting formula, then you should absolutely try this super chic lipstick from Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting finish in the shade 03. I’m sure you won’t get disappointed as this lipstick gives you a Spring perfect pouted nude lips.

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Rose Nu:

To be honest, I’m a great fan of Lancome beauty products and especially, the stupendous Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Rose Nu lipstick works exemplarily well for a flawless natural makeup look. Besides it possess all the factors that you expect from a high end product that includes tremendous moisture retention formula, keeps your lips hydrated for a healthy 8 hours period, allows your lips to be rejuvenated and reshaped all throughout the wear and finally, like icing on the cake, the super enriched formula keeps your lips to be well pigmented even after frequent use of food and drink.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Champagne On Ice:

Want to include an American glam into your beauty? Then trust me, you will be exquisitely surprised with the quality of formula that comes from the incredible Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks and the shade Champagne On Ice is a perfect match for a Spring perfect makeup look. Moreover, while you are dumbstruck with their astonishing quality, then you can’t miss their amazing black and gold classic packaging too.

Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting Finish – shade 05:

Another bright rosy pink from Rimmel London – Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 05 is the right shade to bring some hue onto your lips and also, it is ideal to wear on any sunny Spring afternoons. All you have to do is, make a muted makeup look on your face and bring in some coloured radiance to your lips using this stunning lip shade.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Blushed:

Lastly, another great pick for this Spring is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade blushed as this chic shade makes your day super special and the unique Liquisilk formula with a hinted shimmer undertones from the lipstick gives you a perfect elegant look that you always look for.


So, have you ever tried these lipsticks before? And, what is your take on Spring worthy lipsticks for this season? Let me know all of your fantastic thoughts into the comment section below and as always, I would love to read them. Happy midweek all!


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My Trip To MAC Beauty Counter.

MAC Cosmetics



MAC Cosmetics

Well, this week has been extremely busy for me with hectic work schedule and to bring a relaxing environment far away from the hustle and bustle, I ended up landing onto the MAC counter and I know you would certainly agree with the fact that how much satisfaction one could able to get by glancing around the MAC counter. It is the place where there is atleast one product that is suitable for everyone’s need. Whether it is a foundation or a concealer or a BB cream or a CC cream or a bunch of makeup brushes or a makeup product- just you name it and they have it.


If you are a beginner to high end beauty products, then trying out products from MAC counter would definitely gives you an unmissable experience as their products are always rated high and you could also able to research for multiple reviews on online as well. Furthermore, for years and years, MAC products have been used extensively by famous people including from makeup artists to top models and from bloggers to beauty lovers and so, quality is a predominant thing in here and that’s why it is named as a trust worthy product.


MAC Cosmetics

How does the MAC beauty counter looks like?

If you are a debutant to MAC cosmetics, then you will be blown away with the well organised display of their products and you could easily able to identify the items without having any help as there are separate sections for each of the categories that includes foundations and concealers to one part of the beauty counter where as makeup products to other designated separate areas; plus, particularly, if you are looking for makeup brushes, then you could easily able to spot those gorgeous beauties along the mirrored shelves that are stacked up to excellence.21mar2

MAC Cosmetics

The main reason why I popped into MAC counter was to try out their exquisite foundation as my older one was nearly running out and so immediately after entering into the MAC counter, I was glancing around to see all the various possibilities that I could opt for. Then, just less than a minute, a lovely lady called Debbie has requested if I need any help and I jumped into the offer right away and asked her about what to choose from. Later, she checked my skin tone and asked to sit on the chair that is placed right in front of the mirror where she could flawlessly able to test and try some of the foundations that matches my skin tone.

Test & Try:

First of all, she started with two different foundations and she tried each of them on my face using the splendid foundation brush and finally, she figured out my best match. Hurray! *Happy Dance* I can’t praise enough of the outstanding service that I got from the counter and yes, of course, it is an unmatchable service.

Sample Testing:

Just like icing on the cake, I’ve asked her whether I could able to try the product before making a purchase and without a second thought, she grabbed a small glass pot and squeezed some of the foundation content into the pot. Voila! Finally, I got the sample which I could make it as a trial version to test the results. Last but not least, it is not only the counter alone that look so fabulous but also their foundation too as I’m so glad with the texture, consistency and the sweet smell of the formula. Also, not to forget, it carries a bit more hefty price tag but a small blob is good enough for a single use and hence, a little goes a long way.

Have you ever experienced the amazing service while you are in any of the beauty counter? If so, drop me and share some of your amazing personal experiences with me. Happy Monday all!


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Review: Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

I always love a good quality mascara and from time to time, I vary range of mascaras from drugstore to high end and also, I keep one thing in mind to restore the luxurious branded mascaras for a special occasional use and the gorgeous wallet-friendly mascaras for a very versatile day-to-day use.

Tale Of Mascara:

Long before, the award-winning Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara served my lashes tremendously well for the whole of winter which not only aided to lift my lashes flawlessly well but also, it added a twist of nutritional aspects to my lashes which is in the form of Keratin (for lash growth) and shea butter (for lash moisture intact). Then came the sumptuously designer mascara which is none-other-than Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara that made a grant entry to add into my high end collection (in the middle of January). And with two step further, I just now landed onto the marvellous drugstore companion – Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Drugstore Mascara Hunt:

First of all, let me tell you how it all started. In the middle of February, I was shopping around Superdrug store and while I was carrying a basket full of so many beauty staples right from facial wipes to lip balm and from makeup brush to blush, I spotted this splendid mascara sitting next to the counter aisle that too on offer and immediately, it came right into my basket right away. Voila!

MAybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara


Having heard so many good reviews about its original version, I think, this time, I made a sensible buy. Look at the packaging! Isn’t it so gorgeous? I absolutely loved the funky colour theme running throughout the packaging which makes the mark of Maybelline NewYork’s 100 years anniversary celebration. Not only it looks so amazing with ravishing colours of blue, red, yellow, black and white but also looks absolutely stunning with the magical patterns of stars and stripes.



Moving along to its functionality, oh my! It has been designed to perfection with so many added features like the tapered shape of the brush, the varied length of the bristles which helps to capture maximum number of lashes in just one stroke and the ascending and descending length of the bristles which assists in sketching the lashes from roots to end. All-in-all, it is very impressive!


  1. Finish off all the eye makeup look before heading onto your lashes.
  2. Using Shu Uemura eyelash curler, curl your lashes effectively well.
  3. Take the mascara wand and apply two or more coats onto your upper and lower lashes by starting from roots to end and more importantly, always remember to make a push and wiggle movement onto the roots of your lashes for maximum volume.
  4. Intensify each stroke by applying the mascara coat both above and below the lashes.
  5. Make the last coat for final touchups so as to get a separate lash look and I’m sure by this time, your lashes will be defined and lifted well too.
  6. Last-but-not-least, this mascara gives a flake-free, smudge-free and clump-free lash look.
  7. Now, your lashes are ready to show off.

Have you ever used this product before and if so, let me know your thoughts on this product and as always, I would love to read them. Furthermore, don’t forget to read my tips on mascara and the link is right here.


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Spring Day & Night Lipstick Edit – Featuring Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

Revlon super lustrous lipstick

Revlon super lustrous lipstick

To be honest, I am a self proclaimed lipstick lover and why not? It is like magic in a stick which gives an instant oomph to any makeup look and I hope you also agree with me. Plus, with all the transitional changes that is happening right now, I know it is the best time to amp up some of the best lippies that is quintessential to wear for a day and night look. And, in here, I have chosen two of my favourite hues that works ideal to any kind of muted Spring makeup look and we all know, Spring is all about nude makeup look. So, let’s get started.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick:

Apparently, there is no need for an introduction to Revlon as it is one of the well known drugstore makeup brands and the product range, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is available in the market in four finished looks that includes matte, pearl, creme and shine which all comes with an array of dazzling vibrant shades that are fabulous and also, fashionable. This incredible range comes with a gorgeous Liquisilk formula that seals colour and softness.


I’m very much impressed with the packaging of the product. Yes, this lipstick bullet comes with a stunning looking black and gold packaging wherein the outer part of the bullet is covered by black and the middle and inner part of the bullet is mostly dominated by the gold detail. Plus, the brand name is calligraphed on the middle part of the bullet remarkably well. Lastly, just like icing on the cake, the top part of the bullet comes as a translucent layer which is very easy to look the actual shade without even opening the top cover of the lipstick. Genius, isn’t it?

Spring Day Lipstick – Champagne On Ice – 205 – Pearl:

Revlon super lustrous lipstick, champagne on ice

For a warm, sunny Spring day, I think Champagne On Ice works brilliantly on a neutral makeup look and the pearl finish completes the whole lip look flawlessly well with an added element of shimmer and soft undertones of coral. Another winning feature is that it is well pigmented and also has a long lasting effect.

Spring Night Lipstick – Blushed – 420 – Pearl:

Revlon super lustrous lipstick, blushed

With a lighter shade dominating the entire daytime look, here comes a super chic shade, Blushed in the shade 420 which takeovers the night with pure elegance. Moreover, by wearing this shade, you could easily feel like a fuller looking lips and the gorgeous richness from the formula is perfect to define a well pouted look.



Moving along to the swatches of the lipstick, you could clearly able to see the opaque, rich pigmented look of the lipstick that comes along with just a slight hint of sparkle to it.

Have you ever tried this product before? If so, let me know your amazing thoughts on this product in the comment section that is below and as always, I would love to read them.


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