Lancome – The Parisian Beauty Edit.


If you are looking for beauty with luxe, then there couldn’t be anymore better than Lancome as their beauty products effortlessly reflects the utterly chic Parisian style in true form of eternal femininity. Moreover, having Paris considered as the capital city of fashion, I think as a beauty lover like me, one can’t resist those gorgeous beauties that are designed and produced with high standards to match in comparison with other high-end market rivals. Besides too, the quality of their beauty products are incredibly competent and the durability is unbelievably long-lasting too. So, let’s get into the beauty edit right away.

In summer, the blue eye shadow shade was rocking like a wild wire and also, even in autumn look books, I could able to see the ravishing blues arraying in all sorts of beauty editorials and magazines that is accompanied along with the gorgeous AW15 apparel. Hence, the acclaim is, the blue eye shade is not going to fade anytime soon; plus, I was a bit of colour shy before and hesitant enough to dry dark shades and those bad old days are gone now as at the moment, I literally cling onto to try every new dark shade that appears on the market and some of the dark shades of autumnal colours such as blue, purple plum and violet are some among them. So, if you are a first time starter to try bright shades, then this beautiful shade of robin blue which has a tint of greenish blue hue along with a hint of pearly white sparkles is quintessential to colour yours eyelids flawlessly this autumn as this can be adorned on your eyes as a light or dark tone as per the occasion or it can be altered as just adding a thin stroke of blue line on the lower lash line that could make your eyes to pop colour instantly. Surprisingly, sometimes in a bit of a rush, I just pop on this hue onto my eyelids without even eye primer yet still it stays well smudge-free and crease-free throughout the day as it has the exemplary factor of long day wearability.  In further, if you want to look onto the intensity of this blue eye shadow then, you could always faultlessly may able to look it right in here.

Girls! If you are looking for all day long smoother and fuller lips, then this Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Rose Nu is an ideal way to pamper your lips as it keeps your lips moisturised and hydrated even up to eight hours and it also helps to keep your lips rejuvenated and reshaped each time after application and this lipstick with great enriched formula is so easy to wear and stays irresistibly well even after food and drink.

While coming back to mascara, nothing could able to beat this fantastic Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume as it gives a fuller lash effect immediately after application and the volume of the lashes look like six time more volumnising and also, each lash is separated perfectly even without any clumps and the bristles are designed in such a way so brilliantly that each time the brush wand is stroked, it even captures every single lash from base to tip including the hide away corners and the result which could be visibly seen with the beautiful curly, fluttering lashes that are smudge-free and crease-free. Moreover, the benefitting part is, the lashes are also enriched with a great formula that makes your lashes silky soft and supple for all day long.

I hope you could also add up these beauty range in your collection too.

Furthermore, you could also write down your valuable thoughts and views in the comment section that is right below.

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August Favourites.


The summer month went particularly too fast this time and what an adventure I had in the beauty section! Gloriously wonderful as I tried varied range of products from drugstore to high-end products with so many variations including eyeshadow, perfume, jewellery and multi-hued nail polishes. Yes, they are simply gorgeous! Moreover, I am so happy to try the latest trend in the beauty sector such as fluid eyeshadow that is fabulously rocking at the moment and also secured a commendable place under the eye shadow section and hats off to Dior for using magnificent new technology that has been incorporated in it. So, let me jump into the beauty goodies right away.

Having used the interesting unique pieces of jewellery from Accessorize for many years, recently I fell in love with their amazing beauty collection that is pocket-friendly and also has the quality in comparison to the luxury products and the smokey eye palette from Accessorize is one among them. This eye palette is so versatile to use as it has the dual purpose that has been designed as a pocket sized and also, it has a high factor of pigmentation too. Furthermore, the texture is so feather soft and just clings onto the shading brush instantly. Then, while moving onto their jewellery department, this time I bought the latest ear styling statement, ear cuff that is so trendy to wear and also, it has a feel of light-weight character plus embossed with stone jewelled detail of flowers and leaves to it.

Now comes Dior! Dior! Dior! The name itself describes everything as this brand is accepted and celebrated from beauty lovers to celebrities and I am not in exception either. So, the first thing I want to show you is the marvellous invention of fluid eyeshadow that has the duo characteristics of liquid eyeliner and also the fluid eyeshadow and people say that beauty is an art and to master this product is definitely an art as if you want to want to use this as an eyeshadow, what you all need to do is just close your eyes and have two or three gentle strokes of fluid eyeliner onto your eyelids and let it dry for a minute and eureka! now, you have the perfect glossy mirror like eyeshadow on your eyes that are smudge-free and has an equivalent factor of long-lasting durability that is perfect to adorn your eyes for parties or any other special occasions or if you want to use this product as an eyeliner, then add a thin streak of line close to the lashes with the help of brush wand. Besides, getting the complimentary gift of the latest Dior perfume, Blooming Bouquet is an another added beauty touch where I could able to try to test the gorgeous perfume without spending a penny and while moving along to the scent, basically the fragrance is filled with floral flavours that are refreshing and rejuvenating at the same time as well.

Last but not least, nail polish hit my beauty shelves madly in August and by the way, the credit goes to the gorgeous summer we had in UK this time. Hence, I have purchased a varied coloured scheme of nail varnishes that ranged from gold to coral and from turquoise to purple and from confetti to shimmer and these nail lacquers are also from the wide selection of nail brands including Barry M Cosmetics, Rimmel London, Ciate London, Sally Hansen and Accessorize.

I hope you could also try these beauty products too.

If you want to write in your various thoughts and views, you could always pop into the comment section that is right below.

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Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.


Today’s nail art is all set for holiday theme. Moreover, two things are particularly famous in Los Angeles – one is venice beach and number two is avenue styled palm trees that runs along in line parallel to the street. Hence, with that as the inspiration, this time I will be adorning my nails with the gorgeous ombre effect setting of sunset as the background base and palm trees as the forefront runner. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Besides too, I think there is no other better way to put altogether as a one single capsule. So, if you are in a holiday and planning to go on a holiday, then this nail art is quintessential way to interpret the holiday theme in a playful way and also, a cute way to entertain your holiday this summer. So, let’s see how to achieve this chic nail art in an easy and effective way.


As you might have guessed, my sincere love to Barry M nail polish is continuing like a very long story and for now, I have picked three marvellous shades including deep pink, turbo charged coral shimmer, citrusy yellow and lastly, the Barry M nail art pen to create this fun full Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.

To get the ombre effect sunset background:

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to moisturise your cuticle.
  3. Then, apply a thin layer of base coat.
  4. Next, apply two coats of Sally Hansen’s white nail polish onto your nails as this helps to enhance the ombre effect layer at the top.
  5. After that, take a sponge and add streaks of pink, coral and yellow lines onto the sponge and dab it straight to your nails as two coats to get a nice pigmentation.
  6. Lastly, take off the excess bits by running a cotton bud that was soaked with nail polish remover along the perimeter of your nails to get a perfect tidied up look.

Note: Leave two minutes of drying each time after application.

Palm Tree Nail Art:

  1. Take the Barry M nail art pen and sketch the palm tree on top of the ombre effect nails by drawing a thin stroke of fine lines by starting from the tip of your nail and running towards the inner part of your nail.
  2. Allow the nail art to dry completely and this step is a must to get a nice smudge-free nail art look.
  3. Finally, apply a thin layer of top coat gently.

I hope you could also try this nail art at your home too.

Or, you could also have a sneak peek onto some of my nail art gallery which is right in here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Cloud Nine with Barry M Nail Lacquers.


I love nail polishes and I love nail lacquers from Barry M cosmetics as they have a fantastic range of nail enamels that is suitable to wear as a daily wear or onto any kind of special occasion. Moreover, for a nail addict person like me, it is unbelievably a boon to play around with these nail paints to create so many variations of nail arts. By the way, who wouldn’t like these gorgeous nail colours on their nails? Certainly, I would love to wear it onto my nails all day long. Besides, always nail enamels are considered as a feature of stylish statement and I would definitely want to fit in that category as always forever. So, let me take you right away.

Firstly, the Indigo colour nail paint is great to wear onto your tanned fingers and toes as they are ideal to project your tanned skin tone to a sun-kissed look. The next shade is pretty much party oriented that is none-other-than mermaid nail shade which is quintessential to wear for festivals and you could also have a glimpse of it right in here too. Besides, if you are a keen lover of purple and lavender shades, then you should not miss this as this gorgeous purple colour which works exemplarily well on your nails on any hot summer afternoon and the other most important criteria to look for is, it dries out quickly. Moreover, if you have a serious pink nail addiction like me, then you should give this pink nail paint a go as they look so pigmented when this tint is painted onto your nails. Let’s move onto the next shade that is yellow nail paint which has a dual factor of either it can be worn as a zingy lemon colour just on its own or it can be changed to a nice pastel yellow nail shade instantly by just adding a Barry M Matte Top coat on top of the nail paint. Now, I landed onto my latest addition of coral shimmer quick dry nail shade that I purchased recently and you could also have a look onto the latest nail art that I created with this nail shade that is right in here. Besides too, who wouldn’t like baby pinks like blossom as this spring colour is ideal to wear onto any wedding. Last but not least, I can’t leave this gorgeous gelly pink nail paint named as Sugar plum as this nail paint always reminds me of Barbie fairytale pictures and my recent nail art is a clear reflection of my likeness to it.

Finally, last but not least, I couldn’t do a nail art without this life saving tool, Barry M Nail art Pen as this pen is incredibly easy to draw flawless thin or thick lines as desired and it is super pigmented too as it showcases your efforts brilliantly in a faultless way to grab others intention instantly.

I hope you could also add up these chic nail shades in your collection too.

If you want to write in your valuable thoughts and views, you could also pop into the comment section below as always.

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Lip Gloss Vs Lip Crayon.


The wearable essentials in Summer is always meant to be lighter that includes clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup and lip products and today, I will be showing you some of my favourite lip products in which their textures are super soft as like butter and smooth as a silk and glossy as a crystal and they come in so many different forms like lip crayon, chubby stick and lip gloss; Plus, their finish is so light-weighted and super-neutral and it fits quintessentially for any hot summer day and it also acts as an easy day-to-day work wear. Hence, with so much anticipation going on, let’s get started right away.

The first lip product that I am totally addicted during summer months is L’OREAL Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in Fall for Watermelon as this lip product comes as a chubby stick that is so easy to handle and it is also sourced with gorgeous moisturising ingredients that is supplemented along with buttery balm which gives a nice moisturising and nourishing statement to your lips and also, the texture is super soft to wear and it also gives an unbelievably sheer glossy look finish. Moreover, as this playful lip crayon has a real source of flower extract, it smells like a sweet aroma that lingers around your lips throughout the day.

My next lip accompaniment is none-other-than Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL lip gloss and this lip product has a super juicy feel while you wear it on your lips and it smells incredibly good as like you are in a sweet shop and furthermore, this lip gloss gives your lips super plumpy look that is totally raving at the moment after millions of Instagram lovers hit the Kylie Jenner’s plumpy lip picture recently and besides, this lip gloss is super easy to wear as it comes in a fuss-free squeezable tube and it just glides on your lips like an ice and moreover, it gives your lips a mirrored-finish super glossy look at the finish too.

Lastly, my one more all-time favourite lip product is No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon that is flawlessly easy to wear everyday and also, it gives a complete coverage to my lips throughout the day by leaving a healthy shine at the end. Besides too, this lip crayon is so user-friendly as one twist of the crayon at the bottom brings the content to the top which looks faultlessly super glossy and it gives a nice moisturising feel to my lips throughout the day as well.

I hope you could also try these gorgeous lippies in your daily beauty routine too.

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You could also land onto the comment section below to leave your valuable thoughts and views.

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Picture Perfect Eye Essentials.


From makeup artists to professionals, the first preliminary thing in makeup itinerary is to concentrate on eyes as they are the focal point on the face which can grab others attention in just a matter of a second; Plus, having used up makeup essentials in my day-to-day makeup routine for many years, today I will be showing you some of the essential elements in eye makeup which can bring an instant pop of colours to make your eyes wide awake.

Let’s start with the eyeshadow first. My favourite purple shaded MAC eyeshadow are quintessential to draw smokey eyes flawlessly which is ideal to wear onto parties or any other special occasion as it makes you feel like you are in a party vibe and moreover, I completely rely on the brand as it gives the maximum results in par with my expectation as well. Or, if you want to go for liquid eye shades, then you could always bump onto new Dior fluid eye shadow, which is perfect to revamp your eyes instantly with just few strokes of the liquid gel onto your eyes. Last but not least, blue eye shadow from my trust worthy brand, Lancome works exemplarily well for any evening glam look as its pigmentation is so concentrated and hence, what you all need to do is just add one or two dabs of eyeshadow onto your eyes and blend it well with a fluffy brush in buff and blend mode to get optimum results.

While moving along to the eyeliner, I always prefer to have liquid eyeliner from Maybelline NewYork for fast and precise lines and a kohl pencil from Barry M Cosmetics for a chic blue eye look or a bronze goddess look. Besides too, a thin streak of eyeliner from Rimmel London is ideal to wear onto any busy workwear look as the definition of lines can be altered as per your requirements which could be achieved with the help of a thin slanted brush as tool.

When it comes to eyebrows, I always love to use my L’OREAL Paris Brow Artist Shaper onto my eyebrows to get a gorgeously defined professional eyebrows.

Lastly, I will finish of my eye makeup with my all-time favourite mascara that is from L’OREAL Paris that are perfect to give fluttered eyes that is suitable for any occasion. Furthermore, the one and only thing that I can’t miss onto a no-makeup makeup look is mascara as I cannot dream a day without it.

You could also try these basic essentials in your eyes to incorporate a different look each time and you can also play around to create a completely varied look as per your desire.

You could also pop into the comment section below for your various thoughts and views.

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Essie’s Aztec Printed Nail Art Candies.


You might have seen the prominence of aztec prints in various kinds of summer clothing including crop top, baggy printed trousers, figure-hugging bodycon dresses, scarves, shorts and many more and having fancied by the intricate details of the geometrical patterns myself that includes from triangles to zig-zags and from dots to horizontal lines and from squares to vertical lines, today I will be showing you some of my clear-to-detail, eye-catching, wild card patterns where all the hues and shapes take the centerstage in bringing a new theme of nail art design. So, let me take you straight into the gorgeous nail art patterns right away.

To build up the base shade for the aztec printed nail art, I trusted on three different nail shades that are all from essie:

  1. I love pinks and corals and the recent purchase of cute as a button from essie fits as a right shade to me as the highlight the nail art pattern that I tried to interpret has the combined tints of both pink and coral in just one single bottle which could bring out the essence of softness and freshness straight away.
  2. The next interesting shade that I completely rely on is naughty nautical that has the dual tones of turquoise and aqua marine and whenever I opted to apply this shade onto my nails, it always reminds me of the coolest crystal-clear deep blue sea.
  3. Last but not least, the gorgeous shade bikini so teeny from essie is my all-time favourite as it has the combined mixture of soft blue and lilac tints and moreover, this shade always gives me the refreshing flavour of blue peonies.


  • Start with the freshly washed and cleaned nails.
  • Then, apply a thin layer of base coat and then followed by two coats of desired base shade.
  • After that, top up your nails with various themes of nail art patterns.
  • Finish off your nail art with a thin layer of top coat.
  • Finally, clear off all the bits the bobs by running a cotton bud that is soaked with nail polish remover along the perimeter of your nails.

Besides, while coming back to the creative part of the nail design, I have experimented and implemented with varied themes of playful patterns which includes triangles, tribal stripes, pastel designs and many more. Also, these nail art theme looks absolutely amazing with all kind of weekend outfits such as denims and dresses.

So, I hope you would also try this nail art deign at your home as well.

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Incase, if you want to comment in with your various thoughts and views, then you could always pop in straight into the comment section below.

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Perfect Dupe For FW15 Couture Necklaces.


I love statement necklaces and especially if it is from the world-famous fashion brands like Balenciaga, Tory Borch, Eddie Borgo, Chloe and Margaret Elizabeth, then it is quite impossible for me to stare away my drooling eyes from the gorgeous tones of statement necklaces but instead, with the heavy price tag of little less than £900, then I could imminently confirm that it is not going to fit into my financial bracket for anytime now and that’s where this time I found a perfect dupe for FW15 Couture necklaces which just costs a fraction of the amount to the designer wears and more surprisingly, it also resembles similar to the designer ones too.

Besides, when it comes to jewellery, Topshop has a huge range of jewellery collection that is titled as Freedom at Topshop wherein they have an extensive range of quality jewelleries that is varied from necklace to earrings and from bracelets to rings and to make our life even much simpler, they come in at a much affordable rate as well; plus, having spotted a massive sale in their jewellery section, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity in anyway.


Moreover, this necklace is so versatile to wear and also, it is not flashy or glittery but still maintains the dignity of elegance in true form. Additionally, when it comes to the design concept of the necklace, it is as simple as a circular hoop of gold hued metal that connects to the string at the back side with an easy push and pull lock and further, the centre part of the necklace is connected to a undetachable array of dangling drop gems which is ideal to have others attention to your neck. Besides too, the circular metal hoop is super stretchy and when you wear, you just need to stretch the necklace sideward to get it set into your neck flawlessly and it also sits quintessentially sturdy onto your neck without any wobble at all.

Then, while moving onto where to wear, it can be faultlessly adorned either as a weekend accessory that can be matched along with your denim outfit exemplarily well or it can be coupled along with any kind of evening wear and high heel stilettos to finish off your outfit with a complete chic glam look.


Additionally, having so many variations that can be paired along with this necklace, I think one should definitely pop into their nearest Topshop store to grab the best bargains that is available right now.

Additionally, you could also see some of my other jewelleries sections right in here, here, here and here.

Also, If you want to put forward your valuable comments, then you could always pop onto the comment section below to chat along with your various thoughts and views.

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Introducing My Latest Nail Polish Collection.


As Summer is shining radiantly outside, my strength for nail polish is getting immensely well populated than ever before and by the way, who can able to resist those gorgeous bottled gems away from our drooling eyes? Absolutely not for me as painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do in any lazy summer afternoons. Albeit this collection looks like a humongous range still my love affair to nail candies haven’t stopped and the evidential proof for this is, whenever I pop into any drugstore, I literally jump into the multi-hued nail candy aisle straight away. So, herewith, I have rounded up with some of my latest additions to my nail polish collection.

Furthermore, this collection has all the essential nail polish parameters including nail paint, top coat, confetti top, glitter top and even french manicure kit and the best highlighting part among all of these is that these nail polishes have an excellent wow factor of high durability as they are from the beauty industry’s trust worthy brands such as Barry M Cosmetics, Ciate London, Accessorize Beauty, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London.

Moreover, when it comes to application, there is no doubt that this collection could flawlessly able to make different kinds of nail candies like: from french manicure to shimmer nails and from coral nails to golden tan nails and from purple nails to emerald jewelled nails and from confetti nails to neon orange nails and from sheer nails to high gloss top coats and then, while moving onto the drying efficiency, Barry M Cosmetics’s Quick Dry nail enamels are quintessential to finish your job in tip-top condition that too with just a matter of minutes as their nail varnishes are designed especially for the busy city-living women; plus, the glitter and confetti nails works exemplarily well to get you occupied faultlessly on any kind of party or special occasion. Besides, if you have a serious addiction to french manicure just like me, then the Sally Hansen’s french manicure kit gives a perfect answer to your unassured worries as their nail polishes are so easy to stroke and also able to make a thin streak of defined lines so that it gives your french manicured nails as a salon finished look. Last but not least, I certainly need to mention about the gorgeous top coat from Ciate London which makes your life much easier as the quality of their top coat gives your nails a guaranteed hi-shine, long-lasting glossy look.

I hope you would also try some of these nail lacquers at your home too.

If you want to leave in a comment, you could always pop onto the comment section below to write down your various thoughts and views.

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Giveaway from Chocolatefrosst.



I feel this giveaway is long due and I really am overwhelmed by the amount of support you guys have been showing me on my blog and other social media. I love you all so much and THANK YOU! On that note, I am thrilled to announce my first ever giveaway. 😀

Also today WordPress sent me this notification just in time so there’s an added reason to celebrate! Seeing the number 1000 made my day! LOL

I will be giving away this gorgeous ‘LAURA GELLER Creme Eyeshadow Trio in Golden Sunset.

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