The Mac eye shadow that matches quintessentially with the purple skirt like Taylor Swift’s .

taylor swift
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Taylor Swift made a sensational performance at London’s Hyde park to celebrate the arrival of summer in The British Summer Time Festival which in turn stupendously made the whole performance as one of the highly acclaimed best performances of her entire lifetime musical journey. Moreover, as expected, the crowd was completely overwhelmed with the unmatchable musical performance by Taylor Swift and they chanted the slogan “TAY-LOR SWIFT, TAY-LOR SWIFT, TAY-LOR SWIFT,….” which echoed with cheers accompanied along with screams that carried across the whole stage which also appeared as the whole festival fever was set on like a rolling fire.


Besides, as we all know, Taylor Swift is not only sought-after for her stellar musical performance but also the gorgeous silhouette that she carries along every time and even this time with no disappointment, she showcased a new trend of: how to wear a purple metallic skirt unbelievably good? and she answered the same by pairing it along with the glittery black sleeveless crop top and an aqua sequined bomber jacket, which looked absolutely fantastic and also gave us the evidential proof of eye drooling situation from the audiences over there. Plus, Taylor Swift didn’t stop there either but instead she carried along with her trademark symbol of red lips and a natural glow looking dewy skinned makeup that ticked all the boxes of stunning summer light makeup look. Additionally, the blonde looked fabulously illuminant by having a flawless skin showing everywhere from head to toe including the exposed parts of midriff and her famous, long pinned legs and to the end, she finished off her summer look faultlessly by paring the outfit along with a pair of white framed sunnies which matched exemplarily well with the stripy border of her bomber jacket.


So, having talked more about her purple metallic skirt, which was off course bucketed in my wish list as I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I am one of those persons who goes utterly maniac when it comes to Taylor Swift’s fashion and beauty associates and that’s why, this time having got hooked up with the shining purple skirt, I was looking for a wonderful matching eye shadow that can literally align parallel with the purple skirt (which I am going to purchase in the mere future) and so, with all the excitement, I popped on to the MAC beauty counter and I was looking at all of the shades that were displayed over on the shelves as if I am going to buy the whole beauty items but instead sensibly I just grabbed the right shade that I was looking for, which was none-other-than MAC A83 FARD A PAUPIERES eye shadow.


Subsequently, having made the purchase myself, I was all geared up to open the eye shadow box immediately after coming back home straight away and without any hesitant, I opened up the black matted MAC eye shadow box that showed up the white coloured written descriptions of the eye shadow hue and after that, there it came the rounded glossy box container which had the calligraphed black inscriptions of MAC label on top of the lid and the box was filled with shimmery purple eye shadow with the addition of real hint of gold and copper hued glittery sparkles, which was glowing with glory and shining with glee. Then I proceeded to open the lid and followed to make a debut swipe on the eye shadow, which was powdery, high-pigmented, soft, creamy in texture and it was so smooth that it literally stuck on to my fingers straight away and the depth of the swatch was so intense that it hit my mind instantly that it would be a perfect eye shadow to create a purple smokey eye look.


Finally, I am pretty much happy with this sensible buy and I hope you think the same as well.

Happy Tuesday!


Short nails love neutral and pastel nail lacquers.


There has been a striking debate going on for ages between manicure specialists and nail lovers about is it worth to have short nails or long nails? Also, one could not directly jump into a decision straightaway that how short nails are good or having long nails is better. Moreover, it is certain that the impact on both sides are always there and I have also seen women with short nails always tend to envy on to women having long nails and on the other hand, women with long nails think that it is easy to maintain short nails and all-in-all, I would say the discussion is quite unpredictable and too, one should need to embrace the fact of what they actually have – short or long nails. So, with much anticipation, let me dive in right away by giving some information, which can ideally bring a smile on to women having short nails.


Recently, on a beauty campaign, the nineteen year old, Kendall Jenner released her signature debut lipstick collection by collaborating along with the cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder and during the campaign, if you have noticed just like me, you might have seen the manicure of Kendall Jenner which were boxed off to excellence with rightly-polished, skin-hugging, matte-coated nail paint which in turn looked faultlessly stunning like any other. Myself, having got the inspiration from there, let me tell you some of the focal points that can bring a radiant glory to short nails.


Neutral Nail Lacquer:

Neutral nail paints are absolutely fabulous for short nails as they showcase your nails more longer and the neutral matted-tone  nail paint makes the whole look quite classical which I think is ideal as a workwear as we all know we can’t shimmer with sparkling glitters when it comes to office use as it is not the case of going to a chill party. Besides, neutral nail enamels are apparently great as a nice calming tone as it can project your beauty sense to outside world as stylish with a hint of elegancy statement attached along with it too.


Pastel nail shades:

Pastel nail polishes are quintessential for short nails as they are very much of summer hue, which is ideal to adore your nails right now and it also helps to show your well manicured nails as neat and tidy. Also, whatever pastel shades you wear including baby pink, peppermint green, sky blue, lilac, lavender and pastel yellow, there is now way you could get wrong with your selection and too, even though we have just passed the Spring season officially, its an exemplary way to exhibit your nails that too fashion with style.


Short nails – no worries:

If you have short nails – don’t take those worries seriously to be carried along on in your mind all the time as helping hand is always there to rescue your problem which could make your life lot more easier.

  1. Having short nails is a major and common issue with most of the women out there instead nowadays, the famous beauty companies like Leighton Denny, Liz Earle, Ciate London, Decleor, etc are producing quality nail strengthening products which can ideally make your nails get strengthened and grown with galore when those miracle products are swiped just along to your nails everyday and you could also see a considerable difference and change in your nail growth after a few days of application.
  2. Not only nail strengthening products but also nail strengthening oils are available, which are great as a natural product as they have nutritiously sourced ingredients as the main element which can flawlessly fulfil the thirst that your nails are looking for.
  3. Manicure specialist, Mavala is producing a glorious product called Mavala stop nail biting which I would say as a nail saviour for people who takes nail biting as an issue of uncontrollable habit.


So, I am sure that this post gives you lots of ideas on how you can effortlessly overcome the situation of having short nails.

Happy Manicure Monday.

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Aroma that is sweetened with vanilla and coconut.


Today, Glastonbury is filled with festive themes and the Glastonbury festive fever is spreading vigorously everywhere like a forest fire. To be honest, every year, when Glastonbury festive season arrives, it spreads the word of colourful summer in the form of much-awaited festive fun days and that I call as the speciality of Glastonbury festival; that’s why it is considered as one of the popular ones among others and the evidential proof for that is, you could see it visually either on your own or on TVs, newspapers and social media. Moreover, Glastonbury in all is about fashion glory, infinite number of hair-braid styles and last but not least, the colourful face makeup jewelled with paints, sprinkles and glitters. So, having all in mind, now I am going to guide you through the much important essential ingredient that could finish off the festival with a burst of summer power.


By this time, you must have guessed about what I am going to narrate about and yes, that’s right – today, I am on a mission to bring aromatherapy to this festive season. So, having determined mind, I was glancing through the pile of perfumes which were standing straight like a bottled jewel with full of dignity on top of the dressing table, the mission is to pick up a quintessential fragrance that can tick all the boxes of festivity accurately. To be honest, this decision could be a tough one as the translucent array of fragranced hued bottles shimmering and gleaming with glee and definitely one could not resist the temptation of choosing many and I am not in exception too but with two of my hands held tight, I just picked the suitable perfume which matched unerringly that is filled with much wanted summer flavoured aroma, which is none other than, Victoria Secret’s Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist – oh my! I should say, if I have the technology that could transfer the smell across the internet from here to you, you can’t combat the aroma – it is that awesome.


Victoria Secret:

Furthermore, recently when I popped into the pink candy themed boutique, Victoria Secret, I can’t believe with my own eyes since the shop showed up like a pink heaven standing in front of me with all the variations including clothing, under garments, sportswear, beach styled clothing, accessories, cosmetics and the last part which is also my favourite, perfumes and hence with single-minded thought, I spritzed on sniffing various summer light perfumes that were gloriously standing on the shelf that is also accompanied along with constant drooling from my eyes and amid them, I fell in love with the smell of coconut passion at the very first sight and too not having the feel of impulse buy, I just stood in the queue and bought it right away and then, followed by every other day, I am using this summer perfume continuously as non stop as ever.

Coconut passion aroma:

As summer is all about lightness either when it comes to clothing or fragrance and that’s why, certainly I believe that this fragrance mist is going to give a long mileage during this whole of summer. Plus, when it comes to fragrance mist, it’s all aromatic components that is enclosed in the bottle and as I expected, this doesn’t disappoint either as it contains the real flavours of vanilla for sweetness and coconut for mildness as the main aromatic elements and then carried along by the natural conditioning statement as aloe vera and to give a true feel of comfort, the aromatic notes ended with the calming dose of chamomile. All-in-all, this golden liquid fragrance mist is like “perfumed mist in a bottle”.

How to apply:

  1. Open the transparent bottle cap at the top and pull it up to open the bottle.
  2. Using the spray holder, push it down to spritz one or two times a tiny bit away from you and walk along through the flow of mist which could effortlessly cover your body liberally as required.
  3. Spritz one more time around the neck and wrist for long-lasting staying power.

Finally, there is no doubt that this makeup bag friendly fragrance mist could be your signature fragrance mist for this Summer.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid inspired “Rose Gold” eye look.

Gigi Hadid’s event appearance:

The twenty year old supermodel, Gigi Hadid rocked the red carpet of Toronto’s Much Music Video Awards and made a sensational appearance in front of the audience with her completely different look by wearing a crop top along with the matching side-thigh-length-high-slitted skirt and featuring embellished details all over the skirt and mid-front part of the crop top and she completed her outfit by adorning a white leather jacket which showcased the sheer plastic and belt detail that was revealed and ran along the waist length covering the hip and even exhibited the same characteristic that was surrounded and covered along the wrist part too. Apparently, she didn’t even stop at this point either where else she coupled along a matching pair of pointed footwear that resembled the same colour as the outfit. And, this comes to the end of the clothing part and now let me move along to the makeup part.

Gigi Hadid’s overall makeup:

When it comes to makeup, she didn’t even leave a stone unturned whereas she made a realisation of appeal to the public over there that she could bring a sophisticated glam look that could take up to next level of style. Subsequently, Gigi Hadid’s skin looked 100% flawless from head to toe and also she opted for a side-parted straightened hair look and pulled along the sleek hair to the front and allowed to float it to the side and then while coming along to the face, the skin looked quintessentially dewy with rightly placed highlights at specific points on the face which made her glowing skin looked like next to the second skin.

Gigi Hadid’s “Rose Gold” Eye look:

Today, in particular, I will be looking at the modern eye look that was raving around the stage like any other. Moreover, Gigi Hadid simply exclaimed the factor of fresh plus youthful beauty and convincingly tried to project it the same in a completely different look by using a hint of super formula (Rose Gold = Rose +Gold) of just two eyeshadow which were rose and gold eyeshadow. Surprisingly, the x-factor part here is she restrained the eye makeup to minimal as the total eye look was not at all over powering with intensity but instead, it carried a matter of subtleness throughout that was supplemented with a slight hint of eye shade that was covering the eyes.

                                                   (pic 1)

Products that are used:

  • Eye shadow primer
  • Rosenberry shade from Estee lauder palette
  • Gold shade from Maybelline NewYork travel-size mini palette
  • Silver shade from Maybelline NewYork travel-size mini palette
  • Bourjois Paris highlighter from the bronzing powder and highlighter duo
  • L’Oreal Paris black eyeliner pencil
  • L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar mascara
  • L’Oreal Paris brow artist shaper pencil
                                               (pic 2)

Tools used:

  • Eye lash curler
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Blending brush
                                             (pic 3)
                                                  (pic 4)

Recreating eye look:

  1. Apply the eyeshadow primer all around the eye.
  2. Now, apply the rosenberry shade from Estee Lauder and using eye shadow brush and then followed by blending brush cover the eyelid and the crease area (as seen in pic 1).
  3. Then, apply the gold shade from Maybelline New York and using eye shadow brush just concentrate on the centre of the eyelid (as seen in pic 2).
  4. Afterwards, apply a thin layer of gold shade by running along the lower lash line.
  5. Then, take the L’Oreal black eyeliner pencil and apply a barely thin line of eyeliner by manoeuvering the lower and upper lash line simultaneously. The important point to be noted down here is, why do you need to apply a thin line of eyeliner? and the answer to this is: Because in the event, Gigi Hadid just gave a tiny hint of eyeliner which were barely seen as see wanted to concentrate more onto lashes rather than to the lash line (which I would be demonstrating in detail in just a wink).
  6. After that, apply the silver shimmer shade from Maybelline New York and with the help of your finger just dab it by focusing onto inner corner of your eye (as seen in pic 3).
  7. Then, add the highlighter from Bourjois’s bronzing powder and highlighter duo and apply it onto the brow bone area.
  8. Now, using L’Oreal brow artist shaper pencil, customise the brow into a fine shape as per required.
  9. Then, using eye lash curler, curl the lashes to true simple perfection.
  10. Finally, using L’Oreal false lash superstar mascara, stroke the bristles in upward movement with primer first and then followed by the black mascara to both upper and lower lash line to give a million lashes effect.
  11. Now, the eye look is absolutely ready (as seen in pic 4).

I had so much fun playing around with this eye look and I hope you would like it too.

Happy Friday!

My Summer shine ‘n’ smile pink power.


Recently, I was all geared up and delightfully looking for some real flavours of Summer that could splurge in the form of bright summery lip shade that could gleam onto my lips and adorn like a pink jewel and also, as we all know Summer is all about colours and especially pink hue which could resemble and match the lovely budded pink rose in the back garden – a matter of true delight. Also, I always tend to prioritize pink rather than to corals since it has the true touch of Summer that looks natural yet in an elegant too.


So, by now, just like me you would all will be familiar with the product that I am going to narrate right now, which is none other than  Summer Pink No.148 from Maybelline NewYork that I opted for, which quintessentially ticked all the boxes including accessible price tag, quality and last but not least, luxe feel at ease that also came along with supplemented pink power – so, what more can I ask for? Moreover, the pink lipstick looked absolutely ravishing like a “pink candy in a box”. Also, as I moved along to the packaging (which I am in very particular if I bargain hunt for any kind of beauty product), I could see the lipstick came along with a gorgeous cylindrical frosted chrome tube wherein it got enclosed by the tube-length, easy-open, dark pink lid and also, having a shiny pinky label to the top of the lid. Hence, by watching all this, I can’t resist myself anymore to adore my tender lips and so, with no excuse I jumped in straight away into the ocean of pink beauty.


Like pros, I know Maybelline NewYork is known for delivering exceptional quality products that were adorned by millions of customers and celebrated in glory by famous people across the world and also carrying along with a pure authentication of trademark symbol, there is no way to a second thought while buying this product and too, to console my inner sense, I want to double-check with a test drive practically to get a clear confirmation myself and as I expected, this lipstick didn’t disappoint me  either as with its unbelievable power of silver lining shield, it protected my lips and didn’t make my lips drier on a harsh breezy windy day which proved the actual fact of real quality. So, with all this at the back of my mind, I grabbed the sleek lipstick and gently pulled the the lid on the other day and it went “POP” and then I turned the metal tube clockwise and I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of vibrantly glowing pink lip shade to come to the top of capsuled tube and as it popped up, I could see the delightful sight of luscious pink shade that sparkled with sprinkles of shining shimmer.


Furthermore, having known myself about its sophisticated, wow-factored formula, I slathered lipstick all around my lips especially concentrating on the border line of the lip and I should say, it just glided away effortlessly as its texture was super soft, kind to skin and smoothed throughout like a tiny blob of lip balm applied onto my lips and also, the prime role of high pigmentation deservedly stayed for much longer whereas other lipsticks tend to move away as time flies. Plus, the additional factor of minimal touch up and non-sickness made my day extra special which is worth noting when it comes to lipsticks and hence all-in-all, it is ideal to use either as a work wear for smart look or if you want to play with fun, then you could always go for a casual weekend look.

So, if you are looking for a pink lip shade that should last longer and also have a nice glow, then this is the one to try for.

A lip protectant which is more than a lip balm.


To be honest, when it comes to select a beauty product to protect my lips, I would always gaze for a product that is cost-worthy and at the same time doing some justice for what it is supposed to do yet in an effective way and that’s where I hit the right spot of picking the total life-changing product, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15, which is more than a lip balm.


Moreover, having served the beauty and cosmetics business for 85 years, there is no way I could get wrong about the quality of the product. In addition, having been used this product by British Royal Family, one could get a crystal clear authentication of how amazing the product is.


Furthermore, we all know women were using lip protectants for years and years making history but instead not long ago, a new beauty line has introduced a lip balm that fits just for men and by hearing all these, we could visibly see the rising popularity of lip protectants because of its multiple usage and versatile nature facts. And also, it implies that lip protectants are currently rocking the beauty line than ever and there is also a big rephrasing happening at the moment about the transformation of lip protectants not only being utilised in winter but also in summer too.


So, let us now see how versatile this product could be.

Use it as a moisturiser:

Having hold of wholesome goodness from the original formula that has never been changed before, this lip protectant excels by achieving amazing results when it is applied onto the skin and this thirst quenching creamy strength from the formula not only hydrates your skin but also keeps the applied area moisturised as well.

Use it as a lip protectant:

This lip protectant does the best job as a lip saver than any other lip balms in the beauty industry since a true degree of miracle happens when a little dab of this product applied onto to dry/chapped lips making a whole difference from dry to baby soft lips.

Use it to soften your elbows and knees:

As we all know, no one prefers to have dry patches either on elbows or knees and you would be surprised to see how a tiny blob of application of this product for few days onto your elbows and knees can make considerable transformation.

Use it as a cuticle conditioner:

I love nails and nail paints and the worst thing about manicure is that at the end it leaves my nails utterly dry to the core and that’s where this product comes as a saviour to rescue my vulnerable nails and cuticle. Hence, what you all need to do is, just massage a bit of this product around the perimeter of your nails to give a nice conditioning treatment and as few days of application of this nourishing nail food, you could make a considerable change to the strength of your nails.

Use it as a healing and soothing cream:

By this time, everyone knows that this is the holiday season and the first and foremost thing that strikes anyone’s mind about holiday is how to take care of the skin and with no excuse, this hand-on control product comes in very useful that sits quintessentially right in your makeup bag fuss-free throughout the holiday leaving you with whole peace of mind and also it maintains your skin to give a soothing and healing feature to the after-effect redness that has caused by the sun on your skin.

Pamper your feet:

Give your feet a bit of TLC and make it smile by slathering a small amount of this product onto your feet especially concentrating around the heels part where it needs the most and not to mention, surprisingly, you can’t even imagine how in a matter of time, the tired looking feet changes to a happy looking feet.

Use it as a glossy highlighter:

The fashion editorials are always filled with topics of different tips and tricks used by the fashion pros at the backstage of fashion weeks and being this as the much talked about product – where it is used as a glossy highlighter concentrating on the parts including top of the cheekbones, from temple to T-bone, middle of the upper lips and last but not least, the chin to project the model’s look with dewy skin; plus, the beauticians over there also use this product to tame the model’s unruly eyebrows.

Use it during festivals:

I would say, this product is a must for any festive season as the unpredictable weather including strong uv rays from the sun, bad torrential rain and  stormy harsh winds can harm and leave your skin dry and totally dull. Hence, by keeping all this in mind, wear a bit of this product onto your skin to keep it balanced and nourished.

How to enhance your eye and lip makeup?

Eyes and lips are like apple of an eye when it comes to makeup and with just magic in your hands (lip protectant), you could play innumerable ways to bring a new concept to your beauty look. Moreover, as the current trend is all about using eye shadow creams, what one should need to do is, just take a bit of powder eye shadow onto your hand and add a dab of this product to it and blend it nicely and apply the mix onto the eyelids to give a gleaming, glossy, evened out look and with no time, I would say that you can’t believe with your own eyes how a little addition of this product enhances your eyes to give a completely new look. And, also, while coming back to the lips, just take your favourite lip shade in your hand which is then later supplemented with tiny bit of this product to achieve a new layer of well-pigmented lip stain that would never want to leave your lips as it has the capacity of long-lasting staying power.

My nails are colour crushed with mighty tangerine.


Recently, Kendall Jenner uploaded her picture of pouted lips, which had a fresh coat of her debut-ever lipstick campaign for Estee Lauder that raved the social media, Instagram, which also earned an incredible amount of 800,000 likes for her first posting of her new look and through this campaign, she too made it double clear that the current trend to add pop of colour as a fashion symbol is none-other-than, the fiery orange and hence with that as an inspiration, today I am will be showing my new version of nail candy, that is etched with the colour of tangerine.


Besides, this summer trend is all about 70’s and especially when it comes to the comeback colour theme, then the first preference would definitely go to the ravishing orangey, tangerine colour – it’s all because of its bold and beautiful look. So, I accepted this as a challenge and at this time, I am not only restricted myself just to lips but also went long way back to nails along with my favourite nail polish as Nails Oh So from Next and by this moment, I could able to realise why fashion icons chose their statement looking colour as tangerine.


How to apply:

1. Start the process with the freshly prepared, nice oval nails.

2. Apply one layer of base coat as a base and allow it to dry for 2 minutes.

3. Then, apply two coats of tangerine colour and allow it to dry in-between..

4. Finish off the application with a thin layer of top coat and then dry it completely.

5. Now, it is ready to show off.

How to style:

You can rock your newly discovered fashion nail candies along with by wearing either a white-based or monochrome-based clothing and you could also adore your lips with the same matching colour to complete the whole look amazingly.

Moreover, having just stepped into the Summer season officially, I think this is the best time to try to enjoy the real flavour of summer with full power.

Be as a shopping spree right above the clouds.


Previously, you must have heard about some people who were pushing their time while they are sitting on-board on the flight and looking at their watch every minute to know how long they need to wait for the flight to land onto the ground but instead here, I am trying to narrate a different take-on to the story on how you could take advantage of that precious moment and make use of each and every bit of that treasured time in a useful, purse-friendly way that can be grabbed only from on-board not anywhere, which is too from an extensive range of products that are duty-free at slashed out price.


Having myself connected a strong bond to bargain hunting and also not being an impulse buyer either, I never leave an opportunity unturned and at this time, even before my trip to Majorca, I planned myself to do a bit of money-worthy splurge on-board on an item that I can use it throughout the Summer and this is when I hit the right spot of getting myself Sunflowers from Elizabeth Arden, which is like “Summer sunshine in a bottle” that is filled with fragrance aroma, which can ideally bring a true joy of real intensity of sunshine right in front of me.



The first thing that comes to my mind when I look for fragrance is the packaging and I would say, it didn’t disappoint me at all. To be honest, the lovely bright yellow packaging that covers the perfume bottle looks very flashy and can attract anyone even at first sight and then while moving along to the bottle, apparently it is like ‘a bottle filled with liquid gold‘ that is topped up with an easy-open, matte-finished, white lid. Plus, the versatile spray-tip at the top of the bottle makes it very handy to use for even application of perfume on the body.



The name (sunflowers) itself always remains me of the tall and slender sunflowers that is spread across the tropical agricultural farm that looks like a massive yellow bed laid down onto the field across and also, the freshly budded sunflowers that always shows up high into the sky with their happy faces facing right towards the glowing sunshine throughout the day – oh my! what a pleasure!

Furthermore, this perfume if filled with quintessential blend of multiple flavours of fruits and flowers (which always reminds me of summer) as such as melon, bergamot, rose and moss.


Feel bright from the application:

The true pleasure of using Summer perfumes are their unbelievable features of light-weightedness and simple yet still looking elegant with the mighty fruity/flowery flavours. Moreover, to get the most of it, try to spray the perfume a bit away from you and then, just walk along the path that is filled with showers of true aroma and in this way, not only you make the perfume to stand out all over the body but also to last longer.


So, If you are a huge fan of summer fragrances like me, then I would reckon you to give it a try.