I’m Sangeetha and nice to meet you!
I love fashion, travel and beauty related items and that’s where I’ve got some inspiration to start my own blog.
In a nutshell, I’m a sensible shopper, who would like to spend money on investment staples but still, keeping well onto tight budget and also, I share the same with my followers.
I’ve started my blog as an amateur in November 2014 and now, after 3 years later, my blog has more than 1000 followers, which I consider it as an incredible achievement. Well, I should say that it’s been such a rollercoaster ride as I’ve to juggle full-time work and family along with regular blogging since beginning of the blog.
To be honest, blogging gives me so much confidence and I’m proud enough to say that this is my space where I can share my musings and inspirations to rest of the world in the form of quality content writing along with some exceptional photographs and as per the saying, we all know that a picture could translate thousand words in just one moment.
So, these days on the blog, you will find some travel tips, fashion inspirations and my hands on experience on beauty related products and so, you sit back and relax and thanks for entering into my blogging world!

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