Favourite Bronzer

  Favourite Bronzer

Look at the packaging! The chocolatey colour, the glorious illumination, the tender creaminess and the glow on the box – oh my word! Gorgeous! Also, it impressed me in lots of ways to repurchase this product again and again and, whenever I see it, I always remember a small chocolate box and it also smells like a chocolate heaven. You should feel it and smell it!


Basically, the inside of the package is divided into two portions. On the left side, it says about how to apply and use this product and on the right side, it looks like the bronzer and highlighter parts are arranged as 4 chocolate rectangles. Now let’s see how it works…


The best part of this bronzer is, there is no need to use any other blusher as such because it gives a nice shimmery and sheen finish for a day-to-day wear basis. Now, with a brush, take the bronzer powder and sweep the powder in circular motion around the cheeks, temple area and the bottom edges of your face to give a sculpt effect to your face.



With the brush, take the highlighter powder and apply it to your cheekbones nicely so that when the natural light hits on it, it gives an amazing intensity and illumination feature. Also, I prefer to dab the highlighter powder on the bridge of my nose and chin of my face for an exquisite glow effect.

This duo combo is an all-time hit for me and I hope the same from you too.

So, let’s get glowing!!!


Pancakes – Get Flipping!

Can you guess a food which you can make it as a circular disc in a frying pan and in the end, you could either flip it or toss it?

Right Guess: Yes, off course, it’s Pancake – The delicious food which is adored by all types of people from young to old, girls to boys and men to women.

Pancake is made in different forms in various parts of the world and officially, people celebrate Pancake Day once in a year. In 2012, a team made World Guinness Record by staking 60 large pancakes as a tower. For me, whenever I wish to make pancake, that day is a Pancake Day. So, let’s get flipping with the world popular recipe…..

Recipe to make Light and Fluffy 9 mini pancakes:


  • 2 Large Bowls
  • Frying Pan
  • Spatula
  • Spoon
  • Balloon Whisk


  • Large egg – 1
  • Milk – 100 ml
  • Sugar – 1 tsp
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Vanilla essence – 1/2 tsp
  • Self – Raising Flour – desired amount to make slightly thick batter
  • Butter – a few knobs

How to separate an egg?

  1. Break the egg gently into two in the middle.
  2. Try to hold the egg yolk in one shell with few egg white in it. Transfer the egg white from the other shell into a bowl.
  3. Then, slowly swap the egg yolk from one shell to the other to remove the egg white from it. After that, immediately transfer the egg white content little by little while swapping the egg yolk into the shells.
  4. Now, finally, you would be able to see a shell containing only egg yolk.
  5. Then, transfer the egg yolk to another bowl.
  6. This process will be learnt by practice. Also, it is the most essential part to make fluffy pancakes. So, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.



  1. Add milk, vanilla essence, salt and sugar to the bowl which contains egg yolk and mix it nicely.
  2. Using balloon whisk, whisk and beat it heavily to make a fluffy and light egg white. Now, keep that aside.
  3. Now, add the self-raising flour to the egg mix slowly some at a time as you need to achieve a slightly thick consistency.
  4. Then, using spatula, spoon one half of the fluffy egg white to the flour mix and fold it gently. Then, add the remaining half of the egg white and repeat the same process by without breaking any air from the egg white.
  5. Now, it is ready to make pancake.
  6. Rub a knob of butter on the pan and wipe it with clean kitchen towel so that the pan is lightly greased.
  7. Using spoon, make little pancake discs on the frying pan. When bubble starts to appear on the top, flip the pancake on the other side and it only take seconds to cook after that.
  8. Now, the pancake is ready to be served and add a few knobs of butter on the top while it is warm.
  9. Serve it either hot or cold.

pancake edited

Happy Pancake Making!


DIY Trendsets

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

I love crochet making and I am always quite obsessed with it. Previously, I used to make scarf, coasters, pouch, purse and so on. But, this time, I made up my mind to do something different from what I used to do before. Lots of things were swirling around my imagination but in the end, I would like to focus on the eye grabbing DIY first and so I thought of making a necklace and some kind of hair accessory which you could personalise yourself or give it as a gift to your beloved ones. So, let’s bring the art of making crocheting alive….

Crocheted Chocker Necklace:


Things that you need:

  • Yarn as desired
  • Crochet Needle
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pearls

Method to make:

  1. Firstly, using crochet needle and yarn, make a slip knot and carry on with the foundation chain stitch until it becomes to 15cm long.
  2. Then, make three layers of single crochet on top of that.
  3. After that, make two 15 chain stitches and connect each one of those stitches to either side of the necklace.
  4. Finally, using sewing needle, sew the pearls in the middle of the necklace by spacing equally and sewing between them.
  5. Now, the Crocheted Choker Necklace is ready to be worn.
  6. You would be looking absolutely stunning and elegant when you wear it on weekends or evening party or any other kind of special occasions that suits.

Try the same in another way:

  1. instead of yarn wool, you could use firm string for crocheting.
  2. You could also try beads instead of pearls.
  3. Also, you could make glued stones as an alternate to pearls as well.

Hair Accessory: 

hair acess 1

hair acess 2

Things that you need:

  • 6 different coloured embroidery threads
  • Bobby pin
  1. Take six different coloured embroidery threads which is all one meter long (You could also adjust the threads according to your hair length).
  2. Fold it by half and make a knot around the edge so that you could make a loop.
  3. Insert the bobby pin through the loop and secure it tightly.
  4. Then, slide the bobby pin to a firm place so that it is easy for you to make a plait nicely.
  5. Now, divide the threads equally into 3 parts and make a plait exactly like you do it on your hair.
  6. Then, make a knot at the end and it is all set to be used.
  7. You could use this hair accessory  either on its own by sliding it on your hair or you could use along with the plait to give your plait an unique dimension and a totally different look.

Try the same in another way:

  1. You could change the colour of the embroidery threads to your choice.
  2. You could replace embroidery threads to wool.
  3. Also, you could achieve the same pattern using thick strings.

Beauty Regime

Lovely Moist Lips

Who would not like healthy and silky moist lip? Make it as a bedtime routine to apply lip balm just before going to bed. This will keep your lips moist during the harsh winter months. Now, let’s see how to get a plumpy lip look? Firstly, try to outline and then, fill up the lip with the lip liner which will give a more definition to the lip rather than just applying lipstick onto the lips. Then, to brighten up, try a bit of lipgloss or lipstick on top of it to give a nice glossy look.

Silky Hair

Coconut oil absolutely makes wonders to your hair and as for as I know, it is one of the easily available and value for money product that contains all the natural composition and goodness from the Nature. It serves your hair in lots of ways. For example, soak up your hair with a dab of coconut oil for half an hour before shower. Then, you could visibly see the natural conditioning from the oil leaves your hair astonishingly silky, shiny and smooth.


Nothing is better than a perfectly trimmed and well groomed eyebrows which will make head turners. Once the eyebrows are done either by threading or waxing, check at the end of the week for any extra hairs which you could eventually tweeze them through with the help of a tweezer and it is also easy to maintain. To make tweezing more comfortable, why not try tweezing after the shower since this is the time your skin is tender soft and makes you to tweeze effortlessly.

Graphic Vs Cat-Eye 

There are various flicks and tricks you could achieve a perfect Cat-Eye or Graphic eye lining. Getting perfect flick is an art and it comes by practice. Always, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Cat-Eye is an evergreen popular trend that is on the market which was adorned by famous celebrities all these years. Now, the new and the future trend is going to be Graphic Eye lining which was sweeping magical powers through the Spring/Summer Red Carpet 2015.

So, Wishing You all have a wonderful 2015.