5 reasons to wear paperbag trousers.

Are you looking for serious fashion inspiration? Then, let’s talk about the latest fashion trend today – PAPERBAG TROUSERS! To be honest, I came across so many different types of trousers in my life and to name a few: straight leg, tapered leg, palazzo wide-leg, slim fit, skinny fit and many more. And, one piece that is so much trending currently is a paperbag trouser. Yes! It is one statement piece that every woman should have in their ultimate wardrobe for this epic season. So, why is it so popular? Let’s find out.


Comfortability: The loose material, tailored to baggy fit and easy to wear are 3 splendid reasons why it is so easy to win a women’s heart. Also, it is so versatile to swap from daytime to evening look.

Ruched detail: The uniqueness of paperbag trousers are the ruched, paperbag waist detail and the elasticity feel of the trouser virtually shows your waistline to look slimmer.


Tie Waist: The soft fastening belt detail and bow tie front makes the trouser very appealing to a larger audience.

Flattering Leg: The flattering, high-waisted length of the paperbag trousers makes you to look thinner and taller and that is why, it is considered as one statement piece.


Styled with: You can easily tuck in a Bardot crop top or a ruffled cuff shirt into this trouser and for the footwear: accessorize along with a pair of court shoes in the morning and opt for a pair of heels in the evening.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you know any other style options for paperbag trousers then, don’t forget to leave your comment below and as always, I would love to hear from you. Also, you could send your love on my Instagram and Twitter feeds.




Style Boards For Coffee Table.

Vintage furnitures are popular for many reasons like period statement, luxe, style and fashion values. Moreover, vintage furnitures helps to put a mark of individuality while decorating your home in a unique way and that’s why vintage furnitures are chronological accepted by all kinds of people from all around the world. So, when an exclusive curator approved online market place for vintage furniture, Chairish asked me to design some style boards for their vintage coffee tables, without any second thought I just jumped into the chance immediately. Besides too, I will be showcasing all the advice and tips on coffee table fundamentals. So, keep watching and stay tuned!

More about Chairish:

Chairish is an online market place for vintage furnitures where all design lovers unite. Also, this place makes it fun and easy for design overs to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another. Additionally, this online shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full service and trust worthy environment.

Story of Chairish:

First of all, an entrepreneur husband and design-loving wife started this company and later, a team of co-founders who shared the same passion to the former soon joined them. The founders and co-founders in Chairish are passionate about connecting design lovers with each other in the best, most practical and enjoyable way to buy and sell amazing, unique, high quality furniture and decor.

Now, time has officially come to see some of the coffee table style boards.

Pristine Whites:


Chairish, coffee table, style, fashion, furniture
Orchid and Tea cup from John Lewis, White jug from Home and Pantry and Candle from Naturisimo

I always love french country styled coffee tables and particularly, dressing up this rustic wooden table top with white solid carved legs is such a pleasure. Furthermore, french love to decorate their coffee tables in pristine pure whites and so, to follow up their footsteps, you could opt for a country styled jug, a silver-detailed white tea cup, a chunky white candle and a tall white orchid which could complete the look incredibly well.

Metallic Brass Theme:

Chairish, Home Decor, Coffee Table, Brass, Bamboo, Furniture
Candle from Naturisimo and Pile of books from The Guardian

Well, metallic theme is always considered as a popular choice while decorating a faux bamboo brass coffee table and in here, you could possibly go for a stacked up metallic boxes (ideal to store TV remotes and other accessories) which could partner well with the legs of the table and to compliment the frosted top of the table, you could go for a tapered marble vase. Meanwhile, to finish off the look, go for a pile of books with a candle to the top.

Colour Theme – Blue:

Furniture, coffee table, four drawer coffee table, style, fashion, vintage
Pile of Books from The Guardian

Four drawer coffee tables are the best sellers among the vintage furniture range as it organises the place effectively well. Apparently, the black feature from the table acts as a great way to bring in some contrasting light dress ups to the top of the table and certain props that could work immensely well are a pile of books with matching tea cup and vase and eventually, the whole props defines a height statement too.

Must-needed things:

Vintage furniture, coffee table, 1960s, style, fashion, danish coffee table
Pile of books from The Guardian and Pink Tall Orchid from M&S

I always love to have multiple storages on the table as it makes the table to look more organised and moreover, this 1960s Danish teak coffee table acts as a blank canvas for storage and hence, introduce some storage details in here. To style up this table, you could go for a tinker box which comes in quite handy to store some tiny jewelleries inside and the matching small bowls could be used for chocolate or sweet savers. Lastly, to finish up this look brilliantly well, you could opt for a tall pink orchid and a pile of books.

Golden Rule:

Vintage furniture, coffee table, glass top coffee table, style, fashion, gold
Pile of Books from The Guardian

A gold statement always brings in some luxury with it and this octagon glass coffee table is not in exception either. For a matching golden theme, you could go for a centre-pieced, gold detailed tray where you could ideally grab some golden ornamental collection and gold tea light holders and to complete the look, opt for a pile of books to the side.


Vintage furniture, coffee table, sea-inspired, coral, style, fashion
Coral sculpture from eBay, white orchid from John Lewis and Pile of books from The Guardian

Bringing in some inspiration from the recent beach holiday always sounds interesting and this crux coffee table is a perfect choice for that. To start with, bring in a coral sculpture as the centre piece which could also be accompanied along with a golden sea shell and to compliment some freshness, introduce a white tall orchid and finally, to complete the look, go for a pile of books.


Vintage furniture, coffee table, style, fashion,
Pile of books from The Guardian

You feel so comfortable when you want to show some fashion flair to dress up a custom coffee table with metal top and this furniture is so versatile to customise wherein you could mix and match with the items that you are interested in. For a packed up look, you could go for a tray from where you can literally put in some little details like vases and flowers and for a completed perfection look, go for a pile of books next to the tray.

Want to know more about Chairish, then you could check onto the link right in here. I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, pop in your thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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Wishlist From Banggood.


We are all well aware of the fact that we are living in an era of online shopping and people always look for websites where they could buy quality products with a great bargain all under one roof as it saves time as well as money and one particular online retailer that I recently bumped onto is, Banggood. Well, if I want to put this company into one nutshell, it serves as one database where they sell best products at a bumper discount prices and their product range includes: electronics, mobiles, accessories, lights, lightings, outdoor & sports equipments, bags, clothings, home items, health & beauty, computer related items, jewellery and watch.

More about Banggood:

Banggood was founded in 2004 and later, they’ve started to focus into online retail division and their motto is to provide the best products to consumers wherein most of their products are available to buy under exclusive offers and promotions. Apparently, they have four offices in Asia and also, they have warehouses in Asia, UK and USA. Let’s talk about their shipment orders first; surprisingly, some of their products comes along with a free shipping cost whereas for other products, you will have to pay a small shipping fee and even after the shipping fee inclusive, still you get a great discount.

To be honest, I was totally got intrigued with some of the best deals which are shown above in the picture and let me list down in detail (Wishlist: #Banggood*):

#1 Striped Nail Art Tape:

If you are just like me who have an in-depth love for nail art, then this is one handy tool to complete your nail art flawlessly as this could be used in an infinite number of ways to describe a real abstract pattern onto your nails.

#2 Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool:

Who would like to have a heavily stained makeup brushes? Nobody. Hence, to make your life so much easier and fuss-free, this one and only handy tool comes into play as this silicone tool is ideal to wash your makeup brushes cent percent efficient because those stripy and dotted patterns makes it quintessential to wash and clean extremely well.

#3 Faux Fur Boots:

Looking for some winter boots inspiration? Then this faux fur boots works exemplarily well on a cold, winter chill day as it keeps your feet warm and cosy and for a little twist of fashion update, those tassel knitted patterns makes it to look more stylish.

#4 Lace Dress:

Are you hunting for a party dress? Then, this lace dress is the right choice for you since the patch work in the middle part of the dress makes it to look more elegant and the lace patterned, sleeve detail is ideal to make a peek-a-boo statement on your skin.

#5 Makeup Organizer:

This bang on product is so versatile to use as this storage unit is perfect to organise your makeup brushes, skincare essentials and makeup items ideally well. Additionally, this organiser comes as a two-tired or three-tired storage unit that could able to satisfy each customer needs. Besides, the transparent layer makes its own way to visibly see through all the products effortlessly.

#6 Charm Bracelet:

I always love to adorn my wrist with charm bracelets as it instantly gives a personal touch as a staple piece and those antique silver hearts makes it so heart warming and statement feel. Besides too, those pinky glass beads and letter charms makes it to work more customisable.

#7 Vintage Jewellery Set:

Vintage jewellery sets are so popular these days and the owl patterns makes it to look so unique. Moreover, this awesome jewellery set comes with a combination of necklace, earring and bracelet and the highlighting part of this master set is the hue, turquoise which is one of my favourite colours.

#8 Nail Polish Rack:

I can’t able to see those days with scattered nail polish bottles everywhere on my table and to simply that matter, this nail polish rack comes in so handy and the gorgeously patterned design of the metal brings in some luxury detail to the whole look.

#9 Nail Decals:

So, if you are an urban chic and not enough to spend some time onto your nails, then this splendid nail decals comes in as a nail saviour as it is so simple to use and works unbelievably good. These animal printed nail decals comes as an easy to transfer stickers that works brilliantly onto your nails.

I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.


*This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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My Current Obsession For Collar Necklaces.


Recently, you might have seen that collar necklaces rocked with various fashion houses among the whole Couture Fashion Week FW15 and the fashion designers also tried to represent their essence of style trend each in a unique way. Even though, the main focus was onto the clothing yet other accessories collections including footwear and jewellery were also well appreciated for their humongous effort for bringing creativity to the fashion world. Besides, no one can deny that the final selection of mainstream collar necklace from Giambattista Valli and Dior were one among the most fashionable recent entries onto the jewellery section. So, with that as the inspiration, today I will be showing you on my take on the collar necklace that is from H&M which I am currently obsessed with.

Moreover, the design of this gold necklace ticks all the boxes of style-trend which includes elegance, simplicity, easy to wear, light-weight, versatile to use and last but not least, it fits in quintessentially with any kind of outfit or any other special occasion. Furthermore, with all eyes on the neck, choosing the right necklace makes your life much easier since it finishes off your outfit with a perfect style statement flawlessly.

Now, let’s see the roundup of assortment of styles that can be worn along.

  1. If you are looking for a casual look, you could always wear this graphic metal collar necklace along with the all-time favourite jeans and white tee that is perfect for any weekend strolls.
  2. If you are looking for a smart look, then this golden metal necklace can be worn along with a bow-tied chiffon blouse and a figure-hugging pencil skirt.
  3. If you are looking for a chic look, then this hollow hooped necklace can be coupled along with a perfect bandeau dress and a matching high heel stilettos.
  4. If you are looking to wear for a special event, then this sculptural design necklace can be adorned along with the gorgeously styled embellished dress and a matching silver high heel footwear.

Hence, I hope you would also try these styles in the near future too.

In case, if you are looking for other styles, then you could also pop onto here.

Further, you could also comment onto the section below to write down all of your various thoughts and views.

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Ear Cuffs – The Clan of Ear Candies.


The current trend in ear candies is adorning your ears with a pair of ear cuffs and it is also well worth to proudly say it as the clan of ear candies since the style trend has not only outreached either celebrities or runway models but also to all kind of fashion loving women too, who has also started accepting and celebrating the new arrival of ear candies as the hottest jewellery trend of this season. So, for now, let’s forget about the chunky statement staples of chokers and the dainty little necklaces that dangles around your neck but alternatively, you could swap it and embrace the up-to-date cutting edge statement of jewellery portfolio.

Before, there were some times where the statement staples were particularly restricted to VIPs and celebrities because of the fact of highly acclaimed price tag but this time to make our life easier, the various high-street stores have energetically stocked up zillions of ear cuffs that could literally match and satisfy everyone needs. Furthermore, since my recent visit to London, I am absolutely obsessed with Accessorize as they are the crown makers of designing staple pieces and each piece is so unique and much affordable that is also featured along with different aspects of stones, beads and metals.


Besides, design is the highlighting part when it comes to ear cuffs and my pair of ear cuffs doesn’t disappoint me either since the flower and leaf patterned jewels are immensely rocking at the moment and I have also seen famous celebrities with different age group like Rita Ora, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have donned their ears with ear cuffs to  finish off their red carpet look grandly. Moreover, the design aspect is not that too complicated to handle and the benefiting part is that it is always showcased upwards that could basically run along your outer ear either half way or if you are brave enough, you could also adorn your entire ear with the highly-celebrated jewelled pair of ear cuffs like Chanel’s.

So, if you are fond of jewels like me, then you should definitely give it a go.

Or, if you are looking for dangling earrings, then you could certainly jump onto here.

You could always land onto the comment section below for your various thoughts and views on ear adornments.

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What do you prefer? Casual or Boxed Clutch.


Having said that clutch is the girl’s ultimate best companion for any kind of party, today I will be chatting along with you on my take on clutches. So, personally, what do you prefer? A casual or a boxed clutch. Moreover, recently, you might have seen on the runway of fashion weeks where the gorgeous models were walking along the runway with various themes of clutches that includes from regular to envelope clutches and from boxed to geometrical clutches as the design aspect of clutches have been taken to another level yet still maintaining the importance of the party-themed orientation effectively. Furthermore, when it comes to me, I will always accessorise my clutch in such a way that it quintessentially matches along with my outfit and it also depends upon what kind of occasion I am going to and hence, with a little knowledge of the latest style trend, I am sure, you could be able to make your clutch as a centre stage of fashion.


Anyways, I should admit that I have a current obsession of boxed clutch as my statement staple and the reason behind is: one, it is the latest arrival to the fashion world that is rocking all the fashion lovers including from celebrities to A-listers and secondly, it has also straightly entered onto my wish list right after the recent fashion show as well. So, what is special about boxed clutches? By the name, you must be well aware that the clutch is shaped as a box and it also looks elegant with all the mirrored effect of glittery details all over it and further, it is so handy and compact yet still it can hold zillions of your must-have superlatives like phone, pocket makeup and many more miniature accessories. Hence, having ticked all the boxes of fulfilling the optimum essentials, I think one can’t deny the versatility of this clutch and last but not least, it also completes your outfit with a chic, glam and well-tidied look.

So, if you’ve found any new additions to your clutch collections, then you could always pop onto the comment section that is right below.

Happy Saturday!

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Geometrical Vs Tear Drop Patterned Ear Candies.


Jewellery is an ultimate essential for every women which could unbelievably able to project their trend and lifestyle to the outside fashion world faultlessly. Besides too, bigger is always better and these ear candies are popular for every season and it also comes to the fashion world as various shapes and sizes. Not only high street shops stock up their new collection of earrings whereas the big players like Dior, Celine and Louis Vuitton also exhibits their new range of seasonal collection every biannually. Hence, if you were not in the ear candy game before, then, you must seriously think about it to enter into the world of ear candies as there are so many collections out there that can gorgeously able to adore your ears with a symbol of style and hence, today I will be strolling along with you by mentioning two versions of ear candies that is getting popular than ever and so, let us dive into it straight away.


Geometrical Patterned Ear Candies:

I love abstract and geometrical patterns as it takes me straight into those interesting mathematical sessions that were talking about numbers, shapes and patterns and in here, these pair of light-weight ear candies are in galore of shape and also, they are designed as a leaf-like striped patterned that is running from top to bottom by maintaining a series of thread that is tightened and turned around the small circular metal loops to give a new form of geometrical pattern and they are so fabulous and modern too; plus, it is perfect for a weekend wear that can be worn along with a pair of jeans and tee and also accompanied well with a high-rise pony tail as this hairstyle could effortlessly able to showcase those eye-catching staple piece to any enviable eye drooler.



Tear Drop Ear Candies:

There comes my favourite tear drop ear candies which can give a classical, elegant and pure form of femininity instantly to anyone as this trend is ever popular and it doesn’t affect in whatever way the trend wind blows. These pair of gorgeous earrings are made with cross-sectional blue stones that are simply stunning to mere perfection and also, all the tear shaped patterns are attached to each other in a way that it did spread out like a fan shaped structure and the dangling floating tear drops at the bottom are the highlighting part as they dingle and dangle that dances along inline with motion. Moreover, I am pretty sure, these mesmerising pair of earrings works exemplarily well with any kind of embellished dress that is ideal for an ultimate celebration for any festive event and you could also match these pair of gorgeous earrings along with a pair of silver high heel stilettos and also by making your hairstyle as a ballerina bun as this hairstyle assists you to showcase your glittery earrings incredibly well to others.

I hope you could also add a bit of style statement earrings to your wardrobe for this season.

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Happy Wednesday!

The animal prints that is rocking like wild.


Summer season is the time of the year where the outfits are captivated with striking colours and in this season, animal prints are totally rocking from celebrities to street stylers and from teens to young fashionistas. Furthermore, the animal prints are not only famous for its contrasting colour combinations but also exquisitely raved wild for its stunning shapes, logical patterns and tempting textures. The benefitting part when it comes to animal prints is that customizing your outfit is absolutely straight forward and also it acts like a neutral theme where the outfit can be effortlessly worn by partnering along with anything that you like. So, let us get deep into it.


Animal print is an evergreen pattern where it doesn’t lose its fame to chronological factors whereas its popularity is getting exponentially increased day by day. Besides, as the animal prints are so versatile in use, it can be faultlessly worn either as a smart workwear or it could be styled up as a preppy chic evening wear or go for a casual look on the weekend either  or whatever way that suits you and what you all need to do is just mix and match or swap and modify the theme as it is that easy peasy to style up.


So, how many animal printed patterns do you know? Okay, let me guide you. From zebra print to leopard print or from snake-skin pattern to bird print or from lion print to tiger print or from flamingoes to fox print or from owl print to creepy crawlies – Oh my! so many patterns are there where it can be worn as a nice floating dress or as a figure hugging pencil skirt or as a trendy trouser or as a stunning maxi dress or as a luxury tuxedo or as a formal shirt or as a well-patterned clutch or as a stylish cross body bag or as a pair of an amazing open toe sandals or as a pair of sunglasses and in all these combinations one can go for a small print or for an immense pattern that could spread all across the outfit.


So, have fun by wearing these animal prints throughout this season and rock yourself like a super star.

Have a great weekend!

My beloved blue-flowered dainty necklace set.


Dainty necklaces are very much of classical and also, it acts as a dual factor of elegance and stylish statement that could effortlessly complete your glam look in a trendy way. Whether if it is for a party or a casual holiday trip, I am certain that this necklace set would definitely come as a great companion during your whole pleasant journey and also it makes you to feel proud and anyways, it doesn’t occupy much space to store it too. So, what else do you ask for? So, now let’s see a little more of it in detail.


Dainty Necklaces:

As you could visually see and also able to feel this dainty necklace as light as a feather and also, when you get in-detail to the features, it has a thin layer of silver chain that is running all the way throughout and also, it has exceptional properties of intricate designs that flows right into the front part the necklace. Besides too, when it comes to the pendant area, it has a beautiful combination of different shaped silver metals and blue hued beads that literally takes as a part of centre stage and in particular, I love those roses and especially, the pendant looks absolutely stunning with those blue coloured shiny roses and two-layered free flow chain which in turn looks like a floating chain.


A pair of ear candies:

These ear candies are so gorgeous and when you wear it, I am confident that you would  be getting plenty of compliments as well. Moreover, just like the above necklace, these pair of earrings also carries along the same matching pendant pattern and also, the quintessential partnership of silver detail and blue roses makes the whole set looks more ravishing too. Plus, the best part is that the back clip-on is not a complicated issue at all as it just slides like an ice when you tuck it onto your earring.


So, altogether, I am so happy with this purchase and I can’t resist myself to wear these silver dainty goodies onto my neck and ears and also, I am 100% positive that this necklace set is going to give me a long mileage throughout all seasons that are going to come along. Furthermore, there is no wonder why these dainty necklaces are beloved and well celebrated by celebrities, A-listers and street stylers and so, I am not in exception either.

Happy Wednesday all!

Shirt dress – A strong contender of fashion staple for this summer.

Having seen shirt dresses worn by top celebrities before and the way it’s hitting the market vigorously right now, there’s no doubt that it is going to play a game of strong contender among the other dresses for this summer season; plus, not only that, this shirt dress ticks all the boxes including utility style, Spring stripes and last but not least, the current rocking “70s” cut and so, in whatever way you see, it is certain that it is going to act a s a fashion vehicle which will be fulfilled by the ginormous fashion-striving global audience by all its fashion, theme and trend. Hence, let’s see in detail.



You could get the full day wearability comfort effortlessly with this lightweight cotton woven, mid-buttoned, shirt dress – which has a nice flat folded collar to the neck and also has stripes that runs vertically from shoulder to knee-length which also aids to show off your legs to appear longer and then moving onto the arms, it comes along with the 3/4th arm length that can be easily adjusted with buttoned tag option, wherein you can change the sleeve settings accordingly; lastly, not to forget the waist hugging section (belt) that comes along with the hoop on the sides which completes the quintessential relaxed fit for this shirt dress indefinitely.

Style notes:

  1. Make the mark of style first by coordinating this dress along with warm sunnies, sleek ponytail, beige heels and a bright luxury handbag.
  2. Go for a monochrome theme look by pairing this dress along with pure white cross body bag and then followed by a black platform wedges for a daytime look and black stilettos for a evening time, chic glam look.
  3. Swap for a minimal chic look while strolling along the white sanded beach by coupling along this dress with wide-brimmed hat and tan flip-flops.
  4. Have a modern take on this dress by matching along with lace up sandals and a suede fringed jacket for an exemplary retro look.
  5. Get the celebrity-inspired look by pairing this dress along with gladiator sandals which can effortlessly show off your legs stylish like a star.

So, I think you all got the inspiration and this is the time to get, set ready for the warm sunny day outs.