Beauty: Apple of my eye.

Considering eyes as the soul part of the face, no wonder, women gives so much importance in enhancing their eyes in different ways with various techniques. Hence, while talking about the eyes, one can’t deny and leave the fact of using eyeliner in every women’s day-to-day life to make things much easier yet in an effective way.

Meanwhile, even though, there are so many eyeliner products in various forms including kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and wax-based eyeliner available in the high-street, I was determined to try to experience these two new-era beauties: Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and Maybelline New york Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Apparently, with their in-built ink technology, these gorgeous goodies keep the hued pigments super saturated plus, the ultra-grip cap gives us the reassurance of ever-fresh formula every time you use, in which also replicates the long-lasting longevity of the product. Additionally, the 0.4mm fine tip brush serves us in defining the glorious role of making precise lines to give a complete snazzy look.



Various ways to use:

The brilliant use of hand control and the phenomenal use of in-built optimum control acts as a statement of double power to these eyeliner, which in turn helps to define a sleek, stylish, sweeping eye lines that can be achieved effortlessly with unmatchable excellence.

  • basic natural-look upper eye defining
  • lining all around the eyes
  • super-chic winged eyes
  • ultra-modern double winged eyes
  • sleek cat-eye flicks
  • the latest graphic eye lining





So, either if you are planning to use these eyeliner for parties or want to try it for everyday use, in both ways, I reckon, these two eyeliner do their job amazingly with 100% real satisfaction.


Holmenkollen – An Adventurous Paradise Calling.

Every traveller must definitely know that they should never leave home without their tickets, clothes, sunglasses, camera, luggage, hat, headphones, travel accessories, etc and so recently, I got all the things packed right in front of me and later, I headed to the airport terminal to take off to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Knowingly, Oslo being surround by Norwegian Fjords, a pretty cold place to survive, I was well prepared with my warm-hugging jackets in-hand with me throughout the trip but fortunately, with blessings from Sun God, the jackets came into a minimal use. However, well before my actual travel itinerary, I was scrolling through the internet to get some more information on the important things to be covered during my visit in Oslo.

With mighty goodness, things came in really handy after finding my hotel located quite close to the skiing spot, in the heart of Oslo, which saved a lot of my travel time, which in turn, I used for other sight-seeing purposes. With enticing clear blue skies spread all across, I proceeded to Holmenkollen with more positive and energetic vibe inside me.

28apr151_edited-1So, what to look for in Holmenkollen?

With one million visitors a year, Norway has so many features with all the boxes checked by giving us a wonderful and adventurous lifetime experience. Plus, with historic tradition of ski jumping dates back 1892, there is no wonder, this place is considered as the best known cities by visitors, tourists and globetrotter from all around the world.

  • The Ski Museum: Being the oldest ski museum globally, it beautifully portrays a skiing history of over 4000 years old prehistoric to present time and also, features a ginormous amount of archives and collections in the exhibition section.
  • The Ski Jump Tower: The highlight of this landmark is, it is open all year around, 365 days a year. Also, being newly rebuilt and opened in 2010, it is recognised as the world’s most modern ski jump and also, it is considered as the only steel ski jump in the entire world because of its built-in structure made out of 100 tons of steel, where in  the start house of the ski jump remains at an altitude of 60m above ground level. Apparently, this honourable site has been hosting world’s championships and winter olympics for years by now and also, one could go to top of the platform of the ski jump tower, the observation deck, to get an amazing 360 degree panoramic views of the whole Oslo city.
  • Ski simulator: Under the ski jump, there situated a technologically stimulated “eye-view” five minutes movie trailer, which replicates and creates a unique realistic experience, which was only used by pilots and astronauts before.
  • Northern Lights: Being located in the Scandinavian picturesque beauty, Norway is very popular for arctic-hit Northern lights and here, everyday, a film is telecasted to showcase the real lifetime experience of the hue-lit northern lights.
  • Freedom on snow: A special exhibition is exhibited here to give visitors more knowledge and details on the snowboarding and modern skiing activities.
  • Also, here exists an additional storytelling feature, which includes the adventurous expeditions of polar bears and the real exploration skills of Norwegian polar bears.
  • Souvenir shops and cafe: Having millions of tourists crowding all year around, there is no shortage of souvenir shops in this locality and they also hosts plenty of space for tourists in cafe to get them relaxed in their spare time.








For Sports lovers: 

To make your life even more adventurous and if you are a sporty kind of person, then, sky is the limit in here. This place is not only famous for skiing, it is also popular for other sports activities like abseiling and zip lining.

Abseiling: With ropes all tied and buckled up and harness held tightly on your body, you are ready for the “dreams come true” moment to explore the world of abseiling with fuss-free safe mode. This will take you adventurous route down from the ski jump tower at a height of about 60m free fall.

Zip line: As a clever sports person, one can take a ride on the zip line from the top of the ski jump to the bottom of the hill by covering a vast distance of 361m, as same route covered by the ski jumpers, to get a magnificent view of the whole area while you are zipping down the hill.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Beauty: Versace Eros – A Unique Men’s Fragrance with Great Enviable Attention from Others.

“This is a fragrance for a man who is his own master. He is a hero: a man who defends their ideas and goals” – these unforgettable speech is from Donatella Versace at the launch of Versace Eros.

More about the Brand:

As we all know, Versace, a well-known Italian Fashion house, founded by Gianna Versace in 1978. With Milan, fashion capital of Italy, as headquarters, Versace has established a vast company in the field of fashion which includes: super-classy collections in the department of women, men, Versus, perfumes (beauty section) and home. Not only that, there were so many unmatchable achievements made by Versace during their fashion timeline and here are some of them: Versace opened their first boutique in Milan, Italy in 1978 and later, they opened their first boutique outside Italy in Glasgow, UK in 1991 and last but not least, by the third-quarter of 2013, they scaled their operation of having more than 80 boutiques running worldwide. Wow! Mind blowing!



This dazzling and sparkling dark blue-coloured bottle is originally designed by Donatella Versace herself with deep roots in connection with the Greek Mythology. Also, Eros, the historical name has taken from the Greek God of love, who has the ability to make people fall in love, which in turn, replicates their true bond of Mediterranean flavours which is well packed in this perfume. Then, the other thing is, the richness of the dark blue-bottle gets more complimentary feature with the shimmering and shining characteristics of gold cap and also, their signature-styled, Medusa head embossed on the front to the bottle and the top of the bottle cap has given a new dimension to the whole appearance of the bottle.


Highlights of aroma notes:

Top fresh notes: juicy green apple, zesty lemon and fragrance mint oil

Middle heart notes: geranium flower, ambroxan and tonka bean

Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, vetiver, oak moss and cedar wood


The fresh, zingy, zesty flavours from lemon, mild fragrance from the mint oil, the juiciness from the apple, a hint of essence from vanilla, flower power from geranium and a touch of woody effect and earthiness from the cedar wood and vetiver gives this fragrance an ultimate unique essence of scent.

26apr157So, with just a dash of this perfume in neck and clothes makes your working day an extra special and the longevity factor on this perfume makes even more versatile as a daily wear.

Have fun all!

Beauty: Sweet Scent from the Spring Garden of Flower Blossoms.

Last week, on one fine morning, I received one of my best beloved fragrances (Daisy, signature perfume from the iconic Marc Jacobs) from the online retailer by post. Then, I walked around the room and sat next to the glass-mirrored dressing table. There, sitting in front of me was the gorgeous perfume bottle, made out of solid translucent glass, crafted with fine perfection, which in return, grabbed my attention in full swing saying “have one spritz of me” and truly saying, it was such a scenic beauty of eye-catching moment.



When it comes to the exterior of the bottle: the reflective, transparent, see-through, cuboidal-shaped, glass bottle at the bottom takes a narrowly-upward, tube-shaped structure to the top, where it gets crowned by the beautifully designed, gold-coloured, semi-spherical, metal cap which was adjoined by the various-sized, gold-budded, three-coloured flowers including pretty pink, pastel pink and pale mint, which all in turn takes the perfume to the next enviable levels.



Coming back to the aroma, I would say, it is a sweet-scent mix of pleasure treasure, which proceeds to the flavory amalgamation of joy and happiness, in conjunction with the richness of flowery blossoms and the real radiance of warmth beauty from the hot, sunny, summer days.


Fragrance notes: 

Top fresh notes: juicy apples, quince flower and freesia

Middle heart notes: gardenia, iris and peony

Base notes: cedar wood, musk and sandalwood

So, now, let me take some time off to indulge myself to take a ride through the fields of flower bouquets to get the aromatic bursts of summer fragrance in a unique, fun and vibrant way.

Fashion: Spring Galore of Pretty Pink Flowers.

From the blessings of Spring Goddess with bright sunny days, I thought what would be a better way to celebrate this beautiful episode of radiantly glowing sunshine than indulging myself with the gorgeous prints of pretty floral with pink power.


So, in concurrent with the latest Spring arrivals, I, myself, barged into one of my favourite shops, Miss Selfridge to find out the latest Spring beauties and by luck, I got this artistically oriented, multi-coloured, floral-printed slip dress . As seen, I must say, in this case, with an additional knowledge of “more is always better”, this Spring-floral inspired look has been beautifully portrayed with ravishing flower coloured-theme including the freshness from the blue, prettiness from the pink, brightness from the off-white, gorgeousness from the purple, essence of rose from the pinkish-magenta and alluring warmth from the black, which makes this dress, a perfect staple piece for the forthcoming hot Spring/Summer sunny days to come.


However, along with this dress, I was trying to figure out the best possible option for choosing the right coloured lipstick and with the matter of time, I found this utterly ultimate, berry-coloured lipstick with No.160 from Barry M Cosmetics Ltd, which matched brilliantly with one of those pink floral from the dress. In believing to have a “WOW” factor moment on my lips, concretely, this lipstick worked brilliantly and the complimentary part is, oh my!, it stayed on my lips for more than 4 hours even after consumption of food and drink. Hence, I would reckon blindfolded, that this is a best bargain hunt on the lipstick section if you are looking for a wallet-friendly lip beauty and also, the matte-effect finishing touch on the lips is an added plus point too.


Last but not least, when it comes on deciding the accessorizing role, I sometimes, seek to get inspiration from the recent magazines, street-stylers and online-fashion editorial sections for the latest fashion trends . So, keeping all in my mind and, to stick onto having matching combo, I grabbed these pair of earrings and bracelets from my old finds of accessories collections, which echoed marvellously with the rhythm of all-around floral and pinks.



25apr157 Hope all of you have a great weekend!

Burj Khalifa: A Magnificent boon to Reach Sky High.

Unlike other UAE cities, Dubai is quite westernised and modern in terms of culture, food and lifestyle. So, not only foreigners, people from all around the emirates come here to enjoy their western life. For this reason, Dubai is always filled with all kinds of people and globetrotters. 24apr152 24apr151Recently, during my last visit to Dubai, I’ve been to Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest tower (with the height of 2716.5 ft) and world’s tallest man-made structure, which features an amazing highest number of stories in the whole wide world and I reckon, this stunning building is such a delight-to-watch. In addition, a remarkable experience of spacious deck, “At The Top” at Level 124 gives a fantastic eye-catching, 360 degrees angle of panoramic view to watch all the skylines, malls and including the famous Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star Hotel. Moreover, if you want to explore even more, then by taking a special elevator to reach Level 148, you can reach “At The Top Sky” and there, with total fuss-free and peace of mind, you can effortlessly stroll-through the deck to watch the breathtaking views. WOW!! It’s such a splendour moment that I wish everyone should get an opportunity to watch in their lifetime. Being opted for night time view, I think I made an absolutely wise decision because the posh-notch killer views with glittery star-fled nights are like dreams come true experience and it completely made my day so special. And, also, the reality experience of watching two observation decks on the same building is like icing on the cake for me. 24apr153 24apr154 Besides, Burj Khalifa which opened in 2010, also features a tremendous in-house office spaces, fitness club, The Armani Hotel, fabulous dine-in restaurants and residential spaces to fulfil each of the visitor’s needs. However, if you have extra time, then, there is always bunch of hands-on sight-seeings to explore even more wisely. 24apr155 24apr156 24apr157 Have fun!!! Happy weekend to all!!!

White Gold Diamond Jewellery: My Best Friend Forever.

“Want to achieve a red-carpet look at your own pace?” or, “are you ready for a glam look?” or, “are you looking for a hands-on-experience with the diamond jewellery?” or, “are you searching for an eureka moment on diamond jewellery pieces?” or, “are you getting nervous on how to wear diamond jewellery?”

No problem, help is on the way and here is the direction to go for:


We all know, diamonds are girl’s best friends yet I am not in exception. I love diamonds and when it is combined with white gold, it gives a double power vibe, which in turn gives an impeccable form of elegance to the entire look and also, for me, white gold and diamonds are like two good lovable friends who just think the same and certainly,  reiterates the tale of luxe-look.


So, just like others, every year, I have so many special occasions to celebrate like anniversaries, birthdays, easter, christmas and many more. However, for this Valentine’s day, my better-half gave me this gorgeous and snazzy-looking diamond set as a Valentine gift, in which, that special day has instantly and remarkably changed the whole ambience to another level.


Coming back to the jewellery section, let’s see the in-house details of it. This statement piece is made out of 18ct white gold coupled with hand-crafted diamonds to give a luxe-look, plus, this staple jewellery is such a pleasure to wear and I believe, I would be having more wear-outs by wearing to parties, events and special occasions for the many more to come.


How to Wear:

Daytime: It is always a must to make the dressing as simple when accompanying with luxury jewels like diamonds as accessories because it is a must to make the jewels itself to talk more drama and also, it is a perfect moment to make the jewels to stand out. Hence, the luxurious look can be effortlessly achieved by wearing white or black dress with neutral make-up and a matching bag, and finally, adoring your ears and fingers with rings to complete the ultimate ultra-chic look.

Evening-wear: A full length glittery silver dress with sparkling and matching clutch and high-heeled stilettos along with these adorable diamond jewellery set would definitely creates more glam look for the total outfit ensemble and for sure, it would make head-turning enviable moments.


Different ways to wear 3-tiered diamond rings:

This 3-tiered diamond rings can be worn as tiered or as a single piece in three of the other fingers or just can be adored as a single piece out of the three for a simple-chic look. So, whatever way you try yet, it would certainly create a momentum of celebration festivity. That’s why, always look for the different options to try mix and match with these three beauties to make a mark on your finishing touches.


Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette: The Perfect Fragrance for the man in your life.

Like women fancy for new wardrobe, shoes and accessories, even men have a tendency to look for things in accordance to seasonal trends including clothes, shoes, ties, belts and of course, fragrances. Also, there is no wonder, whether if it is for a festive season or special occasions, I know, always fragrance comes to top of the list. So, with popular name as Chanel, one of the best selling top-branded fragrances, I would say, there is no way to get wrong in buying this perfume. Hence, recently, with all these in mind, I purchased Bleu De Chanel gentlemen’s eau de toilette as a gift and what can I say?, it became an instant super-hit.


So, now, let’s see why this woody, aromatic, masculine perfume is considered as one of the best among the gentlemen’s fragrance department?

Aroma – Main contents:

  • citrusy flavours – brings freshness
  • cedar – brings positive strength
  • sandalwood – brings woody essence



Moreover, with just one spritz, you can get an instant energetic appeal and also, keeps you feel fresh throughout the day with full boost of confidence. Last but not least, I am certain, your Mr. Perfect would definitely give it a go and feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the whole day.

Dubai Duty Free: The Ultimate Real Shopping Experience.

Dubai duty-free is a shopping destination, where you get an ultimate real shopping experience and if you are a travel-addict just like me but with lack of time, then, no problem, still you could achieve what you want. Also, it is the perfect place to make use of your valuable transit-time in an effective way. Plus, the best thing here is, you have lots of options to drool your eyes to grab for the best deals.




21apr154Since it is called as a shopping paradise, the real concept featuring here is, whatever you want, ” you name it, they sell it”. However, the additional point here is, all the goods available here is of high quality and hence, blind-foldedly, you can buy things fuss-free with genuine trust from the traders.





So, what are the best possibilities you could look out for?

10 best things and must-buy goods from Dubai duty-free:

  • Camel Milk Chocolates – Having desert plain as their geological landscape, often camels have been used as one of their modes of transport whether if it’s for tourist’s virtual tour or for transporting goods from one place to another. Also, it’s been a tradition and culture followed by for more than centuries in that desert, sand-filled area. So, with ginormous numbers of camel population and well-abundance of camel milk, people use camel milk in their culinary cuisines and confectionery purposes. Hence, for me, camel milk chocolates are a must-buy product.
  • Souvenirs – With huge skyscrapers including Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa,the world’s tallest building, all over the Dubai city, they sell loads of wonderful skyscraper themed, elegant, gorgeous, gold-jewelled show-piece souvenirs, which is an absolute delight to see and if you are collectible person just like me, then, I would say, it is one of the best buys.
  • Spices – During my recent visit, I bought Saffron, the second most expensive kitchen ingredient next to Lobster, from the trader and whenever I open my kitchen cabinet, I could smell the real aroma of saffron from it. Oh my! You should not see it instead, you should feel and sense it. It’s such a pleasure. Coming back to shops, spices from all around the world and especially, from the arabic traders are all brought up here to sell with an excellent quality and value-for-money additionally. Also, I saw lots of transit-customers bought saffron, cinnamon and cardamom from the counters.
  • Gold – You could get the best quality gold with an amazing wide range of jewellery including 9ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct . Also, here, gold coins and designer brands including Versace and Bvlgari are fast movers too. If you looking for some snazzy-looking best buys, then you should certainly try the most famous freshwater pearls which can be bought easily with high quality from the asian jewellery counters. I would say, they sell the most amazing Japanese fresh water pearls.
  • Watches – If you say Switzerland is popular for watches, then I could proclaim Dubai as the second ideal destination for watches. Also, top brands including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer are the best labels to watch out for.
  • Dates – With National host for Palm Spring Island and tremendous amount of cultivation of palm trees, there is no deficiency for dates in this city. The best, well-grown, matured, ripen and juicy dates are available all around the year to grab for an ultimate buy.
  • Branded Clothes and Bags – You can effortlessly do one-stop-shop to buy global branded clothes from the entire world all in here with the best available offers. Plus point, if you make a visit during Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held annually, you could get even more good bargains. Moreover, they also sell top-branded designer bags including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc
  • Nuts – If you are a less-carb and protein-pro person just like me, then, here is the solution for it. You could get the best nuts from around the world including almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews in jumbo sizes which can be grabbed easily from the traders from the duty-free shops.
  • Beauty Products – Trendy top brands including YSL, Loreal, MAC, etc – “You call it, they sell it.” Also, they have a wide range of beauty products including eyewear, face make-up, lipstick, nail lacquers and many more to satisfy each and every customer needs.
  • Perfumes – To be honest, I would say, they have the ultra-chic, travel-size gift sets with incredibly tiny, miniature bottles and design features which are lovely to see and the whole area smells unbelievably good.

So, what to wait for? I am certain that next time, you would definitely make a visit to the Dubai duty-free counters.

New-Found Fragrance: Ready, Get, Set and Go in the field of Aromatherapy.


During the easter weekend, I was designated myself as an ultimate shopping spree person, who were looking for the best bargain hunts in the high-street. So, interestingly, if you are a kind of person, who are looking for new things according to seasonal trends, and also, citrusy person like me, you should definitely give-a-go to the new Jimmy Choo Exotic perfume. And, this time, with a blow of surprise, this perfume is loaded up with beautiful floral and fruity scents for double power. Super-cool, isn’t it?


Apparently, the ultra-chill factor is, the gorgeous snake-skin themed, turquoise-coloured box packaging with sleek bottle of turquoise-liquid-heaven fragrance is sumptuously elegant. Plus, the added accessory of pastel-pink coloured, snake-skin travel bag makes an extra “wow” factor to the whole appeal. All-in-all, I’m totally in love with it.


So, are you ready for some aromatherapy moment? Oh yes, let’s see:


  • Sparkling top notes – black currant sorbet and fresh pink grapefruit
  • Middle heart notes – tiger orchid and passion-flower
  • Base notes – patchouli and raspberries


Highlights: The freshness from the black currant and grapefruit totally opens up the fragrance with enviable fruity note and also, the amalgamation of tiger orchid and passion-flower with patchouli and raspberries gives me a splendour splash of true  essence in the fields of tropical paradise.


Now, just like me, I do believe, you would also like to explore the real feel of fragrance in the field of aromatherapy.