New-Found Fragrance: Ready, Get, Set and Go in the field of Aromatherapy.


During the easter weekend, I was designated myself as an ultimate shopping spree person, who were looking for the best bargain hunts in the high-street. So, interestingly, if you are a kind of person, who are looking for new things according to seasonal trends, and also, citrusy person like me, you should definitely give-a-go to the new Jimmy Choo Exotic perfume. And, this time, with a blow of surprise, this perfume is loaded up with beautiful floral and fruity scents for double power. Super-cool, isn’t it?


Apparently, the ultra-chill factor is, the gorgeous snake-skin themed, turquoise-coloured box packaging with sleek bottle of turquoise-liquid-heaven fragrance is sumptuously elegant. Plus, the added accessory of pastel-pink coloured, snake-skin travel bag makes an extra “wow” factor to the whole appeal. All-in-all, I’m totally in love with it.


So, are you ready for some aromatherapy moment? Oh yes, let’s see:


  • Sparkling top notes – black currant sorbet and fresh pink grapefruit
  • Middle heart notes – tiger orchid and passion-flower
  • Base notes – patchouli and raspberries


Highlights: The freshness from the black currant and grapefruit totally opens up the fragrance with enviable fruity note and also, the amalgamation of tiger orchid and passion-flower with patchouli and raspberries gives me a splendour splash of true  essence in the fields of tropical paradise.


Now, just like me, I do believe, you would also like to explore the real feel of fragrance in the field of aromatherapy.


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