Review: OZ Naturals 2.5% Retinol Serum.

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Firstly, I would like to thank BrandBacker and OZ Naturals to give me this opportunity to review this product. Moreover, if you are a regular reader of my blog you might have read about two of the products that I have worked along with OZ Naturals before which is namely, OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising serum and OZ Naturals SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturiser. So, when I was contacted by OZ Naturals again, I couldn’t decline and I gladly agreed and jumped into the chance instantly. Besides, we all know that OZ Naturals are a market leader in the field of natural skincare and they also deliver a high standard of most effective anti ageing products in the market too and hence, one can’t go wrong with their unmatchable quality and the content elements of their products as they always distribute cruelty-free, alcohol free, paraben free and sulphates free products.

Well, I should say that OZ Naturals 2.5% Retinol Serum* is a wonder product and it makes your life much easier as it gives a perfect answer to all of your hyper-pigmentation, fine wrinkles and anti-ageing problems; plus, the magical ingredients inside the serum has also proven to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin right away and it also actively leaves your skin looking much healthier and younger that also comes along with a gorgeous radiant glow too. So, now, let us get deep into the main contents of the product which is preliminarily acclaimed to contain an amazing 72% of organic components in it.

  • Retinol – This product has the highest concentration of Retinol yet it still can be purchased along with no prescription at all. This Vitamin A derivative also helps to give a healthy balance to your skin.
  • Astaxanthin – This carotenoid pigment contains super-antioxidant properties and it is also predominantly found mostly in marine sea life creatures and it is also available plentiful from micro algae too.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This anti-ageing nutrient has so many nutritional benefits withhold in it and the first and foremost among them is, it acts as an excellent moisturiser and hence it aids to keep your skin hydrated all the time. In further, it also assists the texture of your skin to keep it soft, supple and smooth all the time and it also makes your skin nicely toned with minimised wrinkles as well.
  • Vitamin E – It contains a powerful antioxidant characteristic wherein it has the highest potential to reverse back the signs of ageing too.

Directions to use:

Previously, you already know that OZ Naturals HA moisturising serum was supplied as a squeezable dispenser whereas this Retinol Serum comes as a pump that is very handy in which case, you can have a control on what you need albeit. Moreover, this light-weight serum can be used either as a night-time or day time beauty routine and also, you need to make sure that you wear sunscreen along with this product in daytime as it contains Retinol content in it. Furthermore, it is very simple to use and apparently, start the procedure with the nicely washed and towel dried clean face. Apply this serum first on your face and neck (optional) and then, followed by a good quality moisturiser and then, finally, finish off your beauty routine with makeup on top of it. Last but not least, as it has no perfume at all, it leaves your skin with a tiny hint of barely minimal smell.

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Disclaimer: *This is a sponsored post and it is an honest review of my own.

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Reminiscing Summer Purple Nail Candies.


The weather is pretty much promising this week as there is no sign of black clouds according to forecast and hence, with that as an excuse, today I have just painted my nails with purple shade where in, I could able to keep reminiscing of the late summer look right again. Moreover, we all know that matte shades are getting more popular nowadays and hence, I want to supplement that feature onto my nails to a new matifying shade of purple that looks similar to the gorgeous bunch of lavender flowers in my back garden. So adorable! So, come along with me to get to know how I achieved it.

Before getting deep into the shades, I want to tell you more about the brand, Barry M Cosmetics. Basically, Barry M Cosmetics is a British cosmetic company who specialises in all types of beauty products including foundation cremes, pressing powder, concealers, eyeliner, kohl pencils, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, nail paints and many more. Moreover, they started this company in early 80’s and they offer brilliant beauty products that are relatively in par with the latest trends and also, they deliver high quality products at a very affordable price range.

Matte-Perfect Nails:

I love matte perfect nails and when it comes to purple shade, I can’t resist myself to get into it right away and to attain this look, I have used two gorgeous shades from Barry M Cosmetics with one as Barry M Speedy Nail Paint Need for Speed and the other as Barry M Matte Top Coat.

Furthermore, Barry M speedy quick dry nail paints are quintessential for urban city lovers as it works exemplarily well with people who have shortage of time and you could also achieve perfect manicure in seconds as well. Apparently, Barry M quick dry range uses a very innovative flat brush where the gorgeous bristles in the brush gives an even application and also precise look of nail paint every time on your nails; plus, the flat brush also assists you to reach all the corners of your nails without a fail.

Besides too, if you are looking for a completely different zero shine look from your usual glossy nail look, then Barry M Matte Top coat gives a perfect answer to your nails as it gives an opaque looking statement matte nails which is perfect to use for all seasonal needs and in further, it also gives an awesome matifying effect instantly with just one coat of it on top of your regular nail polish and also, this matte top coat gives a complete protection of chipping on your nails too. Hence, if you want a rubber like nail look, then apply a thin layer of matte top coat on top of your regular non-metallic nail polish and if you want to opt for a velvet like nail look, then apply a single coat of matte top coat on top of your normal metallic nail polish.


  1. Start the procedure with nicely washed and cleaned nails.
  2. Then, moisturise your nails and cuticles.
  3. Now, apply one coat of base coat onto your nails.
  4. Followed by two coats of Barry M Speedy Nail Paint Need for speed (purple) onto your nails.
  5. After that, apply a single coat of Barry M Matte top coat onto your nails.
  6. Then, take a cotton bud that is previously soaked in nail polish remover and run along to the perimeter of your nails to give a nice tidy up look.
  7. Finally, your nails are ready to show off.

Note: Dry your nails for few minutes each time after application of nail polish.

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My Autumn Lipstick Edit.


As we have just now entered into the season of Autumn, it is quite a mandatory thing to get well prepared to welcome the oncoming season with not only just jackets and boots alone but also with the mesmerizing makeup too. Moreover, if you are a serious makeup addict just like me, then replace all of your neutral lip shades with glorious and much brighter shades to the top of your wardrobe shelves; plus, always make it as a habit to watch out for the best bargain grabs and stock up with the new wardrobe of autumn lip shades whenever available. Hence, with that as an inspiration, herewith, I have listed down my autumn lipstick edit. So, let’s get into it right away.

The ever classic lip shade of any season should be none-other-than Scarlett red and I am also a great fan of it too and hence, this time, I opted for Revlon’s Super Lustrous WINE WITH EVERYTHING (520) in pearl finish. This has a mixed shade of cranberry red and pink to it and the pearly finish has a super soft creamy texture that looks super gorgeous on your lips while wearing and it works quintessential as a daily wear as well. Moreover, it is a great alternative to any form of red and if you are not brave enough to go for a fiery red lip shade, then this comes as a perfect answer to it.

Next, the much cooler and must-needed lip shade for any autumn season should be a berry shade and Revlon’s Super Lustrous ICED AMETHYST (625) in pearl finish is an ideal option for this as it gives a nice opaque berry shade to your lips. Besides, this shade can bring an unbelievable pop of colour to your face instantly and in further, as this colour tends to be on the darker side, it works exemplarily well on your everyday natural makeup look.

Last but not least, the lip shade mauve is gaining its highest popularity than ever before and the pretty shade from Revlon’s Super Lustrous BLUSHING MAUVE (460) in pearl finish works at its best along with any kind of your knitwear or sweater. Furthermore, the creamy formula of the lipstick aids to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated all day long and it also comes along with a long-lasting durability too.

Hence, make enough space and align all of these beautiful lipsticks in your wardrobe in this time of the year so that it could cope up well and assist you to adapt with the latest fashion trends.

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My Current Drugstore Favourites.


Having just stepped into the autumn chill and along with change in temperatures, my beauty favourites also changed a bit with addition of some of new beauty products where I could cope up well along with the mighty vulnerable temperature variations. Moreover, it is also a kind of excuse where one could ideally pop into the store to supplement in par matching along with the latest beauty trends. Well, this time, I will be chatting along with you to share some of my current drugstore favourites and hence let’s jump in right away.

We all know, winter chill is not good for skin at all as your skin tends to get bit drier easily and hence to keep up your face nice and moist, what you need is a great foundation which has a quintessential consistency of creamy texture and also able to give an even coverage throughout and that’s where I bumped into my trust-worthy brand Maybelline NewYork, who has an incredible air-whipped, light-weight, mousse-like matte foundation called Dream Matte Mousse. The best part about this mousse is that it delivers a natural looking face each time after application without leaving a cakey appearance at all. Besides, this mousse comes in nearly 14 shades where it covers evenly to all types of skin from light, medium to dark and it is also serves ideal on its own from normal to oily skin too. The other beneficial part is that it works exemplarily well on sensitive skin too as it doesn’t contain any perfume. Lastly, with an added complimentary factor of SPF 15, it can be worn on all kinds of weather conditions.

Even though, there are so many creams available in the market, I always rely onto Rimmel London’s BB cream where it acts as a skin perfecting cream and also gives an unbelievable super makeup results by serving nine essential components including:

  • Moisturises
  • Primes
  • Minimises pores
  • Conceals
  • Covers
  • Smoothes
  • Mattifies
  • Brightens
  • Helps to protect the skin

Besides too, this light-weight formula is ideal to be used as a daily wear and the added source of SPF 25 is perfect for varied seasonal changes too.

Apparently, when it comes to face, I won’t step out of my doorstep without having a blusher on as it gives an instant lift to my face immediately and hence, I constantly hunt for the latest arrivals in the blusher range all the time and one gorgeous find recently is from MUA Professional’s Mosaic Blush in the shade of English Rose. I would say that this pocket-friendly companion works brilliantly well in all kinds of skin types as it has 4 notes of blush colours in it. Furthermore, with just one swirl of this blush onto apple of my cheeks made my life so much easier as it creates the perfect natural looking blush that I always ever wanted for; plus, if you are looking for subtle look, what you all need is just one swirl of it or otherwise, you could build it on as sky is the limit for your imagination.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could also drop in your valuable thoughts and views onto the comment section that is right below.

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Venice – Sephora & Souvenirs Haul.


For any beauty blogger, holiday trip is not complete without a beauty haul and I am not in exception either and hence, I went on a hunt trail for beauty haul in Sephora and also, some world-famous glass souvenirs from Murano too. Plus, I am very glad that money has been spent wisely and didn’t splash too much albeit. Well, even before the holiday, I made up my mind very clear that a visit to Sephora is a must as there isn’t any Sephora in UK though and so, I grabbed this opportunity instantly and also without fail.

Moreover, when I first entered into Sephora, I literally felt like I was in a beauty heaven as all of their array of shelves were arranged and ordered with tremendous amount of beauty galore and I should say that my bulging drooling eyes were constantly spotting onto the beauty aisles all the time and it was like a jaw-dropping experience. Even though, I have lip glosses, eye palettes, blushes and bronzers as a separate beauty staple, this time I was looking for a all-in-one package and that’s where, this time I bumped onto this massive makeup set that contains all the beauty pieces that I opted for. Wow! I am totally addictive to this product right now as it has 36 pans of eye shadows, 12 shades of lip glosses, 4 shades of blushers and two tones of bronzers and anyway, what else could I ask for? Besides, the pigmentation of the eye shadows are so gorgeous and the creaminess of the shade is perfect to blend onto the eyes as just like a second skin and while moving onto the lip glosses, it just applies onto the lips like a butter and gives out a mirror like reflection of the shade onto the lips and then, while coming along to the blusher, the texture of the blusher is incredibly super soft and it leaves a dab of pinky or peachy tones onto the cheeks instantly and lastly, the bronzers are great to define the cheek bones and it leaves the cheeks with the long-lasting gorgeously glowing bronzy look.


Furthermore, as we all know, Murano is famous for its glass making artistry and after visiting that gorgeous place, one can’t come home empty-handed and even though, there were so many products available from glass vases to containers and from chandeliers to collectibles and from bracelets to rings but with the biggest hurdle of luggage restriction, this time I opted for smaller items that I can keep comfortably in my hand luggage yet still could able to cherish those memories anytime ever after and that’s why, this time I landed onto buy some couple of pair of earrings and a photo frame to satisfy my thirst quenching desires for glass staples. Doesn’t they look gorgeous!

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Murano – A Day Trip from Venice, Italy.


Well, there are so many options to explore more of Venice and one particular spot that is consistently bustling with tourists is always said to be Murano. Murano is just 1.5kms away from Venice and there are also frequent water transports available at your own convenience. So, if you are looking for a day trip that is not too far from Venice yet still would like to spend most of the daytime by walking and strolling through the galleries and buying glass souvenirs, then Murano is the quintessential location for it. By the way, the above picture is one of the parking bays in the centre of Murano.


Moreover, there are plenty of gelato and sandwich shops are available at any time of the day and these shops are scattered all across the lanes to fulfil every thirst-quenching hungry customer needs; plus, the neat and tidied stone tiled pathways gives a phenomenal ambience for the globetrotter to make themselves comfortable while on their memorable journey.


Besides too, Murano has some unique features where you can’t see anywhere else as the canal in here runs right in the middle of the island and either part of the canal is always adorned with glass makers, souvenir shops, glass galleries and restaurants. In further, to make the whole bustling atmosphere even more lively, there are also several small bridges that runs across the canal and they look so gorgeous to see and it is such a pleasure to watch too.


Furthermore, if you are looking for any kind of glass statement pieces, then sky is the limit as these Murano shops are filled up with thousands of souvenirs to collectibles that includes: rings, bracelets, watches, animal collections, flower collections, vases, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chandeliers, lamp shades, coasters, bowls, plates and many more. And, the interesting part is that most of these glass shops have their magnificent glass making workshops at their backyard and luckily, I had a great chance to get a sneak peek into some of the glass making techniques that they use – Oh my goodness! the amount of work those tradesmen put in is certainly a hats off job as it is such a tremendous piece of hard work to do in their day-to-day work schedule.


After getting stuffed up with bag full of fantastic collectibles, the next mandatory stop would be Venice and I should definitely say that not only Murano is so good, the entire trip is like a treasure land that has a plentiful of architectural monuments and buildings that spread all across the water channel that dates back many centuries before.


Look at the ancient settlements that has so much flare for architectural excellence and most of these structures are mostly dominated by domes and towers and it is such a historical place to explore at least once in your lifetime.

21sep159Well, when you look onto the exterior of these buildings, you could clearly identify their architectural intelligence as these buildings are still standing elegantly with pride and dignity along with their predominant craftsmanship.

21sep1510 21sep1511 21sep1512

These are some of the pictures that I clicked on my return trip from Murano to Venice and I would surely say that this trip is one of the most memorable holiday trip that I ever had in my life.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could always drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comments section that is right below.

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Venice, Italy – Grand Canal and their Adjoining Bridges.


Grand Canal is the one of the greatest sight-seeing spots in Venice, Italy and today, I will be taking you on a journey along the length of the Grand Canal and I will be share with you about my exceptional personal experience of this great voyage. Moreover, Grand canal is not only a scenic location but also works as a transport channel for millions and millions of tourist visitors that visit this place yearly and they are considered as the main means of transport in this hottest historic location and in further, you could also use this water transport as a water taxi or water bus or gondola.


Furthermore, if you want to explore Venice in a fun full yet in a majestic way, then riding onto gondolas along the banks of Grand Canal is a must and the surprising part is that there are several parking spots for gondolas that runs right across the main attractions; plus, gondolas are the specialty of this locale and hence, who wouldn’t love to go on for a ride?

18sep153 18sep154 18sep155

These are some of the best captures on the central part of the Grand Canal where you could explicitly see several number of historic buildings which dates back centuries before in the range of 13th to 18th century old and these great architectural landmarks were once occupied by the noble Venetian families and even today, one could clearly able to see their true reflection of enormous amount of wealth and culture that were associated along with them.


This bustling atmosphere starts from dawn to dusk everyday and the crowded water taxis and speed boats are just a real pleasure to watch and ride and the most amazing part is that the old Venetians were not only interested in showing off their architectural excellence in just buildings alone but also extended their abilities and functional capabilities onto the connecting bridges too.


Look at the centuries old strong bridge and their adjoining historic territories set as the background and doesn’t it look amazing? And, one more additional fact that I want to share along with you is that there are nearly 425 bridges that is standing along elegantly from centuries and centuries long until now along the Grand Canal. WOW! Besides, you could also visit an innumerable number of churches and towers all across the corridors of Grand Canal and it is a great way to spend in your lovely sunny afternoons.


Besides too, you could also able to see some awesome Venetian iron balconies and large domed windows when you ride along the Grand Canal and in further, Venice is the only place where speeds boats take their pride to drop in and out of tourists to various hotels that is spread along the banks of the Grand Canal and this is the only way to get into the hotel too and anyway, you could also see exactly the same in the picture as a visual interpretation of what I said right now.

18sep159 18sep1510

Lastly, this picture also gives us an evidential proof of the hustle and bustle of Venice that is crowded by the local people and tourists all year around and these hardworking boatman gives us the handful of much-needed ride everyday and hats off to their immense dedication of work.

I hope you had a great time in reading this post and you could also catch up with some of the other parts of the Venice that is right in here and here. Additionally, you are most welcome to drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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Day 2 – Venice, Italy.


Today, let me take you through my journey of travel in the most prestigious district of San Marco in Venice, Italy. As you all know, I have covered my expedition on San Polo district in Venice on the Day 1 of my travel and if you have missed any of it, you could always jump onto the section that is right here. As San Polo district covers the upper curve of the Grand Canal and similarly, San Marco district travels along the lower curve of the Grand Canal and it is one of the most reputable districts among the entire six districts of central Venice.


The eminent landmark of the San Marco district is none other than Basilica of St. Mark that is highly regarded as the treasure-house of ancient Venice and its whole architectural structure sits elegantly as a center stage on the most famous St. Mark’s Square that is also called as Piazza San Marco; plus, the whole surrounding area of the bustling square is always filled up with pigeons, tourists and cafes. Moreover, the adjoining museum and the magnificent clock tower is certainly worth the watch.


Furthermore, the great sight-seeing point in this area is that tourists queue along the top of the bell tower to see the most gorgeous panoramic view of the historic city and the whole structures, pillars and monuments clearly explains the great architectural intelligence of the architects even farther away centuries back.

Finally, you can’t go empty-handed after passing through the humongous designer stalls that has the most fabulous latest fashion arrivals and hence, I took this opportunity as a great pleasure to show you some of the best designer show rooms in the city.

14sep154 14sep155 14sep157 14sep1561

Doesn’t it look so gorgeous! Even though, one can’t afford to drop into each section of the store but still, it’s definitely worth to have a premium window shopping experience that is all under one roof.

I hope you had a fantastic time in reading through this post and in addition, you could always drop in your valuable views and thoughts into the comment section that is right below.

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Day 1 – Venice, Italy


It’s been a long time that I have posted a travel post and this time, I plunged into this opportunity straight away to showcase some of the fabulous time that I spent on a gorgeous trip to Venice in Italy. Oh my! It was such a pleasant experience and I want to share with you with some of the best moments that I had. Besides, Venice is all about canals, bridges, artistic buildings and the periodic history that comes along which tells the whole story of the city that dates back centuries before. Furthermore, I have decided to make it as a series of posts which could clearly give you a full picture of Venice in detail.

So, let me start first with the San Polo district which is located at the upper curve of the Grand Canal and this small district has the most monumental buildings that has the hidden treasure of architectural intelligence inbuilt with it and Siester S Polo which is also named as the Church of Frari is one among the evidential proof of their incredible knowledge in the field of architecture and this church also boasts a museum of Venetian works too.


Moreover, the San Polo district also has an array of secretive lanes that leads to the pavement for the colourful, multi-storeyed, terraced houses that has so much of in-depth architecturally encrypted history and character. Perhaps, most of the buildings are painted in deep yellow and orange shades that is also accompanied along with the huge green-painted, double-doored windows and most probably, those windowsills were beautifully decorated with the colourful bunch of flowered plants.


Additionally, these beautiful narrow lanes are not only restricted to just tourists alone but also to the travel-friendly shops where they sell varied range of products that ranges from souvenirs to travel post cards. In further, a few of the popular buildings also features some brick details which clearly exhibits the dated back history of it.


In addition to the quieter lanes, this district also features some of the exquisite stone tiled lanes where it is not only great for a stroll around walking tour but these wonderfully decorated lanes also has some of the best Pizzeria and Ristorante with tables and chairs outside that is ideal for a quick snack for the hungry tourists who is roaming around.


Not only the secluded lanes boasts cafes and bars, here in Venice, you can see plenty of cafes, bars, pizzeria and ristorante that is running along on either side of the canal and hence, there is always scope for your tired enough legs to get some rest and breathe for a while.

12sep156In addition to the corner shop, there are also some serious designer shops that is plentiful to serve for all kind of tourists that ranges from sunglasses to souvenirs.

12sep157Last but not least, there is no way that you got the complete feel of San Polo district without visiting the great old Rialto Bridge as this the proudest pride of this district; additionally, as there were some restoring work going on the bridge, I took this fabulous view of the famous Grand Canal from the bridge that is such a pleasure to spend on any sunny afternoon.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post along with me and also, I would appreciate if you could drop in your valuable comments and views in the comment section that is right below.

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My Autumnal Fragrance Edit.


As we are residing in the fourth quarter of the year where fashion hits the store with loads of new fragrances and clothing in reminiscence of the new season’s arrivals and also, this is the time of the year where not only the winter clothes top up the aisle shelves but also the autumnal fragrance range too. Hence, with that as the inspiration, today I will be showing you with some of my favourite perfume picks that I would be particularly adorning myself in welcome for the winter chill colder months. So, let’s get started right away.

Jimmy Choo is a company that magnificently specialises in producing ultimate footwear, bags, clutches and fragrances in the fashion world and the latest 2015 release of exotic perfume from Jimmy Choo is definitely my kind of luxurious yet modern perfume where it has the whole splash of floral and fruity fragrance with top notes as black currant and pink grapefruit and heart notes as tiger orchid and passion-flower and base notes as patchouli and raspberry.

My next option for a sophisticated fragrance would be DKNY’s Be Delicious that is given by the great Donna Karan from the fashion city of New York. As people say that first impression is the best impression and this saying definitely fits for this perfume as it is shaped adorably as a gorgeous green apple and it has a sensually hidden fruity scents of apple, cucumber and sparkling grapefruit as top notes and the floral essence of magnolia and rose as heart notes and finishes off brilliantly with sensational woody flavour of sandalwood and white amber as the base notes.

I always love to celebrate the perfume that has the aroma which has the cascade of soft and free spirit of femininity indulged in it and this super cool refreshing fragrance from David Off Cool Water Wave hits the right spot to fulfil my thirst quenching tropical aroma of scent where its top notes start off with the fruity sparkles of fresh watermelon, exotic mango, sweet passion fruit and tropical guava and also, it has the fabulous heart notes of sweet&spice from pink peppercorn and the floral flavour of freesia and peony and ends ultimately with the phenomenal woody base notes of sandalwood, iris wood, amber and musk.

Lastly, I can’t leave the doorstep without this smashing signature perfume, Daisy from Marc Jacobs on a warm autumn day as this perfume really brings the warmth of the sun along with the pure pleasure of joy instantly and it also has an amazing mixture of fruity and floral combinations that has the fantastic top notes as the mixed floral essence of quince flower and freesia along with the fruity content of crisp apple and it also comes under the heart note as the floral bouquet of gardenia, iris and peonies and leaving a beautiful base note of musk and cedar wood towards the end.

If you have a whole new range of autumn perfumes just like me, then you could always write down your favourites onto the comment section that is right below.

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