5 reasons to wear paperbag trousers.

Are you looking for serious fashion inspiration? Then, let’s talk about the latest fashion trend today – PAPERBAG TROUSERS! To be honest, I came across so many different types of trousers in my life and to name a few: straight leg, tapered leg, palazzo wide-leg, slim fit, skinny fit and many more. And, one piece that is so much trending currently is a paperbag trouser. Yes! It is one statement piece that every woman should have in their ultimate wardrobe for this epic season. So, why is it so popular? Let’s find out.


Comfortability: The loose material, tailored to baggy fit and easy to wear are 3 splendid reasons why it is so easy to win a women’s heart. Also, it is so versatile to swap from daytime to evening look.

Ruched detail: The uniqueness of paperbag trousers are the ruched, paperbag waist detail and the elasticity feel of the trouser virtually shows your waistline to look slimmer.


Tie Waist: The soft fastening belt detail and bow tie front makes the trouser very appealing to a larger audience.

Flattering Leg: The flattering, high-waisted length of the paperbag trousers makes you to look thinner and taller and that is why, it is considered as one statement piece.


Styled with: You can easily tuck in a Bardot crop top or a ruffled cuff shirt into this trouser and for the footwear: accessorize along with a pair of court shoes in the morning and opt for a pair of heels in the evening.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you know any other style options for paperbag trousers then, don’t forget to leave your comment below and as always, I would love to hear from you. Also, you could send your love on my Instagram and Twitter feeds.




11 thoughts on “5 reasons to wear paperbag trousers.

      1. I have a big butt, it might make my butt look even larger. LOLOLOL (I think I just inspired myself to make the spaghetti squash and take it to work tomorrow for lunch). I start a diet every other day and then fail.

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      2. I am going Zumba classes as I want to make it as a routine and I could see it is much better to do within a group rather than doing alone at home and it gives me so much motivation

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