Collective Haul – Mallorca.


Here comes another part of much-awaited haul series and if you haven’t checked out my previous episode of haul, then click here: Beauty Haul – Mallorca where I’ve covered most of the beauty items that I’ve bought from Sephora whereas this post includes products from makeup to skin care and from nail care to perfume and last-but-not-least, some fashion items too and, on the other side, it have made a small dent in my purse but never mind as some of the items are investment beauty staples and so, I could say it as beauty justified. Hence, let’s get, set, ready for the preview of collective haul.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Kiss Perfume:

marc jocobs kiss

You know I’m a great fan of perfumes and most of all, I’m totally obsessed with Marc Jacob Perfumes and the other perfume that I’ve tried from their range was Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I loved it a lot and in which it gave me a huge inspiration to buy this perfume.

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner:


Here, I have a confession to make that I’m seriously addicted to airport duty-free shopping and I’m guessing that I’m not the only with this same mindset (Haha!). Now, let’s get into the product and to be honest, I’ve been eyeing on this product for a while as it has been hyped among the blogging community a lot. I’ve tried it today and viola! What an amazing invention as it gives a splendid gel eyeliner look with one single stroke and every penny is well justified.

Clarins Hand And Nail Treatment Cream:


This was a bargain purchase as it was priced at €12.99 and I know it is one of their besting products from Clarins and so, I can’t be wrong with it as the brand name itself narrates everything. Well, what a coincidence as I was totally running out of hand cream and there comes another excuse to buy this product.

OPI Nail & Fly:


avoplex opi
bubble bath

Another great find from airport duty-free shopping is OPI Nail & Fly, which is a collective gift set that includes OPI Bubble Bath, Rapid Dry Top Coat and Avoplex Replenishing Nail & Cuticle Oil.



I love to do street shopping from local vendors and these are some of the amazing bracelets which is ideal to give it as a gift.



I love scarves and these outstanding laced scarves is a must have for this season as it brings in a new dimension for your weekend getaway.

Here comes the end of this post and please share along your amazing thoughts into the drop down box that is listed below and as always, I would love to read them. Also, show your irresistible love by subscribing to social media network that is listed below. Have a good start of the week!


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Top 10 Spring Perfume Edit.

Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs Daisy

Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs Daisy

Hurray! Finally, the sun is out and the temperatures are in double digits which brings in a ray of hope to the arrival of Spring. Well, Spring is all about pastel colours, start of more sunny days, waking up morning everyday with dew drops on the grass and the gorgeous Spring gardens. Not only the blooming garden alone is just colourful but also, the floral theme spreads all along to the beauty aisle too which is normally predominantly dominated by the elegantly looking beautiful perfumed bottles and so, with that as an inspiration, today I will be chatting along with you by discussing some of the key aspects that you need to do to choose a right Spring perfume. So, stay tuned girls!

3 ways to choose a Spring perfume:

  • Spot the floral scent that you are drawn to.
  • Hunt for some of the perfumes that matches with your desired accents of scent.
  • Lastly, look for a particular perfume that partners well along with your personality.

Top Ten Spring Perfumes:


If you have a serious addiction to blooming bouquet of peony flowers, then you should definitely try Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, a rejuvenating fragrance that comes along with a mixture of white musk and mandarin. For a full detailed review, check in right here.


Looking for a long lasting and floral accented feminine fragrance? Then, Chloe Love Story is the quintessential perfume for you as the freshness from the orange blossom when it is mixed along with the prunus flower will give you a pure seduction of carefree joy.


Well, this perfume is filled up with a luscious florals scents that is from the collection of violet leaves, rose and lily of the valley. To be honest, Marc Jacobs has literally nailed his edginess in this perfume and hence, it one of the most sought after perfume that you need to try for this Spring.


This perfume is a sweet, fruity, floral perfume as the sweetness comes from the praline and vanilla and the fruity flavours comes from the raspberry and mandarin orange and the floral accents comes from the orange blossom and rose. Want to know more about Flower By Kenzo L’elixir? Then, check it out right here.


I’m absolutely waiting for this new perfume launch from Prada which is named as Prada Candy Kiss. This perfume is more confined to sweet and floral accents wherein the sweetness comes from the vanilla and the floral accent comes from the marvellous orange blossom.


I love The Library Of Fragrance and this little compact bottle finds its own way to bring you some exposure to the unmatching floral fragrance from the gorgeous cherry blossom and this travel friendly and pocket friendly fragrance is perfect to fit in your handbag ideally and I’m sure, it will certainly give you a good smell of Spring garden at your doorstep.


I tried this perfume before and I literally fell in love with the stunning aroma from the crystallised petals of pink lily and the fruity essence of raspberry and this perfume, Cartier Baiser Vole Lys Rose is absolutely the one try for this season. For more information, click in right here.


Jimmy Choo Blossom is a sparkly, fruity and floral fragrance as the sparkling comes from the refreshing citrus cocktail and the fruity flavour comes from the sweetness of red berries and the floral accent comes from the aromatic essence of rose.


Giorgio Armani Si is an elegant feminine perfume that comes along with a modern twist of flavours from the essence of blackcurrant nectar, freesia and May rose.


This perfume is like love at first sight as the design aspect itself is completely beyond imagination and the ravishing colours on the bottle is a true winner too. This perfume is a complete package of scent which contains the surprising notes of jasmine and rose. I hope this Miu Miu perfume is your current favourite too.

Have you ever tried these perfumes before? Let me know your thoughts and as always, I would love to read them.


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25 Lip Products That You Need To Know.

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

So, how many lip products do you know? Before writing this post, I started off the list with just 9 products and then, it has started to build to a souring score of 25. Can you believe it and even I was shocked to core to see how many lip products that are available in the market and God knows how many more lip products are on the pipeline that is to be launched further. So, if you are a lipstick lover and can’t resist to buy them, then you have landed onto the right spot as I’ll be going through some of the lip products that you might not have heard of before. So, stay tuned girls!


Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

First of all, I want to start off with a stunning lipstick that we all wear in our day to day life and being a lipstick lover, I can’t think of the world without it. Apparently, it comes with a matte and creamy formula which you could always choose one from them.

Lip gloss:


If you are looking for a non-stop wear and shine, then lip gloss is a perfect option as it keeps your lips glossy and supple all day long.

Lip Stain:


A lip stain always brings in a splendid looking, long-lasting, beautiful colour to your lips.

Lip balm:

Ted Baker Lip Balm

Who would like to have a dried, chapped lips? Nobody and that’s where lip balm comes in handy as it keeps your lips to be moisturised and hydrated for a last longing effect.

Lip Tint:


Lip tint works very similar to lip balm but the formula comes with an additional feature of lip colour.

Lip Butter:


Lip butter comes in as a rich and buttery formula where it melts and offers a longevity shiny and tinted finish to your lips.

Lip Protectant:

Elizabeth arden eight hour cream lip protectant SPF15

If you care about your lips, then you should have this in your makeup bag as it acts as a lip saviour when your lips are really in need of some TLC. It is great as a winter lip care and it is my holy grail product.



Lip Crayon:


Lip crayon is getting popular nowadays as it comes as a stick that is versatile to use while you are on the run and the formula is super easy to apply that is well pigmented and creamy and all under just one swipe.

Lip Scrub:


One of the most used products in lip care is a lip scrub where it exfoliates and conditions your lips exponentially well.

Lip Mask:


Lip mask is a product that can be used next to a lip scrub where it soothes, moisturises and replenishes your lips instantly.

Lip Serum:


Lip serum works exemplarily well when it is applied onto your lips to give a hydrated, soft and supple lips.

Lip Gel:


This product gives a light reflecting plumped shine onto your lips that is inspired by the gorgeous gel nail polishes.

Lip Liner:

Barry M Cosmetics Lip Liner

A lip liner is always used on all occasions where you want your lips to be lined and defined quintessentially well.

Lip oil:


Lip oil is getting its own mark in the beauty industry than ever before and this new product makes your lips to appear as shiny, hydrated and plumped up nicely.

Lip Whip:


Lip whip is used to bring in ultra hydrating effect onto your lips and also, it makes your lips to look slightly tinted with hue as well.

Lip Plumper:


This innovative lip product makes your lips to look plumper and adds an additional coat of pink tint to your lips.

Lip Cream:


It is a creamy but no-shimmery lip gloss that brings in a tingling and plumper effect to your lips.

Lip Polish:


It exfoliates and conditions your lips and brings in a polished, silky soft and smooth lips.

Lip Volumizer:


This super cool product hydrates, smooths and plumps up your lips with an added element of tinted finish.

Lip Treatment:


This gel-based lip treatment repairs, protects and smoothen your lips from all the wrinkles and fine lines on your lips and it acts as a natural barrier and rejuvenates your lips as soft and hydrated.

Lip Glaze:


This lip glaze comes as a nifty click pen that is versatile to use and it gives a ultra glossy finish to your lips.

Lip Glow:


This ultra sheer lip glow treats your lips as a balm and at the same time enhances, moisturises and protects your lips.

Lip Primer:


This lip primer contains moisturising formula which aids to prep your lips before any lipstick application onto your lips.

Lip Conditioner:


This lip conditioner is featured with an inbuilt anti oxidant formula that helps to bring in a moisturised, soft and long lasting comfort to your lips.

Lip Rescue:


This lip rescue gives an intense hydration to your lips along with some soft and subtle colour to your lips.

Have you tried any of these products before? If so, share some of your experiences with me and feel free to drop into the comment box that is right below and I would love to read those comments as always.

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2015 Beauty Edit.

It is nearly end of the year and tomorrow is officially 2016 and I know there is no other better way to put forth all those gorgeous beauty goodies into a beauty edit that I have been embracing all throughout the year. Besides, 2015 has been a remarkable year for me when it is related to beauty routine as I have been experimenting with various range of beauty products and finally, I’m selecting couple of them to showcase in front of you and hence, let’s see what are the cult beauty  favourites that I have been celebrating in my beauty regime all year long.


Obviously, skincare is one of those foremost beauty essentials that I have been very picky and splurging on as I’m aware that spending each penny onto skincare is an absolute must as it is going to serve as a second skin all day long. So, to start with, I would say that OZ Naturals HA Moisturising Serum is one of the best found in 2015 as I have been using it every day in my regular skincare routine and this serum is one of the beauty secrets to keep my skin supple and moist all day long. Then, Olay Essentials  Complete Care Day Cream is another great product that I can’t skip as it keeps my face hydrated and moisturised all throughout the day. Next, my winter skin saviour is none-other-than, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant as this wonder cream can instantly transforms my dry winter skin to super soft tender skin. Next, while moving onto hands, another intense moisturising cream that can withstand winter chill weather conditions is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Hand Treatment. Lastly, I absolutely adore my lip protectant as it assists me more than a lip balm which I’m proud enough to name it as Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 and also, the added factor of SPF is much needed for all types of weather norms including rain, hot or cold.

Body Butters:

Firstly, I love body butters as they leave my skin silky satin soft and two of my heart-warming favourites are Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter and Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E.


Haircare is a must-have beauty essential that any beauty lover needs and I always head onto Kerastraight Rescue Creme when my hair needs a bit of TLC as it recovers my dry hair immediately and replenishes my hair back to normal and the other interesting hair product that I use is Matrix Biolage Voluma Therapie Full Lift Volumnising Conditioner as this product gives a deep conditioning statement to my hair and it also lifts my hair with a fluffy volumnising effect.



Ciate London is definitely a newly found nail product of the year and moreover, I’m a great fan of Olivia Palermo and I’ve been completely adorning my nails with Ciate London Cha Cha Cha for the whole of summer months.


As a beauty addict,  we all know mascara has the shortest lifespan among all other beauty staples and that’s why I’ve been swapping mascara for every 4 months and three of the best that I want to mention here are Burberry Mascara In Midnight Black, Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara and Lancome Hypnose Mascara Volume. Next, the nude chic lipstick that I’ve been wearing it for millions of times is the mighty creamy lipstick, Lancome L’absolu Rouge Rose Nu. Well, when it comes to eyeshadow, I always get inspiration from the Parisian look and that’s why I mostly opted for two divine products that includes Lancome eyeshadow in the shade robin blue and MAC Fard A Paupieres. Lastly, the recent amazing innovation of Dior that has taken beauty to next level is Dior Addict Fluid Shadow in which case it can be applied either as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner.


Besides all, I love perfumes and they are my all-time beauty assets that I can’t deny at all and I always prefer to have a range of perfumes lying on my dressing table and some of the key aromatherapy cult beauties are:

I hope you all had a fabulous time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: A-Z Luxury Brands To Look For This Christmas – Part 3.

Now officially, today is Christmas eve and it is definitely one of those wonderful time of the year where your houses are decorated with gorgeous christmas trees with tinsels, baubles and stars and the house is filled up with friends and family to celebrate this special occasion in a fun filled way. Besides, having finished two part of this series, namely part 1 and part 2, now, time has come to showcase the last episode of this series and hence, let’s get started.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy:


Marc Jacobs is an american fashion designer who is also a head designer to his firm and one of my favourites from his collection is his signature perfume Daisy.

Nails Inc. – Spray On Nail Polish:

Image Source: Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. is a London based beauty brand selling top quality nail polishes to millions of long serving customer base and they are also UK’s largest nail bar chain providers. Moreover, if you are looking for the fastest manicure in the world, then you should try their Hoxton Market Paint Can to bring in some sparkle to your nails.

Olay – Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser:

Image Source: Olay

Olay is an american skincare line that specialises in skincare products from moisturiser to anti-ageing range and one of their speciality to try for this season is Olay total effects 7-in-1 anti-ageing day moisturiser as this advanced moisturiser has seven age-defying benefits with added source of SPF 15 to get a younger looking skin.

Philosophy – The Micro Delivery – Daily Exfoliating Wash:

Image Source: Philosophy

Philosophy is a skincare brand that was founded in USA in 1996 and one of their award winning product try is the micro delivery – daily exfoliating wash which is much praised by all among the beauty community.

REN Clean Skincare – Luxury Moroccan Rose Collection:

Image Source: Ren Skincare

REN clean skincare was launched in 2000 and has built a cult favourite among beauty editors and consumers since then and their main slogan is performance, purity and pleasure. If you want to give it a go, then you should certainly try their award – winning product, luxury moroccan rose collection which consists soothing product components of body wash, body polish and body oil.

Stila – Trust In Love Gift Set:

Image Source: Stila

Stila is an american cosmetics company which was founded in 1994 by makeup artist Jeanine Lobell and their fabulous gift set that is in offer to grab on at the moment is trust in love gift set which has all the elements of 12 different eyeshadows, a gorgeous mascara and a lovely apricot lip glaze.

Tom Ford – Lips And Boys:

Image Source: House Of Fraser

Tom Ford is a fashion and beauty brand that specialises in varied range of clothing, accessories and skincare collections and one of their top picks to try just now is Tom Ford Lips and Boys and these decadent lip wardrobe comes in 25 different shades that is suitable to adorn on all kind of stylish occasions.

Urban Decay – Naked Smoky Palette:

Image Source: Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an american cosmetics brand that was founded in 1996 and one of their latest arrival, naked smoky palette is a must-have to bring in an instant and gorgeous smoky eye that is quintessential for all kinds of need.

Victoria’s Secret – Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist:


Victoria’s Secret is an american brand that designs, manufactures and markets premium lingerie brands all around the world and they are also the largest american retailer of women’s lingerie section and moreover, this firm not only specialises in just lingerie alone but also concentrates on other fields like beauty department and the definite must-try from their fragrance mist range is coconut passion as this mist really brings in the tropical essence in no time at all.

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium:

Image Source: The Perfume Shop



YSL is a well-known european brand and they started to nail their beauty range since 1960’s to until now and one of their noted luxury feminine fragrance from the latest arrival is Black Opium which is an ideal accompaniment for this festive season.

I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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My Autumnal Fragrance Edit.


As we are residing in the fourth quarter of the year where fashion hits the store with loads of new fragrances and clothing in reminiscence of the new season’s arrivals and also, this is the time of the year where not only the winter clothes top up the aisle shelves but also the autumnal fragrance range too. Hence, with that as the inspiration, today I will be showing you with some of my favourite perfume picks that I would be particularly adorning myself in welcome for the winter chill colder months. So, let’s get started right away.

Jimmy Choo is a company that magnificently specialises in producing ultimate footwear, bags, clutches and fragrances in the fashion world and the latest 2015 release of exotic perfume from Jimmy Choo is definitely my kind of luxurious yet modern perfume where it has the whole splash of floral and fruity fragrance with top notes as black currant and pink grapefruit and heart notes as tiger orchid and passion-flower and base notes as patchouli and raspberry.

My next option for a sophisticated fragrance would be DKNY’s Be Delicious that is given by the great Donna Karan from the fashion city of New York. As people say that first impression is the best impression and this saying definitely fits for this perfume as it is shaped adorably as a gorgeous green apple and it has a sensually hidden fruity scents of apple, cucumber and sparkling grapefruit as top notes and the floral essence of magnolia and rose as heart notes and finishes off brilliantly with sensational woody flavour of sandalwood and white amber as the base notes.

I always love to celebrate the perfume that has the aroma which has the cascade of soft and free spirit of femininity indulged in it and this super cool refreshing fragrance from David Off Cool Water Wave hits the right spot to fulfil my thirst quenching tropical aroma of scent where its top notes start off with the fruity sparkles of fresh watermelon, exotic mango, sweet passion fruit and tropical guava and also, it has the fabulous heart notes of sweet&spice from pink peppercorn and the floral flavour of freesia and peony and ends ultimately with the phenomenal woody base notes of sandalwood, iris wood, amber and musk.

Lastly, I can’t leave the doorstep without this smashing signature perfume, Daisy from Marc Jacobs on a warm autumn day as this perfume really brings the warmth of the sun along with the pure pleasure of joy instantly and it also has an amazing mixture of fruity and floral combinations that has the fantastic top notes as the mixed floral essence of quince flower and freesia along with the fruity content of crisp apple and it also comes under the heart note as the floral bouquet of gardenia, iris and peonies and leaving a beautiful base note of musk and cedar wood towards the end.

If you have a whole new range of autumn perfumes just like me, then you could always write down your favourites onto the comment section that is right below.

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Beauty: Sweet Scent from the Spring Garden of Flower Blossoms.

Last week, on one fine morning, I received one of my best beloved fragrances (Daisy, signature perfume from the iconic Marc Jacobs) from the online retailer by post. Then, I walked around the room and sat next to the glass-mirrored dressing table. There, sitting in front of me was the gorgeous perfume bottle, made out of solid translucent glass, crafted with fine perfection, which in return, grabbed my attention in full swing saying “have one spritz of me” and truly saying, it was such a scenic beauty of eye-catching moment.



When it comes to the exterior of the bottle: the reflective, transparent, see-through, cuboidal-shaped, glass bottle at the bottom takes a narrowly-upward, tube-shaped structure to the top, where it gets crowned by the beautifully designed, gold-coloured, semi-spherical, metal cap which was adjoined by the various-sized, gold-budded, three-coloured flowers including pretty pink, pastel pink and pale mint, which all in turn takes the perfume to the next enviable levels.



Coming back to the aroma, I would say, it is a sweet-scent mix of pleasure treasure, which proceeds to the flavory amalgamation of joy and happiness, in conjunction with the richness of flowery blossoms and the real radiance of warmth beauty from the hot, sunny, summer days.


Fragrance notes: 

Top fresh notes: juicy apples, quince flower and freesia

Middle heart notes: gardenia, iris and peony

Base notes: cedar wood, musk and sandalwood

So, now, let me take some time off to indulge myself to take a ride through the fields of flower bouquets to get the aromatic bursts of summer fragrance in a unique, fun and vibrant way.