Perfect Dupe For FW15 Couture Necklaces.


I love statement necklaces and especially if it is from the world-famous fashion brands like Balenciaga, Tory Borch, Eddie Borgo, Chloe and Margaret Elizabeth, then it is quite impossible for me to stare away my drooling eyes from the gorgeous tones of statement necklaces but instead, with the heavy price tag of little less than £900, then I could imminently confirm that it is not going to fit into my financial bracket for anytime now and that’s where this time I found a perfect dupe for FW15 Couture necklaces which just costs a fraction of the amount to the designer wears and more surprisingly, it also resembles similar to the designer ones too.

Besides, when it comes to jewellery, Topshop has a huge range of jewellery collection that is titled as Freedom at Topshop wherein they have an extensive range of quality jewelleries that is varied from necklace to earrings and from bracelets to rings and to make our life even much simpler, they come in at a much affordable rate as well; plus, having spotted a massive sale in their jewellery section, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity in anyway.


Moreover, this necklace is so versatile to wear and also, it is not flashy or glittery but still maintains the dignity of elegance in true form. Additionally, when it comes to the design concept of the necklace, it is as simple as a circular hoop of gold hued metal that connects to the string at the back side with an easy push and pull lock and further, the centre part of the necklace is connected to a undetachable array of dangling drop gems which is ideal to have others attention to your neck. Besides too, the circular metal hoop is super stretchy and when you wear, you just need to stretch the necklace sideward to get it set into your neck flawlessly and it also sits quintessentially sturdy onto your neck without any wobble at all.

Then, while moving onto where to wear, it can be faultlessly adorned either as a weekend accessory that can be matched along with your denim outfit exemplarily well or it can be coupled along with any kind of evening wear and high heel stilettos to finish off your outfit with a complete chic glam look.


Additionally, having so many variations that can be paired along with this necklace, I think one should definitely pop into their nearest Topshop store to grab the best bargains that is available right now.

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