My beloved blue-flowered dainty necklace set.


Dainty necklaces are very much of classical and also, it acts as a dual factor of elegance and stylish statement that could effortlessly complete your glam look in a trendy way. Whether if it is for a party or a casual holiday trip, I am certain that this necklace set would definitely come as a great companion during your whole pleasant journey and also it makes you to feel proud and anyways, it doesn’t occupy much space to store it too. So, what else do you ask for? So, now let’s see a little more of it in detail.


Dainty Necklaces:

As you could visually see and also able to feel this dainty necklace as light as a feather and also, when you get in-detail to the features, it has a thin layer of silver chain that is running all the way throughout and also, it has exceptional properties of intricate designs that flows right into the front part the necklace. Besides too, when it comes to the pendant area, it has a beautiful combination of different shaped silver metals and blue hued beads that literally takes as a part of centre stage and in particular, I love those roses and especially, the pendant looks absolutely stunning with those blue coloured shiny roses and two-layered free flow chain which in turn looks like a floating chain.


A pair of ear candies:

These ear candies are so gorgeous and when you wear it, I am confident that you would  be getting plenty of compliments as well. Moreover, just like the above necklace, these pair of earrings also carries along the same matching pendant pattern and also, the quintessential partnership of silver detail and blue roses makes the whole set looks more ravishing too. Plus, the best part is that the back clip-on is not a complicated issue at all as it just slides like an ice when you tuck it onto your earring.


So, altogether, I am so happy with this purchase and I can’t resist myself to wear these silver dainty goodies onto my neck and ears and also, I am 100% positive that this necklace set is going to give me a long mileage throughout all seasons that are going to come along. Furthermore, there is no wonder why these dainty necklaces are beloved and well celebrated by celebrities, A-listers and street stylers and so, I am not in exception either.

Happy Wednesday all!


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