Wear these Bedazzled Earrings this Summer.

And, here comes the chandelier-inspired earrings that can dangle in your ears elegantly fuss-free plus, if you are not fond of gemstones but want a little bit of subtly matte-effect gold detail, then certainly, this can fit your wardrobe perfectly. Also, the sweeping, dangling feature that rhythms with the breezy tones of the wind gives a flawless thumps up too.


Style statement:

While talking about style a simply cut, knee-length, black sleeveless dress along with this conversation-starting jewellery (a pair of geometrically cut out, floral patterned, gold earrings with hook hold at the back from Forever 21, the well-known American brand – as shown in the picture above) and a pair of black stilettos can make an absolute match-perfect holiday statement look. Albeit, not had enough of it or want to go for more bold look, then you could go for by adding more accessories including hand cuffs, rings and hair jewellery.



Finally, I am sure that these earrings will be worn out by me for many more holidays to come on this summer…


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