Geometrical Vs Tear Drop Patterned Ear Candies.


Jewellery is an ultimate essential for every women which could unbelievably able to project their trend and lifestyle to the outside fashion world faultlessly. Besides too, bigger is always better and these ear candies are popular for every season and it also comes to the fashion world as various shapes and sizes. Not only high street shops stock up their new collection of earrings whereas the big players like Dior, Celine and Louis Vuitton also exhibits their new range of seasonal collection every biannually. Hence, if you were not in the ear candy game before, then, you must seriously think about it to enter into the world of ear candies as there are so many collections out there that can gorgeously able to adore your ears with a symbol of style and hence, today I will be strolling along with you by mentioning two versions of ear candies that is getting popular than ever and so, let us dive into it straight away.


Geometrical Patterned Ear Candies:

I love abstract and geometrical patterns as it takes me straight into those interesting mathematical sessions that were talking about numbers, shapes and patterns and in here, these pair of light-weight ear candies are in galore of shape and also, they are designed as a leaf-like striped patterned that is running from top to bottom by maintaining a series of thread that is tightened and turned around the small circular metal loops to give a new form of geometrical pattern and they are so fabulous and modern too; plus, it is perfect for a weekend wear that can be worn along with a pair of jeans and tee and also accompanied well with a high-rise pony tail as this hairstyle could effortlessly able to showcase those eye-catching staple piece to any enviable eye drooler.



Tear Drop Ear Candies:

There comes my favourite tear drop ear candies which can give a classical, elegant and pure form of femininity instantly to anyone as this trend is ever popular and it doesn’t affect in whatever way the trend wind blows. These pair of gorgeous earrings are made with cross-sectional blue stones that are simply stunning to mere perfection and also, all the tear shaped patterns are attached to each other in a way that it did spread out like a fan shaped structure and the dangling floating tear drops at the bottom are the highlighting part as they dingle and dangle that dances along inline with motion. Moreover, I am pretty sure, these mesmerising pair of earrings works exemplarily well with any kind of embellished dress that is ideal for an ultimate celebration for any festive event and you could also match these pair of gorgeous earrings along with a pair of silver high heel stilettos and also by making your hairstyle as a ballerina bun as this hairstyle assists you to showcase your glittery earrings incredibly well to others.

I hope you could also add a bit of style statement earrings to your wardrobe for this season.

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Happy Wednesday!


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