Essie’s Aztec Printed Nail Art Candies.


You might have seen the prominence of aztec prints in various kinds of summer clothing including crop top, baggy printed trousers, figure-hugging bodycon dresses, scarves, shorts and many more and having fancied by the intricate details of the geometrical patterns myself that includes from triangles to zig-zags and from dots to horizontal lines and from squares to vertical lines, today I will be showing you some of my clear-to-detail, eye-catching, wild card patterns where all the hues and shapes take the centerstage in bringing a new theme of nail art design. So, let me take you straight into the gorgeous nail art patterns right away.

To build up the base shade for the aztec printed nail art, I trusted on three different nail shades that are all from essie:

  1. I love pinks and corals and the recent purchase of cute as a button from essie fits as a right shade to me as the highlight the nail art pattern that I tried to interpret has the combined tints of both pink and coral in just one single bottle which could bring out the essence of softness and freshness straight away.
  2. The next interesting shade that I completely rely on is naughty nautical that has the dual tones of turquoise and aqua marine and whenever I opted to apply this shade onto my nails, it always reminds me of the coolest crystal-clear deep blue sea.
  3. Last but not least, the gorgeous shade bikini so teeny from essie is my all-time favourite as it has the combined mixture of soft blue and lilac tints and moreover, this shade always gives me the refreshing flavour of blue peonies.


  • Start with the freshly washed and cleaned nails.
  • Then, apply a thin layer of base coat and then followed by two coats of desired base shade.
  • After that, top up your nails with various themes of nail art patterns.
  • Finish off your nail art with a thin layer of top coat.
  • Finally, clear off all the bits the bobs by running a cotton bud that is soaked with nail polish remover along the perimeter of your nails.

Besides, while coming back to the creative part of the nail design, I have experimented and implemented with varied themes of playful patterns which includes triangles, tribal stripes, pastel designs and many more. Also, these nail art theme looks absolutely amazing with all kind of weekend outfits such as denims and dresses.

So, I hope you would also try this nail art deign at your home as well.

If you want to have a sneak peek on some of my other nail art look book, then you could also pop in right here, here, here, here and here.

Incase, if you want to comment in with your various thoughts and views, then you could always pop in straight into the comment section below.

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