Introducing My Latest Nail Polish Collection.


As Summer is shining radiantly outside, my strength for nail polish is getting immensely well populated than ever before and by the way, who can able to resist those gorgeous bottled gems away from our drooling eyes? Absolutely not for me as painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do in any lazy summer afternoons. Albeit this collection looks like a humongous range still my love affair to nail candies haven’t stopped and the evidential proof for this is, whenever I pop into any drugstore, I literally jump into the multi-hued nail candy aisle straight away. So, herewith, I have rounded up with some of my latest additions to my nail polish collection.

Furthermore, this collection has all the essential nail polish parameters including nail paint, top coat, confetti top, glitter top and even french manicure kit and the best highlighting part among all of these is that these nail polishes have an excellent wow factor of high durability as they are from the beauty industry’s trust worthy brands such as Barry M Cosmetics, Ciate London, Accessorize Beauty, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London.

Moreover, when it comes to application, there is no doubt that this collection could flawlessly able to make different kinds of nail candies like: from french manicure to shimmer nails and from coral nails to golden tan nails and from purple nails to emerald jewelled nails and from confetti nails to neon orange nails and from sheer nails to high gloss top coats and then, while moving onto the drying efficiency, Barry M Cosmetics’s Quick Dry nail enamels are quintessential to finish your job in tip-top condition that too with just a matter of minutes as their nail varnishes are designed especially for the busy city-living women; plus, the glitter and confetti nails works exemplarily well to get you occupied faultlessly on any kind of party or special occasion. Besides, if you have a serious addiction to french manicure just like me, then the Sally Hansen’s french manicure kit gives a perfect answer to your unassured worries as their nail polishes are so easy to stroke and also able to make a thin streak of defined lines so that it gives your french manicured nails as a salon finished look. Last but not least, I certainly need to mention about the gorgeous top coat from Ciate London which makes your life much easier as the quality of their top coat gives your nails a guaranteed hi-shine, long-lasting glossy look.

I hope you would also try some of these nail lacquers at your home too.

If you want to leave in a comment, you could always pop onto the comment section below to write down your various thoughts and views.

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