Bronze Goddess Body And Hair.

Tresemme (un)done wave creating

Tressemme perfectly undone, St Tropez Gradual Tan - In shower tanning lotion

With two days of scorching heat in here, Spring has officially started in UK and for no excuse, this is the season where bronze goddess avatar comes into action. Besides, who wouldn’t like a sun-kissed body and naturally flowing beached waved hair, isn’t it? Well, the undeniable pleasure of having a bronzy skin is definitely a great feeling that one could experience during warmer months and the compliments and amazing appreciation that you get from the look is an added bonus too. Hence, with so much anticipation building on, let me talk about the two trust worthy elements which could unbelievably accomplishes the mission of Jennifer Lopez inspired Bronze Goddess look. So, let’s get started and hence, stay tuned girls!


St Tropez In shower Tanning Lotion

I always love to use St Tropez body and bath products because it is one of the best brands that are available in the market at a very reasonable price range; plus, they have an irresistible quality in par with the other high end branded items and hence, trying it is definitely a sensible option.

Now, let me start with the actual product (St Tropez Gradual Tan – In shower Tanning Lotion) itself and to be honest, if I want to describe this product as short and sweet, then it is like holiday glow in a tube. So, if your skin looks like milky white, then this is the product that you have to look for this Spring/Summer. Besides, this gradual tan doesn’t look like a fake tan at all rather than, it looks more kind of a natural looking tan that can be achieved instantly as well and so, what else could you ask for, isn’t it?




This product is so simple to use and you can get the tanning done while you are in the shower and doesn’t it sound amazing? Yes, just 3 minutes of application is more than enough to get the convenient way of holiday abroad glow. It is ideal for first time tanners. Moreover, the packaging of the product comes in as a squeezable tube and hence, squeeze the desired amount while you are in use.


  • Gradual glow tan
  • Post holiday top ups
  • Streak free and evened out tan
  • Low maintenance
  • Inbuilt sweet almond oil provides 24hr moisturisation
  • Just 3 minutes of application that you need
  • Tan is achieved while you are in shower

How does it work?

  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned and washed body.
  2. With the shower off, generally apply the product in circular motions with your hands to wet skin for an even coverage.
  3. Wash palms after application.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes.
  5. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  6. Now, dry your body before getting dressed.
  7. Tips: After shower, the self tan starts to work gradually or else, if you want a deepened tan look, then reapply the product again while you are in the shower.

Important details to be noted:

  • Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin
  • Stop using if your skin feels irritated
  • Don’t allow the product to get into your eyes and if it happens, wash off immediately
  • Also, avoid contact with lips


Tresemme (un)done wave creating

Soft beachy waves are quintessential for a bronze goddess look and this could be easily achieved by this gorgeous Tresemme Perfectly (un)done Wave Creating Sea Foam For Soft Waves. This ultra light sea foam that is infused with sea kelp extract helps to create the natural looking soft waves in each hair strand that are all for a gorgeously (un)done wave look.


  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned hair.
  2. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.
  3. First of all, divide your hair into 3 equal parts.
  4. Now, dispense 2 to 5 pumps (2 pumps for fine or short hair) and apply evenly throughout the damp hair.
  5. Then, blow dry your hair.
  6. For natural wavy hair: Just scrunch in your hair and allow it to air dry.
  7. For Straight hair: Use a straightener to curl your hair.
  8. Finally, brush through the ends to get a fabulous, beach waved hair look.

Have you ever tried any of these products before and if so, you could share your personal experiences with me and as always, I would love to read them. Happy Thursday All!



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