Capture the fascinated attention of enchanted glowing face.

I agree that beauty is much like fashion, where everyone wants to pave a mark on their own beauty routines; plus, this is the time of the year, where all the beauty edits are already lined up on the online with diverging ways of acquiring quintessential summer glowing face. With me not in exception and being a part of one among them, everyday I diverse myself to get distinct yet cost-effective way to attain the expected results and this time with no excuse, I want to share this methodology of: how to make the best out of highlighter usage in your daily summer beauty routine?


Tips: Use the concept of “two stone one bird”.


  • Pressed compact powder (I used Estee Lauder – AeroMatte ultra translucent pressed powder)
  • Highlighter (I used Bourjois Paris – highlighter from the bronzing powder and illuminator duo)
  • Powder sponge pad

How to get the glowing effect:


  1. Firstly, I started off the makeup routine with a cleaned, washed and moisturised face and then, followed by the base application of Nivea tinted moisturising day cream to cover any redness or blemishes to certain extent on my skin. Or, alternatively you could also use concealer.
  2. Then comes the actual procedure of getting flawless glow. Take a few dabs of powder with a dash of highlighter onto either back of your palm or on your hand and blend it with your finger to get smudging effect and later, proceed ahead by taking the mix on the sponge pad and by gently pressing onto your face all over to get an exemplary glowing feature.
  3. After that, finish off the beauty method by supplementing a touch of blusher onto your cheeks, a pop of colour on your eyes using eyeshadow and eyeliner plus, in the end with a swirl of lipstick onto your lips.
  4. To make final touchup, dab more of powder mix onto top of the cheekbone and brow bone to get a completed enchanted look.

I hope you would also try to enjoy this beauty makeup routine in your spare time too.


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