My “Go Green” beauty cleanser.

Nowadays, we are living in the world of using so many chemical-associated beauty products every time in our day-to-day life and necessarily, once in a while, our body also needs some relief from all these factors to get themselves to breathe easily for sometime. That’s why, today I opted for “Go Green” beauty ingredient that acts as a natural cleanser to clean the recommended area effectively yet in an organic way.

Waitrose Coconut Oil
Waitrose Coconut Oil

FYI: Your skin cells gets renewed every 28 days and the functional acting elements including collagen and elastin in the dermis(skin layer) helps your skin to look brighter and healthier.

Even though, there are tons and tons of uses of coconut oil yet this time, I’m only concentrating on the cleansing element and now, let us see in detail about it.

Face cleanser:

Face is one of the parts of the body where we use chemicals excessively including harsh facial washes and cleansers in our everyday beauty routine which leaves our skin dried out completely. So, let us ask a question: why we are getting dry skin after using facial washes and cleansers? Answer: The explanation is quite simple because the chemicals used inside these products takes away all the wholesomeness of natural oil that secretes on our face and in the end, leaving our skin feeling more drier than normal but instead, if we use coconut oil, it only takes away all the dirt and impurities as a residual outcome of makeup yet retaining the whole goodness of natural oil and leaving our skin looking smoother and softer than ever.

Eye makeup cleanser:

Since I have tried myself before, coconut oil is very effective when it comes to removing eye makeup and it also works brilliantly without making any errors. For example, the black dirts from mascara and the deepest stains from kohl can be effortlessly removed flaw-free from your eyes using coconut oil.

Reach the unreachable area:

Unleash the mark of having a cleaner face by concentrating on the points, which can easily hide away and escape from the cleansing procedure and with no exception, that’s where comes the real saviour, coconut oil. Always, remember to concentrate on the cornered spots including middle of your chin and side of your nose and also, apply coconut oil generously over there using cotton buds and massage it gently to give a rub and take the dirt out. Then, after this, you could clearly able to identify how clean your face is.

Lip cleanser:

The pigmentation from over-using of lipsticks and lip glosses makes your lips drier and unhealthy on a long run yet by using coconut oil, you could get rid of this problem straight away. Yes, girls! It’s that easy and super cool method to follow. Firstly, wipe out all the lipstick stains around your lips and then, apply coconut oil liberally all over and massage it with your fingers in mild circular motions to take out all the stains from your lips in no time. As I said, it’s that easy peasy.

Cuticle cleanser:

Nails love oils and coconut oil is such a saviour food for having a healthy, glowing nails. As we all know, having too much application of nail varnishes makes your nails go brittle and drier plus, buffing too much in your nail care routine makes your nails even more unhealthy. Thus, this is the moment where the coconut oil comes as a rescue to revitalise your uncared, sad-looking nails. Hence, once in a while, have a practice of cleansing your nails in a natural way by soaking up your nails to take out all the impurities from your nails and after that, your nails will be glowing and looking softer like baby’s nails. Lastly, for a twist, try it in your toes too because summer is here and this is the time to show off your beautiful looking nails on the lovely sandy beach.

Finally, this is my way of cleansing makeup by going green and let me know in the comment section below of how you make your cleansing routine naturally in your own way.

Have fun Friday!


6 thoughts on “My “Go Green” beauty cleanser.

  1. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my post!!
    You just gained a new follower!!
    I have heard soooo many great things about Coconut Oil, I’m thinking I am just going to have to get some myself 🙂 Aside from the face, I heard it’s really good for hair too 🙂
    Great post!! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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