The cream that cares for my skin.


If you have stepped into Boots or Superdrug or any other drugstore’s beauty aisles lately, then the probability of glancing-through a ginormous collections of skin-coloured creams piled all over your eye-catching locale would be 100% definite.



Moreover, on your regular routine of beauty regime, you would have crossed and tried zillions of creams including foundation cream, BB cream, CC cream, etc but instead, my current-pocket-friendly, favourite staple cream for this summer is – Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream. Also, with added feature of Nivea’s philosophy of using the nature-inspired ingredients, I am sure, I can’t go wrong with this cream which ticks lots of boxes and that is why, I really adore this product satisfactorily.


The purpose served:

  • The three must-observed ingredients to look for are: vitamins – helps the formula swept evenly on the skin surface, which apparently combines in well with the skin and inevitably, provides an illuminated looking complexion throughout, light-reflecting pigments – this pigment along with the colour pigments gives a double boost to the formula, which eventually subtly conceals the appearance of imperfections and leaving  a sheer-looking, lightweight finish to your skin and last but not least, Hydra IQ – this rehydrating vital ingredient, not only supports your natural moisturisation to penetrate through the water channels but also, aids to promote the moisture flow between skin cells.
  • This cream, which is a perfect alternative to foundation, always leaves your skin tender-loving, non-greasy and soft every time you use.
  • With incorporated rehydrating ingredients, this cream gives an instant moisturisation, which is plentiful for your daily skin needs and invariably, it keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t let it go dry.
  • Having SPF 15 factor accompanied along with this cream, it succour to protect the skin against the pollution-filled environment.



How to apply:

Open the flipping-top of the tube and squeeze a tiny blob of cream and then, apply cream on cleaned face by giving a small, stroking circular movements on the face and then, finishing it by a gentle massage to the end.


Finally, I am certain, you would also give it a go.


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