Awesomely sweet albeit bit crunchy.

Hello everyone! I think it’s been quite a long time I did a post on food and hence I want to do it this time without a second thought . As all others, I am also a great chocolate lover and I think, no one in this world could hate this God-given confectionery; plus, these instant energy boosters are quintessential to beat my starving hunger-sensational moments.


While I was passing to and froth around the duty-free section in the airport, my eyes were literally drooling around the confectionary area and this hit the spot instantly. I’ve sighted in both the airports including London Stansted and Palma Airport selling tons of Toblerone chocolates to hungry trespass customers willingly. So, I also inclined to it wholeheartedly.


Chocolate elements:

  • Swiss milk chocolate
  • Honey
  • Almond nougats
  • Roasted and crushed corns


Workout for teeth:

We have heard of so many workouts that are aimed at to trim various parts of our body, but this time with a twist, these crunchy bites gave me a satisfying workout to all of my teeth in my mouth, which relatively left me with a pleasant feeling of wholesome yumminess.


Bit more on ingredients:

This chunky 400g of chocolate goodness can provide a longer shelf life in your kitchen cabinet and the whole ingredients can provide a fulfilling quick snack and it also gives an exemplary answer to your 4″o clock coffee companionship. This mixed chocolate assortment including richness from the milk chocolate, natural sweetness from the honey, nuttiness from the almond nougat and toasted & roasted crunchiness from the corn gives a balanced conglomeration of textures in each bite with an additional feature of sweet & sour taste too.


So, for me, it’s an ultimate winner and also, I have seen this item only in airports and not in any shop and hence if anyone have come across in shop counters before, you could also update me on the comment section below.

Happy Wednesday!


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