Make this Father’s Day as so special than ever before.

Happy Father’s Day!


Just less than seven hours is left to mark this year’s Father’s Day, which is one of those very special days for daddy’s girl like me and to make this occasion even more special, herewith I will be taking you along with some exceptional ideas, which is totally different from what you were doing on Father’s Day for years and years before. So, let us see now, how to give the real essence of surprise, which is a much-needed and far more than a gift (perfumes, tie, pen, organiser or sneakers) to your father on this memorable day.


A father, who has been working for years to raise up his children without minding any hard time that he has been going through physically and mentally by his busy work schedule all through these years should definitely deserves a valuable break to unwind himself from the work stress and also getting himself recharged and energised in a full swing on this Father’s day and apparently, these can be obtained in plentiful and can be achieved by following some of the few steps that I listed below.

  1. Meditation: Why don’t you give a company to your dad in mediation on this special day as it completely clears off his mind, boosts and helps to get in touch with the real inside of him, which also in turn, it assists him to decrease the stress level and get him well-connected and focused.
  2. Yoga:This fitness routine which is followed from common people to famous people and from celebrities to fitness-loving people and from young to old have proved themselves that yoga holds a special place in releasing some of the physical stresses that is already built up in our body because of leading a hectic life schedule and it also aids to link the whole body like an electric transmission transmitting and distributing the positive energy from head to toe equally. So, why not make a father and daughter duo yoga session on this father’s day.
  3. Walking: Take your father along with you for a brisk or vigorous walking to keep his mind relaxed and rejuvenated or if you are planning for even more fun, why don’t you jog or run along with him to grab extra points by burning some calories.


By this time, your father must be starving like anything after taking along some rapid fitness routines, so why don’t you plan something wonderful like a picnic in the park, which is a much better way to have loads of fun while sitting around with the family environment and to add a bit of sugar to this occasion, invite some close friends and family to bring this occasion as a remarkable one. Hence, when anyone talks about picnic, the first instinct would be food and so, let’s see what’s in store for?

One-pot meal: Make a larger portion of filling salad that includes all of the elements like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins – iron, calcium and magnesium and minerals and including ingredients like kale, couscous/quinoa pilaf, chick peas, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes – which is a delicious and colourful picnic snack that fits for a king and you could also associate other foods like wholesome smoothies and indulgent healthy dessert to spice up even more.

Fun with the family: After having delicious food, chat and play around with friends and family to have a good laugh, which is a mighty medicine and also, the only thing on the planet that doesn’t cost anything.


Make him special and keep appreciated for his tremendous achievement for supporting throughout your lifetime and make him happier by taking him along to a live music event or if he really likes drama, then take him to a play or an opera that can keep him relaxed to the fullest.


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