The Mother’s Day Gift Edit.

This year, The  Mother’s Day falls on 11th of March in UK and I’m so excited being as a mum and daughter. How about you? Have you started shopping for your mum to celebrate the big day? I know, no one can replace a mum’s true heart and so, why not as this is the best occasion to tell her how much you care for her and also, making her to feel how special she is in your life and that’s where I got the inspiration to share some of my thoughts to make it even more special. Hence, Let’s chat!

Flowers, card and a chocolate box: Who doesn’t love a fresh bloom of Spring flowers? I love it and I could still remember when my daughter brought me a card with amber painter flowers and a bunch of fresh dandelions when she was in nursery and those moments are so precious and even today, after couple of years later, still I could cherish those priceless moments. So, a bouquet of flowers, card and chocolate box are aways WIN-WIN for any occasion and so, check here for awesome flower inspiration.

Jewellery: Jewellery is the best way to make the occasion more elegant and I love our local store, Lisa Angel as they are affordable to buy and they have an immaculate quality too.

Beauty Kit: My mum worships skin care products and you could pamper your mum with L’occitane products as they have so many options to choose from and their products lasts long too. I have used their hair care products and you could check it out here.

Candles: Now, let’s move onto home decor that accompanies as an essential asset in your bath time routine and you know what I’m talking about and yes, it is Candles and Boots have Yankee Candles gift set at half price and so, just grab it.

Bag/Purse: Are you looking for some splurge on gifts? Then, have a look around an array of bags and purses collection from House Of Fraser and it is the place to shop for.

Cinema Time: Now, we are talking about spending quality time and so, check out your nearby VUE or Odeon cinemas for screen show times.

Dining Out: This is my favourite part as you can dine and drink and also, have a good laugh and you could mumble about family, holiday, work and everything.

Fragrance: Are you looking for aromatic gifts? Then, check out Debenhems for half price fragrances and they have so many choices of brands and so, get indulged in it.

Pampering Sessions: Mother’s day is a good excuse to dive into amazing pamper time and so, book a Spa Session along with your mum and I’m sure you could remember that moment forever.

Beauty Treatments: Well, this is a place of paradise and if you are thinking about salon kind of experience like gel nails, skin spa or makeup then, land onto John Lewis beauty services as they offer a whole range of numerous treatments that you could opt for.

Shop Along With Mum: First of all, mum is the girl’s best friend and so, go and spoil your mum with the latest available offers and certainly, your mum feels more proud and well honoured.

Well, what are your thoughts on my take? And, do you have any other special plans for Mother’s day? Share along your experiences with me and as always, I would love to hear from you. Until then, see you in my next post. Have a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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Beach holiday.


Summer is all about sun,sand and sea and what kind of summer holiday without a beach, isn’t it? And, that’s why, here comes my series of summer holiday fun facts which will yield all the goodness of summer as one single package and now, let’s see in detail.

Family Time:


Beach holiday provides pocket of opportunities for families to come together and so, invite your friends and families to give yourself a fun-filled family holiday and that is always rejoiced with happiness and laughter forever.

Detox Your Body:


Beach holiday works at its best to de-stress and recharge your body by soaking up in the sun and also, by having a wonderful lazy beach walk or soaking up your feet in the sea water or otherwise, you could bring your childhood inner sense appeal like building a sandcastle or burying your feet under the sand.

Say “Goodbye” To Hectic Work:


Beach holiday acts as a catalyst to show off your beach wardrobe like off-shoulder top, denim shorts, shirt dress, tan top and many more and last but not least, beach bags and tan sandals are ultimate mandatory too.

Richness Of Sun:


If you want to look like Sun goddess, then beach holiday plays an important role to make your glow tanned skin to look even more beautiful and also, aids to top up you month-ful supply of vitamin D sufficiency.

Water Sports:


Also, there are so many adventures that you can do in beach like jet skiing, beach quad biking, horse riding, canoeing, sailing and many more and so, just go for it.


Lastly, give yourself a bit of time off to feel yourself much better and relax your mind and body in a natural way which always helps you both work wise and also, physically too.

I hope you all had a fun time in reading this post and you could also show your love by sharing your thoughts onto the comment box that is down below and until then, have a good week ahead. Happy Holidays!


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Style Boards For Coffee Table.

Vintage furnitures are popular for many reasons like period statement, luxe, style and fashion values. Moreover, vintage furnitures helps to put a mark of individuality while decorating your home in a unique way and that’s why vintage furnitures are chronological accepted by all kinds of people from all around the world. So, when an exclusive curator approved online market place for vintage furniture, Chairish asked me to design some style boards for their vintage coffee tables, without any second thought I just jumped into the chance immediately. Besides too, I will be showcasing all the advice and tips on coffee table fundamentals. So, keep watching and stay tuned!

More about Chairish:

Chairish is an online market place for vintage furnitures where all design lovers unite. Also, this place makes it fun and easy for design overs to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another. Additionally, this online shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full service and trust worthy environment.

Story of Chairish:

First of all, an entrepreneur husband and design-loving wife started this company and later, a team of co-founders who shared the same passion to the former soon joined them. The founders and co-founders in Chairish are passionate about connecting design lovers with each other in the best, most practical and enjoyable way to buy and sell amazing, unique, high quality furniture and decor.

Now, time has officially come to see some of the coffee table style boards.

Pristine Whites:


Chairish, coffee table, style, fashion, furniture
Orchid and Tea cup from John Lewis, White jug from Home and Pantry and Candle from Naturisimo

I always love french country styled coffee tables and particularly, dressing up this rustic wooden table top with white solid carved legs is such a pleasure. Furthermore, french love to decorate their coffee tables in pristine pure whites and so, to follow up their footsteps, you could opt for a country styled jug, a silver-detailed white tea cup, a chunky white candle and a tall white orchid which could complete the look incredibly well.

Metallic Brass Theme:

Chairish, Home Decor, Coffee Table, Brass, Bamboo, Furniture
Candle from Naturisimo and Pile of books from The Guardian

Well, metallic theme is always considered as a popular choice while decorating a faux bamboo brass coffee table and in here, you could possibly go for a stacked up metallic boxes (ideal to store TV remotes and other accessories) which could partner well with the legs of the table and to compliment the frosted top of the table, you could go for a tapered marble vase. Meanwhile, to finish off the look, go for a pile of books with a candle to the top.

Colour Theme – Blue:

Furniture, coffee table, four drawer coffee table, style, fashion, vintage
Pile of Books from The Guardian

Four drawer coffee tables are the best sellers among the vintage furniture range as it organises the place effectively well. Apparently, the black feature from the table acts as a great way to bring in some contrasting light dress ups to the top of the table and certain props that could work immensely well are a pile of books with matching tea cup and vase and eventually, the whole props defines a height statement too.

Must-needed things:

Vintage furniture, coffee table, 1960s, style, fashion, danish coffee table
Pile of books from The Guardian and Pink Tall Orchid from M&S

I always love to have multiple storages on the table as it makes the table to look more organised and moreover, this 1960s Danish teak coffee table acts as a blank canvas for storage and hence, introduce some storage details in here. To style up this table, you could go for a tinker box which comes in quite handy to store some tiny jewelleries inside and the matching small bowls could be used for chocolate or sweet savers. Lastly, to finish up this look brilliantly well, you could opt for a tall pink orchid and a pile of books.

Golden Rule:

Vintage furniture, coffee table, glass top coffee table, style, fashion, gold
Pile of Books from The Guardian

A gold statement always brings in some luxury with it and this octagon glass coffee table is not in exception either. For a matching golden theme, you could go for a centre-pieced, gold detailed tray where you could ideally grab some golden ornamental collection and gold tea light holders and to complete the look, opt for a pile of books to the side.


Vintage furniture, coffee table, sea-inspired, coral, style, fashion
Coral sculpture from eBay, white orchid from John Lewis and Pile of books from The Guardian

Bringing in some inspiration from the recent beach holiday always sounds interesting and this crux coffee table is a perfect choice for that. To start with, bring in a coral sculpture as the centre piece which could also be accompanied along with a golden sea shell and to compliment some freshness, introduce a white tall orchid and finally, to complete the look, go for a pile of books.


Vintage furniture, coffee table, style, fashion,
Pile of books from The Guardian

You feel so comfortable when you want to show some fashion flair to dress up a custom coffee table with metal top and this furniture is so versatile to customise wherein you could mix and match with the items that you are interested in. For a packed up look, you could go for a tray from where you can literally put in some little details like vases and flowers and for a completed perfection look, go for a pile of books next to the tray.

Want to know more about Chairish, then you could check onto the link right in here. I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, pop in your thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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Make this Father’s Day as so special than ever before.

Happy Father’s Day!


Just less than seven hours is left to mark this year’s Father’s Day, which is one of those very special days for daddy’s girl like me and to make this occasion even more special, herewith I will be taking you along with some exceptional ideas, which is totally different from what you were doing on Father’s Day for years and years before. So, let us see now, how to give the real essence of surprise, which is a much-needed and far more than a gift (perfumes, tie, pen, organiser or sneakers) to your father on this memorable day.


A father, who has been working for years to raise up his children without minding any hard time that he has been going through physically and mentally by his busy work schedule all through these years should definitely deserves a valuable break to unwind himself from the work stress and also getting himself recharged and energised in a full swing on this Father’s day and apparently, these can be obtained in plentiful and can be achieved by following some of the few steps that I listed below.

  1. Meditation: Why don’t you give a company to your dad in mediation on this special day as it completely clears off his mind, boosts and helps to get in touch with the real inside of him, which also in turn, it assists him to decrease the stress level and get him well-connected and focused.
  2. Yoga:This fitness routine which is followed from common people to famous people and from celebrities to fitness-loving people and from young to old have proved themselves that yoga holds a special place in releasing some of the physical stresses that is already built up in our body because of leading a hectic life schedule and it also aids to link the whole body like an electric transmission transmitting and distributing the positive energy from head to toe equally. So, why not make a father and daughter duo yoga session on this father’s day.
  3. Walking: Take your father along with you for a brisk or vigorous walking to keep his mind relaxed and rejuvenated or if you are planning for even more fun, why don’t you jog or run along with him to grab extra points by burning some calories.


By this time, your father must be starving like anything after taking along some rapid fitness routines, so why don’t you plan something wonderful like a picnic in the park, which is a much better way to have loads of fun while sitting around with the family environment and to add a bit of sugar to this occasion, invite some close friends and family to bring this occasion as a remarkable one. Hence, when anyone talks about picnic, the first instinct would be food and so, let’s see what’s in store for?

One-pot meal: Make a larger portion of filling salad that includes all of the elements like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins – iron, calcium and magnesium and minerals and including ingredients like kale, couscous/quinoa pilaf, chick peas, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes – which is a delicious and colourful picnic snack that fits for a king and you could also associate other foods like wholesome smoothies and indulgent healthy dessert to spice up even more.

Fun with the family: After having delicious food, chat and play around with friends and family to have a good laugh, which is a mighty medicine and also, the only thing on the planet that doesn’t cost anything.


Make him special and keep appreciated for his tremendous achievement for supporting throughout your lifetime and make him happier by taking him along to a live music event or if he really likes drama, then take him to a play or an opera that can keep him relaxed to the fullest.

The blooming Spring in Chelsea.

This post is dedicated to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015.

Today, the much-awaited Spring garden full of surprises, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015, is officially kick-started and scheduled to run for the next five days starting from today. In addition, with the helping hands from the warm weather, the show is unquestionably going to be a hit winner. So, if you are in and around London, make sure to drop in to the show because, the blooming flowers in the wonderland makes an eye-pleasing, exquisite bouquet full of blooms visually and also, the true elements of this year’s show which are filled with flowers, which are vital and full of life, is certainly going to supplement your day further more special. Plus to amplify even more, the Queen and Prince Harry is making their presence this time to the show, which I think, a quintessential highlight to this year’s flower-studded show.


Moreover, horticulturists have been working hard on all these days to make sure the  show to be successful and the grand exhibit of exceptional display of flower garden are all well prepared before the inauguration of the show.


Additionally, this year, the show is expected to have a record number of visitors and also, forecasted to have around 165,000 people while during the show.




So,I hope you all have wonderful Spring day out there.

Bring back the Dangling Festivity.

ear1At the moment, fashion has taken a new trend twist, a step further ahead in the field of accessories and myself, being a long-time lover of fashion accessories, I should say, my half-length shoulder drop earrings are not in exception. As, I am not the only one who is truly, deeply, madly in love with these gorgeous jewels but also, even big players in the fashion industry like Givenchy, Chanel, Celine are some of the well-established notable brands who have experimented really well with these gorgeous adornments in their catwalk runways.


Moreover, being spotted on by these awesome earrings on my last visit to Dubai, I totally got hooked up at the first sight with the fine-in craftsmanship of exquisite sculptural statement detail. Indeed, not to mention, with its unparalleled and unmatchable self appeal, I am certain, it can effortlessly grab anyone’s attention instantly.


Uniqueness is the key:

With the inspirational design concept and three-tired pattern combination(first part – started off by the round gold stud with metal back press and then, the second part – geometrical, bowl-shaped, flower-patterned, gold surround detail and last but not least, the third part – elongated form of inverted conical gold structure with slitted detail at the back and half-silvery sparkling glittery detail to the side  – all three tiers are connected well with the gold hooped chains), no wonder, the design itself is a total winner.


Highlighting Part:

Being considered shoulder drop earrings as a must-have festive attire for this season, I can’t deny that these pair of dangling, glittery earrings are going to be my definite seasonal wear-out. Apparently, while talking about the sparkling, silvery, glittery stuff that’s hovering around the sides of the lower-end of the earring, it always gives me the unforgettable reminiscence of moonlight like white-light display on the hotspot location of World’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. And, also, whenever I see these dazzling danglers, I always hold my breadth for a while to make myself accustomed to live in those unforgettable memorable moments that I spent in Dubai.


Styling with comfort:

Mark my words – one should not come to a conclusion that a pair of earrings are just an accessorizing feature, but instead, if you think in designer’s point of view, you would know that it literally presents you so many luxe details including: bringing a pop of colour, projecting your elegance to next level, showing off your in-born style characteristics and lastly, a complete flattering ensemble too.

Additionally, no one can deny the fact that these paired jewels can go along brilliantly either with a bandeau dress or could be blended well with the better-known combo of off-shoulder tops and shorts to push yourself to festive vibe, in which, at the moment sounds wonderful that it could bring a perfect harmony with the colourful rhythms of this year’s festivity.


Finally, I hope you could also choose the best dangling earrings just like me for this season to make your own mark on the trend set that would give lots of attention and compliments from your dearest ones.

Beauty: Apple of my eye.

Considering eyes as the soul part of the face, no wonder, women gives so much importance in enhancing their eyes in different ways with various techniques. Hence, while talking about the eyes, one can’t deny and leave the fact of using eyeliner in every women’s day-to-day life to make things much easier yet in an effective way.

Meanwhile, even though, there are so many eyeliner products in various forms including kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and wax-based eyeliner available in the high-street, I was determined to try to experience these two new-era beauties: Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and Maybelline New york Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Apparently, with their in-built ink technology, these gorgeous goodies keep the hued pigments super saturated plus, the ultra-grip cap gives us the reassurance of ever-fresh formula every time you use, in which also replicates the long-lasting longevity of the product. Additionally, the 0.4mm fine tip brush serves us in defining the glorious role of making precise lines to give a complete snazzy look.



Various ways to use:

The brilliant use of hand control and the phenomenal use of in-built optimum control acts as a statement of double power to these eyeliner, which in turn helps to define a sleek, stylish, sweeping eye lines that can be achieved effortlessly with unmatchable excellence.

  • basic natural-look upper eye defining
  • lining all around the eyes
  • super-chic winged eyes
  • ultra-modern double winged eyes
  • sleek cat-eye flicks
  • the latest graphic eye lining





So, either if you are planning to use these eyeliner for parties or want to try it for everyday use, in both ways, I reckon, these two eyeliner do their job amazingly with 100% real satisfaction.