Be as a shopping spree right above the clouds.


Previously, you must have heard about some people who were pushing their time while they are sitting on-board on the flight and looking at their watch every minute to know how long they need to wait for the flight to land onto the ground but instead here, I am trying to narrate a different take-on to the story on how you could take advantage of that precious moment and make use of each and every bit of that treasured time in a useful, purse-friendly way that can be grabbed only from on-board not anywhere, which is too from an extensive range of products that are duty-free at slashed out price.


Having myself connected a strong bond to bargain hunting and also not being an impulse buyer either, I never leave an opportunity unturned and at this time, even before my trip to Majorca, I planned myself to do a bit of money-worthy splurge on-board on an item that I can use it throughout the Summer and this is when I hit the right spot of getting myself Sunflowers from Elizabeth Arden, which is like “Summer sunshine in a bottle” that is filled with fragrance aroma, which can ideally bring a true joy of real intensity of sunshine right in front of me.



The first thing that comes to my mind when I look for fragrance is the packaging and I would say, it didn’t disappoint me at all. To be honest, the lovely bright yellow packaging that covers the perfume bottle looks very flashy and can attract anyone even at first sight and then while moving along to the bottle, apparently it is like ‘a bottle filled with liquid gold‘ that is topped up with an easy-open, matte-finished, white lid. Plus, the versatile spray-tip at the top of the bottle makes it very handy to use for even application of perfume on the body.



The name (sunflowers) itself always remains me of the tall and slender sunflowers that is spread across the tropical agricultural farm that looks like a massive yellow bed laid down onto the field across and also, the freshly budded sunflowers that always shows up high into the sky with their happy faces facing right towards the glowing sunshine throughout the day – oh my! what a pleasure!

Furthermore, this perfume if filled with quintessential blend of multiple flavours of fruits and flowers (which always reminds me of summer) as such as melon, bergamot, rose and moss.


Feel bright from the application:

The true pleasure of using Summer perfumes are their unbelievable features of light-weightedness and simple yet still looking elegant with the mighty fruity/flowery flavours. Moreover, to get the most of it, try to spray the perfume a bit away from you and then, just walk along the path that is filled with showers of true aroma and in this way, not only you make the perfume to stand out all over the body but also to last longer.


So, If you are a huge fan of summer fragrances like me, then I would reckon you to give it a try.


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