Flatter your lash line with jewel tones and cool sprinkles of blue hue.

Firstly, let me tell you that we are living in the era where the 60’s and 70’s are making a bang on comeback and they are not only making their footsteps into fashion but also in beauty side too and also, where the feel of once-scared is changing by all it means and making a big time in the achievement of resurrecting the current trend of blue makeup. Besides, by now, many people including famous celebrities have started embracing the above fact and they are rejoicing the moment of reformation of blue as the new black.


Furthermore, we all know that blue is the biggest fashion hue when it comes to denim and we have tried it for years and years and explored it in zillions of ways to wear including from jeans to tops and from jacket to casual bags, and so, I think this is the best time to be brave enough ourselves to try something new, which is also a current time favourite and I would say we could be bold and beautiful if we wear it along as like many of our fashion predecessors have succeeded in their efforts before and hence, let us get ourselves to fit into the beauty box collection, which is filled with blue-themed colours that includes aqua, aquamarine, teal, turquoise, cobalt blue, light blue, dark blue, indigo, etc.


So, now let me guide you through how you can make use of the blue kohl eyeliner (here, I am using Barry M Kohl pencil No.19) to the most.

Festive vibe look:

This is the season which is full of music festivals and this is how you could bring a cool festive vibe in you. Firstly, start off with the basic makeup of having a clear dewy face and then followed along by neutral eyeshades to the eyelids and then, make a thin streak of blue eyeliner around the upper and lower lash line and I would reckon to make the line closer to lash line for the fullest effect and make a winged flick on the outer edge for the perfect winged cat eye look. After that, finish off the look with soft blushed rosy cheeks, a few strokes of black mascara to uplift the blue eyeliner look and some few dabs of nude lip shade to the lips.

Bon voyage look:

Having holiday period right around the corner, the makeup look which is beach appropriate is one of those ultimate essentials for the holiday time and to achieve that look, let’s see what do we need to do. Raw makeup is the first most essential part of the makeup which includes a basic moisturised and neutral makeup look which is then followed along with one or two blobs of vaseline to the eyelids to make it nice and glossy (this is the technique widely used by pros among the models on the fashion shows) and then coverup the lower lash line with fresh coat of blue eyeliner and do it nicely to get a standout look and then followed by tons and tons of mascara on the lashes to give a million lash look and then followed by fanned streaks of bronzer along the cheeks and the temple area and then, ending the look with a few application of coral lip gloss to get a glossy, volumed, fuller lips.

Electric blue look:

This look begins with a freshly cleaned face and then followed by moisturiser to keep your face nicely hydrated for long-lasting look and then add a blob of primer onto your fingers and apply gently to cover fully on the face and then followed by foundation to give a nice even base to the look and then afterwards, using concealer cover up the blemishes and give a contour session around the T-section, length of the nose, under the eyes and chin to give a complete toned look and now comes the moment of eye part, where the eye primer applied in first and then followed by neutral eyeshadow to cover full of the eyelids and then comes the actual part of eyeliner, where you stroke along the perimeter of the lash line with the blue eyeliner and with the help of a smudging brush, build an electric blue-effect, puppy eyes by smudging all around the lash line and then followed by a fuller lash look by applying plentiful of mascara and then followed by a few strokes of blusher along the cheeks and then finishing along the look with a neutral toned lipstick on the lips.

Celebrity-inspired looks:

The reality star and neutral-toned Queen, Kim Kardashian has gone for a much inspired blue eye look on her recent trip to Armenia and that’s where she made an evidential proof that Kim can get along well even while skirting away from the beauty boundary of neutral makeup.

Another bold star to look for is Kerry Washington, who went for a rocking and stunning look while starring along on a fuller fill cover page onto the recent magazine ‘Ebony’ and the hair and makeup look she appeared was  much appreciated and talked out by many.

Other famous celebrities made their statement staple as blue and went for an iconic look in front of the media at various occasions and you could catch up all in here for all of their looks.

So, all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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