Replenishing my hair with silky sleek shine.


Everybody likes to have a smooth silky enviable hair everyday that too, there is no restriction of age group in particular about hair care and hence we all know the importance of hair care and its daily routine in our day-to-day beauty regime and on the other end, there is also some times where we might end up with tons of tangles, frizziness and split ends either it is because of the bad weather conditions or held up severely on a stormy windy day and in both cases, there is no escape of a bad hair day and hence, with all of these thoughts at the back of my mind, I was just looking for a product which could assist me as a hair saviour under all unpredictable hair conditions and that’s where I finally bumped into my hair hugging product, Kerastraight Rescue Creme. This product is so awesome and it also has superior characteristics which aids my hair in full control of strength. So, let’s see what are the highlighting properties of this creme.



As we all know, damaged hair is one of those hair scenarios which is quite hard to handle for anyone and this light weight concentrated creme takes full in charge and takes immediate step when it is applied onto your hair and you could also see visible results just after few days of application, which is of course a humongous help for anyone with damaged hair conditions.


This creme not only rescue and repair the hair but also replenish your hair thus, leaving your hair hydrated throughout and it also brings back in shape just like the original hair. Plus, as this creme features thirst quenching properties, each time after application of this creme, it always leaves your hair with silky smooth softness. Moreover, this creme too characterises a powerful hair strengthening complex that keeps your hair with increased factor of moisture retention which in turn aids to improve the look and feel of your damaged hair.

Split ends:

As this creme attributes tremendous qualities, it also helps to take care of the split ends that too with a remarkable achievement of taking special consideration especially on the broken ends of your hair.


This creme gives plenty of protection from root to end of your hair which also controls the hair from frizz and you could also have an insight results seen when you look at the healthy balance of your hair.

Tools and products used:

  • Kerastraight rescue creme
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel
  • Long teeth hair brush
  • Hair dryer


How to use this product?

  1. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair.
  2. Then, take off any excess liquid and leave the hair towel dried.
  3. Now, onto the damp hair, take a small blob of Kerastraight rescue creme from the squeezable tube and apply it gently all throughout the hair.
  4. After that, using long teeth hair brush, comb through the hair running from head to end of your hair.
  5. Then, using hair dryer, blow dry your hair.
  6. Finally, style your hair as desired.

All-in-all, this product is like a life saviour for my hair and also, my hair completely trusts on this product every time when I use. Plus, the quality of the formula used in this product is amazingly exceptional and I am totally loving it at the moment.

I hope you could also try this product too.

Happy Thursday all!


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