Aroma that is sweetened with vanilla and coconut.


Today, Glastonbury is filled with festive themes and the Glastonbury festive fever is spreading vigorously everywhere like a forest fire. To be honest, every year, when Glastonbury festive season arrives, it spreads the word of colourful summer in the form of much-awaited festive fun days and that I call as the speciality of Glastonbury festival; that’s why it is considered as one of the popular ones among others and the evidential proof for that is, you could see it visually either on your own or on TVs, newspapers and social media. Moreover, Glastonbury in all is about fashion glory, infinite number of hair-braid styles and last but not least, the colourful face makeup jewelled with paints, sprinkles and glitters. So, having all in mind, now I am going to guide you through the much important essential ingredient that could finish off the festival with a burst of summer power.


By this time, you must have guessed about what I am going to narrate about and yes, that’s right – today, I am on a mission to bring aromatherapy to this festive season. So, having determined mind, I was glancing through the pile of perfumes which were standing straight like a bottled jewel with full of dignity on top of the dressing table, the mission is to pick up a quintessential fragrance that can tick all the boxes of festivity accurately. To be honest, this decision could be a tough one as the translucent array of fragranced hued bottles shimmering and gleaming with glee and definitely one could not resist the temptation of choosing many and I am not in exception too but with two of my hands held tight, I just picked the suitable perfume which matched unerringly that is filled with much wanted summer flavoured aroma, which is none other than, Victoria Secret’s Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist – oh my! I should say, if I have the technology that could transfer the smell across the internet from here to you, you can’t combat the aroma – it is that awesome.


Victoria Secret:

Furthermore, recently when I popped into the pink candy themed boutique, Victoria Secret, I can’t believe with my own eyes since the shop showed up like a pink heaven standing in front of me with all the variations including clothing, under garments, sportswear, beach styled clothing, accessories, cosmetics and the last part which is also my favourite, perfumes and hence with single-minded thought, I spritzed on sniffing various summer light perfumes that were gloriously standing on the shelf that is also accompanied along with constant drooling from my eyes and amid them, I fell in love with the smell of coconut passion at the very first sight and too not having the feel of impulse buy, I just stood in the queue and bought it right away and then, followed by every other day, I am using this summer perfume continuously as non stop as ever.

Coconut passion aroma:

As summer is all about lightness either when it comes to clothing or fragrance and that’s why, certainly I believe that this fragrance mist is going to give a long mileage during this whole of summer. Plus, when it comes to fragrance mist, it’s all aromatic components that is enclosed in the bottle and as I expected, this doesn’t disappoint either as it contains the real flavours of vanilla for sweetness and coconut for mildness as the main aromatic elements and then carried along by the natural conditioning statement as aloe vera and to give a true feel of comfort, the aromatic notes ended with the calming dose of chamomile. All-in-all, this golden liquid fragrance mist is like “perfumed mist in a bottle”.

How to apply:

  1. Open the transparent bottle cap at the top and pull it up to open the bottle.
  2. Using the spray holder, push it down to spritz one or two times a tiny bit away from you and walk along through the flow of mist which could effortlessly cover your body liberally as required.
  3. Spritz one more time around the neck and wrist for long-lasting staying power.

Finally, there is no doubt that this makeup bag friendly fragrance mist could be your signature fragrance mist for this Summer.


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