My Luxury Summer Fragrance Shelfie.


Even though there are plenty of fragrances to look for this season, but still, there are only few fragrances which are in particular for warmer summer months alone since these lightweight fragrances are ideal to use on hot sunny days and doesn’t make too much overdose of perfume sensation onto you at all. Besides, having the fact of niche symbol on it, I am certain that my luxury version of summer fragrances doesn’t disappoint me in any way as they have all the scents of nature ranging from florals to citrus and from fruits to fresh summer flavours. So, let us see what is in store for?


Moreover, when it comes to big screen blockbuster of eau de toilette sprays, I always have the expectation of super cool floral flavours and also plentiful of fruit flavours as well and hence, for this summer, I have started using Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers which has the combination of fruit flavours such as fresh apple and citrusy mandarin and also, floral flavours of hand-picked, velvety roses and refreshing gardenia. Besides too, I’ve completely fell in love with another fragrance from the same brand that is none-other-than Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Dream Petals that has so much richness of sophisticated mild floral accents and also, I could imagine myself wearing it while strolling on a blue-watered, crystal-clear Mediterranean Coast which is what I all expect from summer that too, nothing can beat those long-lasting, wonderful memories either.

It’s for sure that there has been always a debate of which is a wise decision? A perfume or a fragrance mist – I think both are absolutely great on their own and it doesn’t matter whether you choose a fragrance mist or a perfume during summer time and the only point that is surely noted down here is, how much lightness does it offer? as no one wants to soak up with body full of heavy perfume on a radiantly hot summer day and that’s where my journey of passion for fragrance mist has all started and that too solely from the trust-worthy brand Victoria Secret – Oh My! I can’t even imagine a day without these goodies full of aroma on my body as it completely gives me an instant lift of rejuvenating feel which is all I needed on a busy bee weekday.


Right now, I have three flavours of Victoria Secret’s fragrance mists and the first one that won my heart was Victoria Secret Coconut Passion and this inspiring fragrance mist is so invigorating with richness of vanilla and mildness of coconut and the scent has so much feel of staying power that lasts for all day long. Furthermore, the other fragrance mist to bring onto center stage is my all-time favourite, Victoria Secret Love Spell that has alluring fruity flavours such as cherry blossoms and peach and it is perfect for my long hour work days. Last but not least, this fragrance mist, Victoria Secret Love Addict has full strength of exhilarating and energizing power that is ideal to wear on any dramatic evening occasions. Additionally, the sole wow factor that comes along with these addictive fragrance mists are the soothing sensation of chamomile flavour which can give an instant oomph to anyone who wears it.

Writing this post itself making me so much fortifying and revitalising feel which also aids me to recollect all those memories right in front of me.

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Happy Tuesday!


11 thoughts on “My Luxury Summer Fragrance Shelfie.

  1. Fab post – those bottles look amazing! I’m also a fan of EA Sunflowers as well… my bottle is beginning to run low though 😦 Must check the ‘dreams’ one out – sounds beaut 🙂 Karen xo

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