Fashion: Spring Galore of Pretty Pink Flowers.

From the blessings of Spring Goddess with bright sunny days, I thought what would be a better way to celebrate this beautiful episode of radiantly glowing sunshine than indulging myself with the gorgeous prints of pretty floral with pink power.


So, in concurrent with the latest Spring arrivals, I, myself, barged into one of my favourite shops, Miss Selfridge to find out the latest Spring beauties and by luck, I got this artistically oriented, multi-coloured, floral-printed slip dress . As seen, I must say, in this case, with an additional knowledge of “more is always better”, this Spring-floral inspired look has been beautifully portrayed with ravishing flower coloured-theme including the freshness from the blue, prettiness from the pink, brightness from the off-white, gorgeousness from the purple, essence of rose from the pinkish-magenta and alluring warmth from the black, which makes this dress, a perfect staple piece for the forthcoming hot Spring/Summer sunny days to come.


However, along with this dress, I was trying to figure out the best possible option for choosing the right coloured lipstick and with the matter of time, I found this utterly ultimate, berry-coloured lipstick with No.160 from Barry M Cosmetics Ltd, which matched brilliantly with one of those pink floral from the dress. In believing to have a “WOW” factor moment on my lips, concretely, this lipstick worked brilliantly and the complimentary part is, oh my!, it stayed on my lips for more than 4 hours even after consumption of food and drink. Hence, I would reckon blindfolded, that this is a best bargain hunt on the lipstick section if you are looking for a wallet-friendly lip beauty and also, the matte-effect finishing touch on the lips is an added plus point too.


Last but not least, when it comes on deciding the accessorizing role, I sometimes, seek to get inspiration from the recent magazines, street-stylers and online-fashion editorial sections for the latest fashion trends . So, keeping all in my mind and, to stick onto having matching combo, I grabbed these pair of earrings and bracelets from my old finds of accessories collections, which echoed marvellously with the rhythm of all-around floral and pinks.



25apr157 Hope all of you have a great weekend!


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