Burj Khalifa: A Magnificent boon to Reach Sky High.

Unlike other UAE cities, Dubai is quite westernised and modern in terms of culture, food and lifestyle. So, not only foreigners, people from all around the emirates come here to enjoy their western life. For this reason, Dubai is always filled with all kinds of people and globetrotters. 24apr152 24apr151Recently, during my last visit to Dubai, I’ve been to Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest tower (with the height of 2716.5 ft) and world’s tallest man-made structure, which features an amazing highest number of stories in the whole wide world and I reckon, this stunning building is such a delight-to-watch. In addition, a remarkable experience of spacious deck, “At The Top” at Level 124 gives a fantastic eye-catching, 360 degrees angle of panoramic view to watch all the skylines, malls and including the famous Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star Hotel. Moreover, if you want to explore even more, then by taking a special elevator to reach Level 148, you can reach “At The Top Sky” and there, with total fuss-free and peace of mind, you can effortlessly stroll-through the deck to watch the breathtaking views. WOW!! It’s such a splendour moment that I wish everyone should get an opportunity to watch in their lifetime. Being opted for night time view, I think I made an absolutely wise decision because the posh-notch killer views with glittery star-fled nights are like dreams come true experience and it completely made my day so special. And, also, the reality experience of watching two observation decks on the same building is like icing on the cake for me. 24apr153 24apr154 Besides, Burj Khalifa which opened in 2010, also features a tremendous in-house office spaces, fitness club, The Armani Hotel, fabulous dine-in restaurants and residential spaces to fulfil each of the visitor’s needs. However, if you have extra time, then, there is always bunch of hands-on sight-seeings to explore even more wisely. 24apr155 24apr156 24apr157 Have fun!!! Happy weekend to all!!!


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