A perfect summer dress to inspire.

With all the signs of Spring, bright sunshine, rising temperatures, warm and airy breeze, blooming flowers and clear blue sky, I set off to shopping spree experience to update my Spring wardrobe. This time, I opted for Westfield Stratford, Europe’s largest urban shopping centre to give myself a bit of window shopping experience and sincerely, I reckon, I spent money wisely. IMG_6160 Willingness for the new finds, I was determined to have a sneak peek on less than two weeks old shop, Lindex, Swedish high-street retailer, who made their debut flagship store in UK. With imagination of Scandinavian feel, I entered into the shop with inner excitation to look at the interiors first and then to the shopping side. As expected, the shop looked fabulous with each and every bit of interiors reflected Scandinavian style of light and airy mix with collections spread across much wider two-tiered space. In the clothing side, there was concepts of white, black and bright colours. Especially for warmer weathers, they have exclusive cute summer dresses, bespoken striped dress and trendy and gorgeous-looking jumpsuits. To be honest, there were huge range of tall clothing collections. Amazing! With ginormous collections of clothing for womenswear and kidswear, they also have beauty and accessories section to have a perfect shopping feel. No wonder, Lindex is one of the best Northern European fashion styles to watch out for this season because of their absolute winning performance in the retail section for their trendsetting styles. IMG_6163 So, what I got from Lindex then? Yes of course, I didn’t turn out empty-handed instead, I fell in love at first sight with an elegant, textured and dot-patterned, turquoise chiffon dress. To be honest, I would say, it is one of those everyday, fuss-free, light-weight yet sleek-looking and must-have summer dresses. Loving with its simplicity, the colour itself can create more drama on its own. Also, the dress has been brilliantly tailored and lined well with soft lining fabric to amp up an extra lightness to the dress. You could get this chiffon dress in-store or online by http://www.lindex.com/uk/women/holly-whyte/7243951/Chiffon-Dress/?styleId=66747929

IMG_6156 How to style:

Daytime: Style this gorgeous dress with a red belt to add a pop up of colour, a pair of cool, cat-eyed sunglasses and finally, lovely red ballerina pumps to your feet.

Evening-wear: Achieve an effortless look by combining white-stoned silver necklace and stone-embellished silver high heels along with this chiffon dress to make a perfect evening glam look. So, have loads of fun guys!!!


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