Sunglasses: More is always better.

If you ask me: what is the coolest thing on earth? and I would say: sunglasses. With temperatures rising up more than 20’s these days, what kind of sunglasses are you looking for this season? With ginormous amounts of collections in the high-street, anyone would go confused in choosing the right one. So, let’s make your life easier in finding out the perfect choice.

To be honest, if you are looking for designers ones, don’t forget to try some of the big industry names including Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Celine, Victoria Beckham, Finlay & Co. and Ray Ban.  Also, not to miss spot-on trendy colour choices of black, brown, bright red, white and gold.   However, I always have a passion for patterns and I would be willing to reckon some of the best available animal prints in the market. Last but not least, finally, let’s move on to the different shapes – You name it, I’ll show it. My favourite shape styles are round, heart-shaped, cat-eyed, wing-shaped, hexagon-shaped and retro style.

These are some of my sunny goodies for this season:








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