Day 2 – Venice, Italy.


Today, let me take you through my journey of travel in the most prestigious district of San Marco in Venice, Italy. As you all know, I have covered my expedition on San Polo district in Venice on the Day 1 of my travel and if you have missed any of it, you could always jump onto the section that is right here. As San Polo district covers the upper curve of the Grand Canal and similarly, San Marco district travels along the lower curve of the Grand Canal and it is one of the most reputable districts among the entire six districts of central Venice.


The eminent landmark of the San Marco district is none other than Basilica of St. Mark that is highly regarded as the treasure-house of ancient Venice and its whole architectural structure sits elegantly as a center stage on the most famous St. Mark’s Square that is also called as Piazza San Marco; plus, the whole surrounding area of the bustling square is always filled up with pigeons, tourists and cafes. Moreover, the adjoining museum and the magnificent clock tower is certainly worth the watch.


Furthermore, the great sight-seeing point in this area is that tourists queue along the top of the bell tower to see the most gorgeous panoramic view of the historic city and the whole structures, pillars and monuments clearly explains the great architectural intelligence of the architects even farther away centuries back.

Finally, you can’t go empty-handed after passing through the humongous designer stalls that has the most fabulous latest fashion arrivals and hence, I took this opportunity as a great pleasure to show you some of the best designer show rooms in the city.

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Doesn’t it look so gorgeous! Even though, one can’t afford to drop into each section of the store but still, it’s definitely worth to have a premium window shopping experience that is all under one roof.

I hope you had a fantastic time in reading through this post and in addition, you could always drop in your valuable views and thoughts into the comment section that is right below.

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Beauty: Versace Eros – A Unique Men’s Fragrance with Great Enviable Attention from Others.

“This is a fragrance for a man who is his own master. He is a hero: a man who defends their ideas and goals” – these unforgettable speech is from Donatella Versace at the launch of Versace Eros.

More about the Brand:

As we all know, Versace, a well-known Italian Fashion house, founded by Gianna Versace in 1978. With Milan, fashion capital of Italy, as headquarters, Versace has established a vast company in the field of fashion which includes: super-classy collections in the department of women, men, Versus, perfumes (beauty section) and home. Not only that, there were so many unmatchable achievements made by Versace during their fashion timeline and here are some of them: Versace opened their first boutique in Milan, Italy in 1978 and later, they opened their first boutique outside Italy in Glasgow, UK in 1991 and last but not least, by the third-quarter of 2013, they scaled their operation of having more than 80 boutiques running worldwide. Wow! Mind blowing!



This dazzling and sparkling dark blue-coloured bottle is originally designed by Donatella Versace herself with deep roots in connection with the Greek Mythology. Also, Eros, the historical name has taken from the Greek God of love, who has the ability to make people fall in love, which in turn, replicates their true bond of Mediterranean flavours which is well packed in this perfume. Then, the other thing is, the richness of the dark blue-bottle gets more complimentary feature with the shimmering and shining characteristics of gold cap and also, their signature-styled, Medusa head embossed on the front to the bottle and the top of the bottle cap has given a new dimension to the whole appearance of the bottle.


Highlights of aroma notes:

Top fresh notes: juicy green apple, zesty lemon and fragrance mint oil

Middle heart notes: geranium flower, ambroxan and tonka bean

Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, vetiver, oak moss and cedar wood


The fresh, zingy, zesty flavours from lemon, mild fragrance from the mint oil, the juiciness from the apple, a hint of essence from vanilla, flower power from geranium and a touch of woody effect and earthiness from the cedar wood and vetiver gives this fragrance an ultimate unique essence of scent.

26apr157So, with just a dash of this perfume in neck and clothes makes your working day an extra special and the longevity factor on this perfume makes even more versatile as a daily wear.

Have fun all!