September Beauty Empties.

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With the beginning of colourful Autumn have already started with great pace, here comes the much-awaited beauty post that I’m so glad to share along with you and yes, it is yet another time again and as you’ve guessed,  I’m talking about the amazing September beauty empties. Surprisingly, this time, I’ve emptied lots of perfume and body mists rather than makeup and skincare which in turn I remind you that I will surely show you some of the best skincare items as some of them have already finishing to the end and so, stay tuned to see more.4mar167

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I love perfumes and body mists and some of my recent empties include:

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Dream Petals:

This is a floral, woody musk fragrance for women that I’ve been using all throughout summer. It has sweet notes of green apple and refreshing notes of zingy mandarin orange and finally, finishes off perfectly with cedar woody musk. Want to know about other Sunflowers products? Then, *CLICK HERE* to find out more.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Woman EDT:

I love this refreshing cool perfume that I’ve been using non-stop since I’ve bought it. It has fruity scents of watermelon, mango and passion fruit along with hearty notes of pink peppercorn and spice and finishes off perfectly with floral scents of freesia and peony.

Victoria Secret’s Secret Charm:

I love body mists from Victoria’s Secret and this amazing secret charm is one among the best and this sweet-scented body mist is infused with conditioning element of aloe vera and calming agent of camomile. Are you looking for more inspirations? Then, *CLICK HERE* to see various other choices.


Maybelline Newyork the colossal volume express mascara

Now moving along to makeup, I can’t praise enough of this mascara as this statement piece that is been celebrated for achieving 100years of beauty excellence from Maybelline NewYork is one of the best that I’ve ever tried. Besides, I also love the funky style of the packaging and the amazing bristles of application brush wand.


The body shop honeymania, skincare, hand cream

I love hand creams from The Body Shop and HONEYMANIA and MORINGA are my all time favourites and they always comes along with a sweet note of aroma and the creamy, non-greasy consistency of the formula leaves my skin silky soft and the nourishing element of hand cream finishes off perfectly with non-sticky feel.

I love honey and if you are just like me, then you know the secret of wonders of honey as this gives an instant feel of double moisturisation and want to know more about my serious obsession to honey, then *CLICK HERE* to see more.


Gamier ultimate blends shampoo

Finally, let me introduce my immense favourite shampoo which is none other than, Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and the gorgeous blend of argan and camellia oil brings in a perfect blend of nourishment to your hair instantly. Want to know more about other Garnier products? Then, *CLICK HERE* to see their best-selling conditioner.

Have you ever tried any of these products before? And, if so, then feel free to share along your personal thoughts with me and as always, I would love to hear them.


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8 Ways To Select A Mascara.


Lancome grandiose mascara

I totally agree to the fact that if one makeup staple that I can’t live without is always a good quality wondrous mascara. Anyways, who couldn’t able to resist the thick, volume and fuller looking lashes, isn’t it? Stunning! Besides, I do have a fair share of mascara trying out then and there too and I’m absolutely proud enough to say that in the meantime as well. But instead, if you ask me, “Is that necessary to try out different varieties of mascara?”, then I would say that, yes, it is definitely a swoon worthy deal for sure since the more the mascara you try out, the better the knowledge you could gain and hence, don’t leave a chance to refine yourself.




Creating a quintessential definition to your lashes is the most important feature that you could able to achieve on your eye makeup look and one of my recent finds, Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara that incorporates all the vital factors of dramatic definition, carbon black finish, curvaceous brush wand, intense feather like bristles and clump free formula are the best to be noted for.


  • Additional nutritious source of Keratin and Shea Butter
  • Applicator spreads out the formula evenly
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge free
  • Flake free




I really love mascara that multiplies my lashes to hundred folds more and one such great find is the Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara which not only multiplies my lashes innumerably well but also gives a humongous volume to my lashes several times better.

Vital Elements:

  • Brings in great volume to your lashes
  • High longevity
  • Separate lash look
  • Clump free


MAybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

The other great feature of mascara that I most liked about is the light weight of the mascara wand which is so easy to handle just like a feather handed characteristic; plus, application wise, it is much versatile to use to bring in some volume, curl and lift instantly to your lashes and one such particular find is the gorgeous Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Great Features:

  • Volume
  • Light weight applicator
  • Instant curl and lift



Adding a lash primer is always a wise decision if you are looking for an intense and thicker looking lashes as it brings in oomph effect to your eyes instantly and one such amazing find is the prestigious L’oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara and it comes as a two bottle portion whereas one container has the lash primer on and the other has the actual mascara content itself and hence, intensity is at its simplicity if you use this stunning staple as a beauty piece.


  • Extra addition of lash primer
  • Brilliant brush bristles
  • Thicker and separate looking lashes
  • Intense lash look


Lancome Grandiose mascara

Having an extra length to your lashes is the most blessed about property that one could always look for and the most adventurous Lancome Grandiose is the perfect beauty asset that one could have in their beauty wardrobe.


  • Perfect swan neck brush wand
  • Native rose cell extract that enhances lash length


Choosing a mascara that has the most extravagant formula is always the best choice one could opt for and always look for the nutritional properties that allows your lash length to grow or provide some lash care for a long lasting moisturisation to your lashes. Besides, always look for water-resistant formulas that are great for warm, sunny days to use.


Choose the most incredible brush wands that are available in the market like curved, swan shaped, tapered, round headed and super sleek wands and always make sure that you are opting the right wand for the right purpose.


Nowadays, mascara can be obtained in so many colours that could easily be able to match with your hair colour, skin tone or your uber-stylish outfits and some of the most stunning shades that are trending at the moment are black, brown, cobalt blue, purple and  minty green.

So, which factors that I mentioned above are the most desirable options that you account for? Let me know all about your personal thoughts and as always, I would love to read them.



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Review: Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

I always love a good quality mascara and from time to time, I vary range of mascaras from drugstore to high end and also, I keep one thing in mind to restore the luxurious branded mascaras for a special occasional use and the gorgeous wallet-friendly mascaras for a very versatile day-to-day use.

Tale Of Mascara:

Long before, the award-winning Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara served my lashes tremendously well for the whole of winter which not only aided to lift my lashes flawlessly well but also, it added a twist of nutritional aspects to my lashes which is in the form of Keratin (for lash growth) and shea butter (for lash moisture intact). Then came the sumptuously designer mascara which is none-other-than Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara that made a grant entry to add into my high end collection (in the middle of January). And with two step further, I just now landed onto the marvellous drugstore companion – Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Drugstore Mascara Hunt:

First of all, let me tell you how it all started. In the middle of February, I was shopping around Superdrug store and while I was carrying a basket full of so many beauty staples right from facial wipes to lip balm and from makeup brush to blush, I spotted this splendid mascara sitting next to the counter aisle that too on offer and immediately, it came right into my basket right away. Voila!

MAybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara


Having heard so many good reviews about its original version, I think, this time, I made a sensible buy. Look at the packaging! Isn’t it so gorgeous? I absolutely loved the funky colour theme running throughout the packaging which makes the mark of Maybelline NewYork’s 100 years anniversary celebration. Not only it looks so amazing with ravishing colours of blue, red, yellow, black and white but also looks absolutely stunning with the magical patterns of stars and stripes.



Moving along to its functionality, oh my! It has been designed to perfection with so many added features like the tapered shape of the brush, the varied length of the bristles which helps to capture maximum number of lashes in just one stroke and the ascending and descending length of the bristles which assists in sketching the lashes from roots to end. All-in-all, it is very impressive!


  1. Finish off all the eye makeup look before heading onto your lashes.
  2. Using Shu Uemura eyelash curler, curl your lashes effectively well.
  3. Take the mascara wand and apply two or more coats onto your upper and lower lashes by starting from roots to end and more importantly, always remember to make a push and wiggle movement onto the roots of your lashes for maximum volume.
  4. Intensify each stroke by applying the mascara coat both above and below the lashes.
  5. Make the last coat for final touchups so as to get a separate lash look and I’m sure by this time, your lashes will be defined and lifted well too.
  6. Last-but-not-least, this mascara gives a flake-free, smudge-free and clump-free lash look.
  7. Now, your lashes are ready to show off.

Have you ever used this product before and if so, let me know your thoughts on this product and as always, I would love to read them. Furthermore, don’t forget to read my tips on mascara and the link is right here.


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