My trust-worthy heat protectant hair products.


Hair styling is a day-to-day beauty routine that you can’t skip by any means and styling it in a different way is a common factor too. Albeit hair styling is a regular procedure but the amount of heat that we use onto our hair before styling is really an immense feature and hence taking care of our hair is an ultimate necessity too and with that as the important criteria, today I will be talking you with some of the hair products that I use which acts as a barrier to protect my hair and also not to damage my hair as well. So, let’s see how well one could able to protect their tender loving hair away against the roar of the heat.


Debate on mousse or spray:

As hair care is taken care from young to old, nowadays the beauty market is flooded up with hair care products on the shelves of  the beauty counter and to pick up a product from the humongous range either on the high-street shop or drugstore is a tough job for anyone too and hence, selecting the right product from them is a skill too, which is of course obtained by trial and error method and also an expensive deal too and the only way to see is, how it works onto your hair and hence, after a long experimentation of trying out various products myself, now I have landed up onto two trust worthy products, the first one is L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray and the other is VO5 Plump It Up Weightless Mousse. Even though, there are so many debate on which one is the best? Either Spray or Mousse, but for me both sounds good and serves the job 100% effective as per guided.


L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray:

This heat protectant spray is great for straightening your hair as it takes complete control onto each of the hair and it protects right from the roots to ends and the amount of content used is also less too and let us see what you all need to do:

  • Press the button on the top to unlock the trigger.
  • Just spray 3 or 4 times on to the damp hair from 15cms away and its light-weight formula evenly distributes and gives a total coverage from roots of your hair.
  • Brush the hair through comb which is then followed by a blow dry which it leaves your hair a frizz free, smooth, blow dried hair that can last long upto 3 days.
  • If you want more volume, then you could concentrate onto the roots and blow dry your hair by head upside down.
  • The benefitting characteristic of this product is that it protects your hair upto a temperature of 230 degree centigrade to give a flawless looking, no-flyover hair.
  • Note: If in case the spray gets contact with your eyes, then rise it immediately.


VO5 Plump it up weightless mousse:

This product is so great on its own and the non-sticky, weightless feel is quintessential to use it on your hair and it also protects your hair against the damage caused by the heated appliances. Furthermore, the product is designed in such a way as it gives your hair a fabulous bounce and volume as well. Plus, this product aids you to express the very best of your hair too. Hence, let’s see how it can be used:

  • Shake the product well and hold it upside down to squirt out the mousse contents onto your palms.
  • Then, do circular motions on your hands to mix the content well and stroll through your hair starting from the roots on the towel dried hair and remember to distribute the mousse contents evenly all throughout the hair.
  • After that, style your hair as desired.
  • Note: If your eyes gets contact with this product, then rinse your eyes straight away.

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