Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.


Today’s nail art is all set for holiday theme. Moreover, two things are particularly famous in Los Angeles – one is venice beach and number two is avenue styled palm trees that runs along in line parallel to the street. Hence, with that as the inspiration, this time I will be adorning my nails with the gorgeous ombre effect setting of sunset as the background base and palm trees as the forefront runner. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Besides too, I think there is no other better way to put altogether as a one single capsule. So, if you are in a holiday and planning to go on a holiday, then this nail art is quintessential way to interpret the holiday theme in a playful way and also, a cute way to entertain your holiday this summer. So, let’s see how to achieve this chic nail art in an easy and effective way.


As you might have guessed, my sincere love to Barry M nail polish is continuing like a very long story and for now, I have picked three marvellous shades including deep pink, turbo charged coral shimmer, citrusy yellow and lastly, the Barry M nail art pen to create this fun full Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.

To get the ombre effect sunset background:

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to moisturise your cuticle.
  3. Then, apply a thin layer of base coat.
  4. Next, apply two coats of Sally Hansen’s white nail polish onto your nails as this helps to enhance the ombre effect layer at the top.
  5. After that, take a sponge and add streaks of pink, coral and yellow lines onto the sponge and dab it straight to your nails as two coats to get a nice pigmentation.
  6. Lastly, take off the excess bits by running a cotton bud that was soaked with nail polish remover along the perimeter of your nails to get a perfect tidied up look.

Note: Leave two minutes of drying each time after application.

Palm Tree Nail Art:

  1. Take the Barry M nail art pen and sketch the palm tree on top of the ombre effect nails by drawing a thin stroke of fine lines by starting from the tip of your nail and running towards the inner part of your nail.
  2. Allow the nail art to dry completely and this step is a must to get a nice smudge-free nail art look.
  3. Finally, apply a thin layer of top coat gently.

I hope you could also try this nail art at your home too.

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Cloud Nine with Barry M Nail Lacquers.


I love nail polishes and I love nail lacquers from Barry M cosmetics as they have a fantastic range of nail enamels that is suitable to wear as a daily wear or onto any kind of special occasion. Moreover, for a nail addict person like me, it is unbelievably a boon to play around with these nail paints to create so many variations of nail arts. By the way, who wouldn’t like these gorgeous nail colours on their nails? Certainly, I would love to wear it onto my nails all day long. Besides, always nail enamels are considered as a feature of stylish statement and I would definitely want to fit in that category as always forever. So, let me take you right away.

Firstly, the Indigo colour nail paint is great to wear onto your tanned fingers and toes as they are ideal to project your tanned skin tone to a sun-kissed look. The next shade is pretty much party oriented that is none-other-than mermaid nail shade which is quintessential to wear for festivals and you could also have a glimpse of it right in here too. Besides, if you are a keen lover of purple and lavender shades, then you should not miss this as this gorgeous purple colour which works exemplarily well on your nails on any hot summer afternoon and the other most important criteria to look for is, it dries out quickly. Moreover, if you have a serious pink nail addiction like me, then you should give this pink nail paint a go as they look so pigmented when this tint is painted onto your nails. Let’s move onto the next shade that is yellow nail paint which has a dual factor of either it can be worn as a zingy lemon colour just on its own or it can be changed to a nice pastel yellow nail shade instantly by just adding a Barry M Matte Top coat on top of the nail paint. Now, I landed onto my latest addition of coral shimmer quick dry nail shade that I purchased recently and you could also have a look onto the latest nail art that I created with this nail shade that is right in here. Besides too, who wouldn’t like baby pinks like blossom as this spring colour is ideal to wear onto any wedding. Last but not least, I can’t leave this gorgeous gelly pink nail paint named as Sugar plum as this nail paint always reminds me of Barbie fairytale pictures and my recent nail art is a clear reflection of my likeness to it.

Finally, last but not least, I couldn’t do a nail art without this life saving tool, Barry M Nail art Pen as this pen is incredibly easy to draw flawless thin or thick lines as desired and it is super pigmented too as it showcases your efforts brilliantly in a faultless way to grab others intention instantly.

I hope you could also add up these chic nail shades in your collection too.

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