5 Step Skincare System From Arbonne RE9 Advanced*




First of all, you could always able to check out the samples that I have received from the lovely Maimie from Arbonne* right in here. Hence, nowadays, I’m keeping myself busy testing and trying their RE9 advanced anti-ageing skincare line and meanwhile, I would also like to share the same with you all. To be honest, I always love to use skincare line that uses botanical ingredients as main components and I should say that Arbonne has literally nailed it. Plus, with so many key benefits, I can’t wait to chit chat with you the amazing experiences that I’ve been venturing in the last couple of days and hence, stay tuned girls!


Arbonne provides skincare line keeping in mind that they deliver the best to the people who use it. And, some of the key features that it differs from other players are:

  • Using pure ingredients
  • Safe to use beauty products
  • Holds lots of added benefits
  • Vegan free
  • Cruelty free


For me, skincare is more important than makeup and also, myself, having used makeup as everyday ritual, it is always a wise decision to follow a skincare regime that is as effective as possible and let me show you a drop down list which states why skincare is more important in your life.

  • Makes your skin healthily balanced
  • Keeps your skin clean and away from all the impurities
  • Allows your skin to breathe through without makeup for a while
  • Avoids your skin getting dried up
  • Keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated


L-R: Smoothing facial cleanser and Intensive renewal serum
L-R: Corrective eye creme and Restorative Day Creme SPF 20
L-R: Extra moisture restorative day creme and Night repair creme

Step 1 

Smoothing Facial Cleanser:

This pearlescent creme works exponentially well to wipe away all the heavy makeup and impurities at no time at all and after use, your skin feels so smooth and refreshed. And, first impression is always the best impression and this smoothing facial cleanser is one among them and hence, I think there is no other better way to start a good skincare ritual. Overall, this cleanser works so gentle on my skin and I’m so impressed with the refreshing formula.

How to use?

  1. Remember to cleanse your skin two times a day, both morning and evening.
  2. Take the formula and apply it onto your face and neck.
  3. With your tender hands, gently massage your skin in circular motions.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  5. Head onto the next step, which is toner.

Step 2

Regenerating Toner:

So, the next subsequent step in skincare routine is using a good quality toner and Arbonne’s regenerating toner answers all those questions and it takes just a matter of seconds to tone your skin. Well, how many of you use toners regularly? And, do you know how important it is in your daily skincare regime? Fortunately, I joined this game lately and I could able to differentiate the softness and suppleness that it brings onto my skin after application and so, I would highly recommend to anyone to use toner regularly and it is certainly a must have product in your beauty wardrobe.

What is special about this toner?

  • The formula of the fluid is rich in anti-oxidants
  • It is pH balanced toner
  • As the name says, it regenerates your skin
  • Also, tones your skin immensely well
  • It refreshes and preps your skin for the next step of skincare


  1. Like cleanser, use toner both in the morning and evening.
  2. Take few dabs of it onto the cotton pad and move it all around your face and neck.
  3. No need to rinse after application.
  4. Also, avoid contact with eyes.
  5. Now, move onto the next step of skincare regime, that is firming and lifting skin which is none-other-than, serum.

Step 3

Intensive Renewal Serum:

This yellow-hued, intensive renewal serum is heavily concentrated that has all the skin nourishing elements like collagen supporting ingredients that are clinically proven to hold in moisture and it helps visibly to firm and lift, while lessening the appearance of fine lines.

How does it stand at its best when compared to its peer competitors?

  • It contains collagen supporting ingredients
  • The intensive formula is super concentrated and hence, less is more
  • Maintains moisture and keeps your skin hydrated after application
  • It firms and lifts your skin visibly well
  • It aids in the reduction of fine lines


  1. Take a small blob of serum onto your finger tip.
  2. Apply serum evenly over the entire face and neck.
  3. Not to forget to use it twice daily.
  4. Proceed onto the next step, that is corrective eye creme.

Step 4

Corrective Eye Creme:

Are you worried about your eye bags? Then, stay cool as help is on the way. Yes, the corrective eye creme helps to give you a healthy looking eye area and at the same time, while talking about the formula, it comes as white in hue, thick in consistency and smooth in texture.


  • It helps to diminish the look of fine lines
  • It aids to reduce puffiness around eye area
  • It assists in the reduction of dark circles

Method to follow:

  1. Just like the above products, use this eye creme two times a day.
  2. Take the tiniest amount of it on your finger tip.
  3. Gently apply it all around the eye area.
  4. Now, step into the next level of skincare regime, that is either day creme or night creme.

Step 5

Restorative Day Creme SPF 20:

Does your skin look youthful? If not, try this product and you will be amazed how good it is. This white-hued concentrated day creme moisturises your skin effectively well and also, it helps to protect your skin by fighting against harmful UV rays and environmental affecting factors. Also, this creme is topped up with collagen supporting botanical ingredients which helps to make your skin to look more youthful.

Key elements:

  • Added SPF factor helps to prevent your skin from sunburn
  • It contains collagen supporting ingredients
  • Botanical components helps to restores youthful looking skin appearance


  1. Use it only in the morning after serum.
  2. Take a blob of cream on your finger tip.
  3. Apply it liberally onto your face and neck before sun exposure.
  4. Massage it until it gets absorbed onto the skin.

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF 20:

Are you looking for a day creme that has better moisture retention? Then, this is the product for you as this ultra hydrating creme keeps your skin moisturised deeply including dry skin and this creme supports collagen which aids to protect your skin’s youthful appearance. Besides, the other key benefit is to keep your skin being young and radiant.

Best Features:

  • Ultra hydration
  • Moistures skin deeply including dry skin
  • Supports collagen
  • SPF factor helps to protect your skin’s youthful appearance
  • Keeps your skin to look young and radiant

How to apply?

Use it exactly like the way you use restorative day creme SPF 20 on your skin.

Night Repair Creme:

BEAUTY SLEEP – this is the latest and most talked about beauty essential that every beauty lover needs and yes, this night repair creme gives the right answer for it as this rich creme gives all the hydration that your skin needs while you are fast asleep. Plus, the botanical ingredients immensely supports collagen and it allows you to wake up every morning with a youthful looking skin. Doesn’t it sound great?

Key Factors:

  • Super rich formula
  • Provides ultra hydration to your skin
  • It has collagen supporting and botanical ingredients
  • Wakeup everyday with visibly looking youthful skin


  1. Unlike day creme, use it only at night after serum.
  2. Take a blob of cream on your finger tip.
  3. Apply it generously all around the face and neck.
  4. Massage it until it sinks on your skin.

This comes to the end of 5-step skincare system. Have you ever tried any of these products before? And, if so, let me know your thoughts about it and as always, I would love to read them. See you all on my next post on Friday.


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5 Home-Made Face Masks.



Preparing your skin to get ready for the on-coming festival season is an ultimate task and to handle this situation in a very effective way, one needs to take some special care in choosing the right quality ingredients so that it brings in a magical glow onto the skin instantly and also, balances skins condition too; plus, to make this dream comes true happen, there is one possibility to achieve a guaranteed win-win result which is none-other-than natural skincare wherein these naturally sourced righteous elements that are all packed with nutritious goodness could literally gives your skin the essential richness that it needs. So, stay tuned to follow up all the details.

So, herewith, I will be showing you some of the aspects of face masks and to make your life even easier, I will be using all the ingredients that are already stored up in your kitchen cabinets well before and moreover, these fuss-free face masks are very easy to make and so simple to use it onto your skin. So, let’s get started.

Avocado Face Mask:

  • 2 slices of avocado
  • 1tsp lemon juice
  • 1tbsp honey

Firstly, smash the avocado pulp nicely and mix it with the other ingredients to get a nice soft face mask and then, apply it onto the cleaned, washed and towel-tried face for 20 minutes. Then, wash your face with clean running water. Now, you could see your skin well softened and brightened.

Mango Face Mask:

  • 1/4 mango
  • 2tsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp honey

Firstly, blend in mango and honey well and then, stir in the sugar content into it. Now, apply it right away and massage it gently onto your clean face so that the sugar crystals act as a scrub and makes your face clean and fresh. Then, allow it to stand for 10 minutes so that the nourishment from the mango will be completely absorbed onto your skin and then, wipe off the mask and clean your face with lukewarm running tap water. Now, you could see your face with a satin silk glowing finish to it. Later, if you want, you could also apply a layer of yoghurt onto your skin so that it exfoliates your skin effectively to give you a baby soft touch.

Cranberries Face Mask:

  • Handful of cranberries
  • 2tbsp yoghurt

Initially, blend both the ingredients in the blender and apply it onto your face and allow it to stand for 20 minutes. Then, clean your face with running water and you could see your face as fresh and supple as a rose.

Almond Face Mask:

  • 3tbsp almond powder
  • 2tbsp milk
  • 1tsp rose water

Just mix in all the ingredients and apply it onto your clean face and leave it onto your face for 20 minutes. Then, clean your face with running water and you could see clear visible results of revitalised skin as the richness from the almond and the freshness from the rose water amplifies multi-fold onto your skin flawlessly.

Saffron Face Mask:

  • 3tbsp thick Cream
  • Few strands of saffron

Soak the saffron onto the cream for few minutes and then, apply it onto your face to get a well glowing bridal skin faultlessly.

Hence, try these homemade natural winter skincare remedies at your home and don’t forget to share in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 5.


Image Source: Neal’s Yard Remedies

If you are looking for a glimpse of natural skincare product that also comes along with certified organic ingredients, then you should not miss this post as I will be guiding through some of the key aspects of organic natural health and beauty that includes the originality of the formula, quality of the naturally sourced organic ingredients, the real essence of aromatherapy and last but not least, the richness of the core components. Moreover, the icing on the cake is definitely the real benefits that you get from the regular use of organic skincare in your daily beauty routine. So, stay tuned.

Neal’s Yard Remedies:

  • Neal Yard Remedies has made their footsteps into the beauty world in early 1980’s.
  • They produced several award winning beauty products and also, they are the first beauty companies in the world to produce beauty products along with Fair-trade ingredients.
  • Their business ethics is beauty, health and well-being should be natural but not synthetic.
  • They scientifically formulate organic ingredients and produce health and beauty products ethically.
  • They always use hand picked organic ingredients, natural herbs, essential oils and extracts in their products.
  • The aroma from their product is not only fragranced naturally but also, it intensifies your inner soul meanwhile your skin is absorbed by all the goodness of the product.
  • Their products are always stick onto the details of purity, safety and efficacy.
  • Their products are free from synthetic perfumes, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, artificial colours and phthalates.

Neal Yard’s Organic Seaweed And Arnica Foaming Bath:

Well, if you are looking for a relaxing bath after a day long tiring work, then Neal Yard’s Organic Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath will give you a quintessential answer to restore energy into your body as the core components of seaweed, comfrey and arnica when it is combined along with the pure essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender which could make your muscles soothing and meanwhile, the whole pamper session will detoxify and revitalise your body in just matter of minutes.

How to use:

  1. Fill in the bath with clean finger touching warm water.
  2. Pour the foaming bath liberally into the running water.
  3. Spread it evenly by swirling around the water.
  4. Then, enjoy the warm bath.

So, have you used any of the Neal’s Yard Remedies’s products before? And if so, why don’t you share some of your personal experiences through this post. This is the last part of this series and if you have missed any of the previous episodes, then you could able to check in right here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and as always, I would welcome your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 4.

Image Source: Burt’s Bees

Having a balanced healthy skin is quite a big challenge throughout the year and especially, when it comes to winter months, then it gets harder than ever before and also, it is a studied fact that during winter months, our skin will be at constant radar of harsh windy weather conditions in which our skin needs to have a layer of double protection to bring in all the moisture intact all the time and of course, that is not the only issue to fightback whereas, the other major factor to tackle is vulnerably shivering winter chills that would literally makes our skin unpleasantly dry and hence, giving a tender loving care for our skin is an uttermost priority while undertaking the daily beauty routine and meanwhile, to make our skin a guaranteed protection, it is always wise enough to go for a natural skincare regime.

Burt’s Bees:

Burt’s bees have started their journey right from the early 80’s to until now in producing natural skincare products to their customers and their main goal is to make the world little greener and cleaner. Moreover, during their constant growth of their company, Burt’s bees have been working as hard as a busy bee in delivering quality-oriented natural skincare products throughout these many years so that they could send all the goodness of mother nature to their humongous customer base.

Naturally Bee-autiful Collection Set – Burt’s Bees:

To make our life even more easier, Burt’s bees have recently released a range of eye-catching gift sets that can be used either as a stocking filler or as a special natural skincare gift set to your friends and family for this Christmas; Plus, the best among all of their collections is naturally bee-autiful collection set that comes in a wrapped up canvas of gorgeous cosmetics pouch which includes all the skincare essentials that your face and body needs to get party ready for this Christmas that is from the courtesy of mother nature and Burt’s bees:

  • Wild Cherry Lip Balm – This naturally sourced lip balm contains all the richness of wild cherry that is great to use just after your morning and evening cleansing routine.
  • Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub – This exfoliating scrub is great to use on a washed, cleaned and towel-dried face. What you all need to do is, just take a blob of it into your palms and massage it gently onto your face which will eventually bring a good blood circulation around your face.
  • Facial Cleansing Towelettes with white tea extract – Using with one of these towelettes, wipe off your exfoliated face to get a satin silk glowing face.
  • Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion – This lotion works exemplarily well onto your skin and it sinks in right away without feeling greasy at all and leaves your skin with a baby soft touch.

Have you ever used any of the Burt’s bees products before? If it so, then I would always welcome you to share some of your personal experiences through this blog post.

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I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 3.

Image Source: Origins 

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, then you would have noticed that I am doing a five parts series about natural skincare brand to try this Christmas and having already successfully completed part 1 and part 2 of it, this time, I amped up my rediscovering skill to next level and that’s why, I have finally landed onto the much trust-worthy names, that is none other than Origins. Moreover, their skincare products are well appreciated for their quality and high performance effects. Also, these brands are supplied with paraben free, phthalates free and free of other harsh chemicals too. So, what else could you ask for?


Origins natural skincare is well cherished and celebrated by the humongous numbers of beauty followers and the true slogan of the brand is: Powered by nature & Proven by science. Besides, having potentially using high quality active plants as a staple ingredient, there is no doubt that your skin is literally in safe hands. Furthermore, this company is also participating in the plant a tree campaign and hence, the more skincare products you buy from this brand, then more number of plants will be planted, which is really a big helping hand to populate the eco-friendly environment even much better.

Handy Hydrators:

So, if you are a debutant on this product and want to try well before splurging in later, then this trio gift set is perfect to fit enough for any pocket-friendly customer. Hence, let’s see a bit more of it right away.

  • Rejuvenating hand treatment – Basically, you start off with a well washed, cleaned and towel-dried hands and then, apply this hand treatment cream onto your hands and apparently, it prepares your skin perfectly ready for winter.
  • Plantscription anti-ageing hand cream – Massage this hand cream gently onto your hands and allow it to sink into your skin and it leaves your hands feather soft without feeling any greasy at all.
  • Ginger hand lotion – This travel-friendly hand lotion is quintessential to use while you are on the move and the gorgeous refreshing aroma of ginger keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised all day long.

In further, if you are already an user of Origins, then you could leave your lovely comments as always or else, you could also mention about your current obsession to natural skincare too.

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Miniature Body Butter Treats

I hope you have a fabulous time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 2.

Part 2

Natural skincare product always works the best and here comes the next part of natural skincare brand to try this christmas and if you have missed the first part, then you could eventually jump onto the section right here. Moreover, getting into the mainstream of natural skincare routine is getting so popular these days as there is no need to worry about the harmful effects of any harsh withheld synthetic ingredients. Furthermore, as we are living in the green revolution, it is a good alternative to opt for an eco-friendly beauty product which can act as a life saviour for your skin and hence, let’s see more about the product in detail.

Image: Trilogy Products

Trilogy Products:

The sisters, Catherine De Groot and Sarah Gibbs has launched their first range of Roseship oil products in New Zealand and Australia in 2002 and through their immense knowledge of natural components, they saw some tremendous opportunity to bridge gap between performance and natural essence. Also, these amazing sisters has worked very hard during their whole journey and they spent over a decade in building an international reputation for producing high performance certified natural skincare products. Besides too, they stood on a mission to change the face of natural skincare and their best-selling certified organic rosehip oil is an evidential proof of their technological brilliance in which you could see real and actual visible results effectively well.

Trilogy – Certified Organic Roseship Oil:


  • Main ingredient as Rosehip seed oil
  • Contains essential fatty acids including omega 3, 6 and 9
  • Certified as organic


  • Delivers over all nourishment to the skin
  • Repairs dehydrated and ageing skin and maintains optimum balance of skin health
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Works exemplarily well to improve the skin concerned areas that includes stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.


Due to the natural skincare effectiveness of this product, it is not only been embraced and celebrated by celebrities all around the world but also, the much noted person from the royal family, Kate Middleton have used this product too.

Application Process:

  1. Ideally, you could use this product just after morning or evening cleansing routine.
  2. Start the procedure with a well washed, cleaned and towel-dried face.
  3. Take two or three drops of oil into your palms.
  4. Then, rub it either onto your face or body.
  5. Tips: You could either apply this product just alone or along with your preferred moisturiser.
  6. Now, your skin is ready to show off with a well glowing effect.

Plus, we all know that natural skincare is a real treasure and also, it is a god’s given gift to us and hence, if you want to read more information on this, then you could also check onto the section right here.

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Miniature Body Butter Treats

Manicure Maven’s Aqua Green Nail Candies

I hope you had a fantastic time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 1.


Part 1

Christmas is all about following traditions and celebrating and sharing the real taste of love and festivity along with family and friends and hence, during this christmas, why not make an excuse to uplift our regular skincare routine to next level; plus, we all know that there are so many benefits in using naturally sourced products into our daily beauty routine that could literally change the terminology of beauty in a new dimension. Moreover, as only few days left to step into the beginning of new year, let us all make up our mind to make footsteps into the field of natural skincare where our skin is properly taken care of and also, hydrated, moisturised and nourished well all day long. So, this time,  I’ve decided to do a 5 part series which could ideally take us directly to reach the destination of nature adequately imminent. Now, here comes Part 1 of it.

Liz Earle:

Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a well-known British brand that delivers naturally sourced skincare products to millions of customers worldwide and this great beauty icon  was founded in 1995 and the slogan of this brand is, try to suit a skincare product that is embraced by all skin types and also, they use naturally active ingredients in all of their beauty products that is more wise to use.

Apparently, you should not miss to try their limited edition product, that is none other than, cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser sweet orange and mint. Too, this beauty staple can be faultlessly used either as an energising agent in your morning cleansing routine or it could be used as a pampering treat in your evening cleansing routine; plus, the combined flavours of zesty notes of orange oil and the refreshing tones of mint gives your face a quintessential boost instantly.


  1. Moreover, it is so simple to use.
  2. Just squeeze one or two blobs of cleanser onto your palms.
  3. Then, massage it on your dry face.
  4. Next, rinse the cloth with finger touching hot water.
  5. Then, with the cloth, wipe off  your face gently by reaching all over the face and also the hidden corners.
  6. Next, clean your face with normal water.
  7. Now, your face is ready to incorporate some of the other essential components such as serum or face oil and moisturiser.


This cleanse and polish product is also available in two different flavours of pink pepper and mint and eucalyptus and soothing camomile.

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Besides, which type of cleansing beauty routine are you following currently? If any,  you could also share some of the key tips and tricks that you carried out while cleansing your face in your day-to-day beauty routine.

I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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