Rose Gold – Coral Nail Candies.


As we all know, corals and pinks ruled the whole season of summer with legacy and hence, to make it accustomed to the prevailing chiller months, there could be nothing better than a combined duo shade of rose gold and coral as the glossiness from the rose gold and the brightening hue from the coral makes the overall colour to standout in excellence and that’s why, this time I opted for a frosted plum shade from the fragrance free nail polish brand, Natural Collection as this colour is suitable to wear all throughout the year because of its chic blended tint. So, let’s get started…

Moreover, whether it is summer or winter, one can’t deny the fact that a stunning looking, gorgeous nail shade is the girl’s best beauty accompaniment and in further, as party season is just around the corner, I think one could flawlessly able to look trendy by matching a marvellous nail varnish along with their party outfits effortlessly; plus, having a tone of nail base as rose gold, it is also quintessential to pair along with the current trend of rose gold jewels too. Hence, let’s see the application of it right now.

How to apply?

  1. Start the procedure with well cleaned, washed and moisturised nails.
  2. Apply a thin layer of your preferred base coat onto your nails.
  3. Then, apply two coats of frosted plum nail shade from Natural Collection onto your nails.
  4. Now, apply single coat of top coat onto your nails.
  5. Take out the excess bits by running a cotton bud that is previously soaked up with nail polish remover along the outer perimeter of your nails.
  6. Now, your nails are ready to show off.

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1st Year Blog Anniversary – Mini Beauty Haul.


Today is my first year blog anniversary. Well, I am so happy to be a part of this blogging community and also to have a huge number of fellow followers too, who helped me in each and every step of my blogging career. Moreover, when I first started, I had no idea of blogging at all as I was a debutant in blogging within my friends and family circle and hence, every concept of blogging skills were totally learnt by me along with my own interest and I’m totally proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Also, I want to share my experience of how blogging helped me in so many ways to come all the way this long. So, have a cuppa and keep tuned girls.

My experience of blogging:

  1. Having started as an amateur, I’ve learnt some of the basic tips and tricks initially that one could use everyday in their blogging posts.
  2. If I had any issues with the blog concepts, then I always popped onto the search engines for various trouble shooting techniques and trust me, I found it very useful.
  3. Always, I’ve passion for fashion and beauty and that is one of the reason why I started blogging.
  4. So, how did blog change my life? The answer to this is, it helped me to feel more confident and my whole personality towards beauty has changed a lot and sometimes, I find myself thinking like a makeup artist and why not, that’s all I fancy about at the end of the day.
  5. Finally, I should definitely say that I’m so blessed to have some of the world’s best fellow bloggers who gives me a pat and appreciate so much for the effort I make each time and I want to say a huge thanks for that.

Even though, there are zillions of things to share along with, right now, I’ve pin pointed some of the key features that are listed above. Plus, to celebrate this anniversary, I lavished myself with a mini beauty haul and so, let me jump in right away.

Beauty Haul:

Firstly, I had a look around onto the beauty counter, Natural Collection and I should strictly recommend anyone not to miss this counter in Boots as they are currently selling 3 for 2 offers which is really a great bargain as if you’re planning to stock up a lot of beauty gifts for this christmas as prices are so reasonable and the choice of nail colours are also humongous. So, I purchased three colours from this counter in which, the first one is a champagne shade which looks more like a light and glossy dusty pink colour and the second one is a frosted plum shade which looks like a gorgeous shimmery orangish pinky shade and the last one is a crystal clear transparent shade which is quintessential to wear any time of the day and moreover, you could also use this shade as a multi purposeful top coat too.

Next, I moved onto the Rimmel London beauty counter where I picked a shade sweet retreat no. 270 from Rimmel London Rita Ora collection and this shade always reminds me of the fluffy and sugary candy floss and also, it is such an awesome shade so that you could either wear it just on its own or you could add a matte top coat to give a new dimension to the nail look too or else, you could do a flower nail art as well. Then, another new product that I bought was Rimmel London’s scandal eyes precision micro eyeliner in the shade black and it is also waterproof too and I can’t wait to try it on. In further, you could also have a look onto Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner too.

Lastly, I’ve been to Barry M beauty counter and I purchased a lip liner in the shade dark pink no.2. Plus, it is such a versatile shade that works exemplarily well along with any berry or pink shades too.

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