My Spring DIY Elegant Makeup Storage.

Ted Baker, Eyeko London, Rimmel London, Maybelline NewYork, Barry M Cosmetics, Lancome, MUA Cosmetics, Soap&Glory

Ted Baker, Eyeko London, Rimmel London, Maybelline NewYork, Barry M Cosmetics, Lancome, MUA Cosmetics, Soap&Glory

Hello sweeties, how was the weekend? I hope you had an awesome one. Admitting the fact that we are nearly to the end of February, this weekend I was totally in a spring clean mode and one particular part that I specifically want to mention here is storage. Well, we all know that spring clean involves lots of decluttering and organisation and hence, this time I made it as an advantage to revamp my makeup storage. Plus, the amount of quality time spent and getting it finished up to look more organised is really a pleasure thing and I’m sure you would be feeling the same just as me. Isn’t it?

More about the elegant prop

While thinking about different themes of organisation, once that really highlighted my thinking was the elegant touch to the organised look and that’s why, this time I opted for an elegant cake holder stand from Jamie Oliver, the famous British Chef as my prop wherein I could able to tuck in and arrange all the makeup items that I desire to show case. Yes girls! These gorgeous multi coloured striped patterns along with the stunning looking stainless steel stand makes it as a quintessential eye catcher to define my timeless beauty staples in an elegant way.

Eyeko London, Lancome, Rimmel London and Ted Baker

Top Row

To be honest, when it comes to makeup, I always like to do a mix and match with luxury as well as drugstore products and as you know, I always have a super soft corner for branded products and that’s why I’ve opted for the top row to adorn with some of my stunning looking luxe products like Ted Baker Lip Balm (this miniature perfumed shaped jewelled-glass container contains the coolest cocoa blended luscious lip balm which will melt when this balm is applied onto my lips), Lancome Eye shadow (a creamy, radiantly glowing blue eyeshadow is a must for this Spring), Red Lipstick (this red carpet inspired, flattering lipstick is ideal to wear on your lips for any kind of special occasions or parties) by Kate Moss from Rimmel London and Mascara ( this nourishing, clump free mascara is my all time perfect staple for a voluptuous looking lashes) from Eyeko London.

Bottom Row

Soap&Glory, Maybelline NewYork, MUA Cosmetics, Rimmel London, Barry M Cosmetics

While the top row was making a galore of luxury brands, here on the bottom row was substituted with a few unmatchable drugstore beauties and some of the key beauty staples includes: Soap&Glory Miniature The Righteous Butter (my skin adores to wear this creamy, soft, butter like moisturiser every day which comes along with an added nourishing factor of shea butter and aloe vera), Maybelline NewYork Dream Matte Mousse (it is great to wear just on its own or could be mixed along with any kind of foundation or BB cream to create a perfect base), MUA Creamy Blusher (this silky soft and creamy blusher is perfect to dab onto my cheeks every time), Rimmel London BB Cream (my HG drugstore BB cream), Maybelline NewYork Master Piece Precise Liquid Eyeliner (this sponge tipped pen is ideal to define and sketch precise lines onto my eyes) and lastly, Barry M Cosmetics Lip Liner (I use it everyday non-stop and it works great along with lip balm and lipstick).

Have you ever tried to organise your makeup storage in a different way other than the usual acrylic container boxes? If so, let me know about your personal thoughts and I would love to read them as always.

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A Perfect Blush For a Minimum Makeup Look.


Recently, I could feel the sense of chill breeze entering the doorstep as the weather is changing and summer is nearly coming to an end and we all know that this is the time of the year where bronzer gets set aside and the tint of pinky blush pops up to flavour the season of colourful autumn. While, this time I was on a hunt for a light-weighted blush that is quintessential for a minimum makeup look since I want the hint of blush onto my cheek that is barely minimum yet natural and there I got bumped onto the Whipped Velvet Blush from Makeup Academy (MUA) in the shade of SPRY.

Besides, MUA offers exceptional beauty range that has a great quality at an affordable price too and the whipped velvet blush from MUA does the job brilliantly excellent as it is smooth and soft in texture and when you swipe your fingers onto the creamy blush, it just glides onto the light-weight mousse-like silkiness of the formula and when this blush applied onto your cheeks, it feels like it is next to the second skin; moreover, this ultra-chic, dusty pink blush comes in a rounded black pot that has a screwable top that is easy to get the hang of it gorgeously and the fluffy-feel formulation is tender light that is great to apply onto your cheeks plus it is ideal to get the desired consistency as per your requirements as this versatile blush enhances the look that literally suits you. Furthermore, this is the first time I have opted for a cream to powder blush and I am totally satisfied with the quality of the finish that it gives.

Additionally, if you are looking for a minimum makeup look, what you all needed is a blush that is subtle yet still have the feel of pinky blush onto your cheeks and surprisingly, this blush with just two strokes of creamy blush application onto your cheeks makes all the magic and it gets blended incredibly well with the help of the rounded fluffy brush and you could also have a tint of highlighting powder from Bourjois Bronzing powder and Highlighter duo on top of the blush to set it quintessentially and that is what I call as a minimum makeup look.

So, if you are looking for a blush that is light-weight, then you should definitely give it a try.

I would always welcome your valuable views and thoughts and also you could write down the same into the comment section that is right below.

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