My Luxury Lip Gloss Featuring Lancome Lip Lover 337.

Lancome Lip Lover 337

Lancome Lip Lover 337

If you are looking for a 90’s themed makeup look for this Spring, then ensure to have your lip glosses on board girls as it is one of the must have staple to nail any kind of 90’s inspired look and literally the same was showcased during SS16 catwalks by the most forerunners in top fashion houses. Meanwhile, talking about lip glosses always brings me so many flash pictures in front of me and the key feature includes a great comeback Spring favourite right at your beauty wardrobe. So, if you want to recreate exactly like SS16 backstage bonanza, then make way to the grand entrance of lip glosses. Well, you must have already seen my love for Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss Ultra Brilliance  before and this time, Lancome Lip Lover 337 is yet another great pick among my lip gloss collection.


What do you expect from this product?

Well, this lip lover serves as a maestro beauty staple as it includes a 3-in-1 hybrid formula that comes with a lip balm along with an enviably hued tint and also gives an enhanced glossy shininess too. Hence, the shine and colour is achieved without sacrificing the content of moisture. Moreover, the formula of this product has a lovely texture as it is baby soft, light weight and non-greasy at all and the colour looks like sweet pink candies, isn’t it chic and girly? Lastly, the consistency is also equally good and it is the most picture quintessential lip glosses that you might have ever worn.


  • The inbuilt lip balm guarantees 8 hours of moisture intact on your lips
  • Fuss-free smooth application and reduces the appliance of fine lines on your lips
  • Well defined dewy shine finish
  • Saturated pigments brings an instant pop of colour
  • Flawless non-sticky glossiness on your lips
  • Keeps your lips hydrated
  • Long lasting wear


Lancome Lip Lover 337

This product comes as a sturdy silver metallic bullet and apparently, it is divided into two parts whereas the bottom container holds the most innovative formula and the screwable top holds the applicator wand wherein the teeny weeny bristles on the brush gives you a flawless application each time while in use and the cleverly designed aspect of the wand runs as a broader phase in the centre and it tapers towards the end and hence, it is easy to catch all the corners of your lips so as to give you a full satisfactory use. Finally, the transparent patch in the middle of the bullet showcases the actual shade of the lip gloss. Last but not least, the Lancome symbol is embossed on the top of the bullet.


Lancome Lip Lover 337

The screwable top of the bullet is aided with a airtight fix technology and hence you could able to hear a click sound when you try to open the top which in turn reassures you of no further leaks or stains.



  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned lips.
  2. Using a toothbrush, brush off any excess dead skin on your lips.
  3. Avoid using lip balm as it already has an inbuilt one.
  4. Open the screwable top applicator wand and apply single stroke on to your upper lip first and then to your lower lip.
  5. Using the tapered arrow tip end, define a flawless coat onto the outer corners of your lips.
  6. If you want you could add more layers and build.
  7. Now, your lips are ready to show off.


  • Eye catching intense colour
  • Glossy and dewy shine finish
  • Inbuilt lip balm provides moisture and hydration
  • Long lasting wear
  • Non-greasy texture of the hybrid formula
  • Well pigmented pout
  • Easy to use application
  • Smooth layering by visibly reducing fines lines

All-in-all, I’m so impressed with this product. Have you ever used this product before? If so, share your wonderful personal experiences with me and as always, I would love to read them. Happy midweek all!


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Review: Estee LauderPure Color High Gloss Ultra Brilliance.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy High Gloss Ultra Brilliance

Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss Ultra Brilliance

As we already arrived at the second quarter of the year, Spring is finally in the air and this is the best time to reorganise some of the beauty wardrobe that includes changing from an earthy perfume to a light floral warmer perfume and from dramatic eye look to softer peachy eye look and from blush to bronzer and from heavy makeup to natural dewy makeup look. Hence, with so many variations that happens along the different aspects of make look and I think lips acts the same way too as they are not in exception either and yes, this is the season of lip gloss for sure. So, stay tuned to see more of it.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy High Gloss Ultra Brilliance
L-R: Stolen Kisses, Berry Lush and Pink Cloud


I am a big fan of Estee Lauder’s packaging features as they always try to incorporate an unique gold detail to each of their product range and this time too, they didn’t disappoint either as they literally nailed by calligraphing the brand name with golden detail. While moving along to the actual tube, it comes as a handy squeezable tube wherein you could able to take tiny blob of lip gloss each time; plus, like icing on the cake, the tube is enclosed with an elegant screwable golden top.


This travel exclusive lip glosses are perfect to store in your hand bag fuss free and the tiniest amount of the content is more than enough for every single use and hence, little goes a long way. Having used Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss before, I know the real value of a lip gloss and also, how it works and ever since then, I got so hooked up with lip glosses and fortunately, as we are heading ahead to more sunny days, I think lip gloss is going to be a super winner and apparently, I’m so intrigued with the shear-y glossiness of the lip gloss and lastly, not to forget, the long lasting sweet candy aroma that lingers in your lips incredibly well.

Lip Gloss Colour Range:

  • Stolen Kisses – gorgeous pink tint
  • Berry Lush – warm berry shade
  • Pink Cloud – champagne like hue




  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned lips.
  2. Use your tooth brush to remove any dead skin.
  3. Prep your lips with LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub (as it exfoliates your lips unbelievably good as it contains the content of cater sugar and jojoba oil).
  4. Use your favourite lip balm to soothe and moisturise your lips (My current favourite is Ted Baker Cocoa scented Lip Balm).
  5. Now, squeeze a small amount of lip gloss in your finger and then, apply it evenly to your top lip first and then to your bottom lip.
  6. Now, your lips are ready to show off.

Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss Ultra Brilliance


  • Available in three different shades
  • Mirror like finish
  • Glossy sheen
  • Sweet candy aroma
  • Quintessential for Spring makeup look


Have you ever tried this product before? If so, share your personal thoughts and as always, I would love to read them. Happy #FriYay!


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25 Lip Products That You Need To Know.

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

So, how many lip products do you know? Before writing this post, I started off the list with just 9 products and then, it has started to build to a souring score of 25. Can you believe it and even I was shocked to core to see how many lip products that are available in the market and God knows how many more lip products are on the pipeline that is to be launched further. So, if you are a lipstick lover and can’t resist to buy them, then you have landed onto the right spot as I’ll be going through some of the lip products that you might not have heard of before. So, stay tuned girls!


Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

First of all, I want to start off with a stunning lipstick that we all wear in our day to day life and being a lipstick lover, I can’t think of the world without it. Apparently, it comes with a matte and creamy formula which you could always choose one from them.

Lip gloss:


If you are looking for a non-stop wear and shine, then lip gloss is a perfect option as it keeps your lips glossy and supple all day long.

Lip Stain:


A lip stain always brings in a splendid looking, long-lasting, beautiful colour to your lips.

Lip balm:

Ted Baker Lip Balm

Who would like to have a dried, chapped lips? Nobody and that’s where lip balm comes in handy as it keeps your lips to be moisturised and hydrated for a last longing effect.

Lip Tint:


Lip tint works very similar to lip balm but the formula comes with an additional feature of lip colour.

Lip Butter:


Lip butter comes in as a rich and buttery formula where it melts and offers a longevity shiny and tinted finish to your lips.

Lip Protectant:

Elizabeth arden eight hour cream lip protectant SPF15

If you care about your lips, then you should have this in your makeup bag as it acts as a lip saviour when your lips are really in need of some TLC. It is great as a winter lip care and it is my holy grail product.



Lip Crayon:


Lip crayon is getting popular nowadays as it comes as a stick that is versatile to use while you are on the run and the formula is super easy to apply that is well pigmented and creamy and all under just one swipe.

Lip Scrub:


One of the most used products in lip care is a lip scrub where it exfoliates and conditions your lips exponentially well.

Lip Mask:


Lip mask is a product that can be used next to a lip scrub where it soothes, moisturises and replenishes your lips instantly.

Lip Serum:


Lip serum works exemplarily well when it is applied onto your lips to give a hydrated, soft and supple lips.

Lip Gel:


This product gives a light reflecting plumped shine onto your lips that is inspired by the gorgeous gel nail polishes.

Lip Liner:

Barry M Cosmetics Lip Liner

A lip liner is always used on all occasions where you want your lips to be lined and defined quintessentially well.

Lip oil:


Lip oil is getting its own mark in the beauty industry than ever before and this new product makes your lips to appear as shiny, hydrated and plumped up nicely.

Lip Whip:


Lip whip is used to bring in ultra hydrating effect onto your lips and also, it makes your lips to look slightly tinted with hue as well.

Lip Plumper:


This innovative lip product makes your lips to look plumper and adds an additional coat of pink tint to your lips.

Lip Cream:


It is a creamy but no-shimmery lip gloss that brings in a tingling and plumper effect to your lips.

Lip Polish:


It exfoliates and conditions your lips and brings in a polished, silky soft and smooth lips.

Lip Volumizer:


This super cool product hydrates, smooths and plumps up your lips with an added element of tinted finish.

Lip Treatment:


This gel-based lip treatment repairs, protects and smoothen your lips from all the wrinkles and fine lines on your lips and it acts as a natural barrier and rejuvenates your lips as soft and hydrated.

Lip Glaze:


This lip glaze comes as a nifty click pen that is versatile to use and it gives a ultra glossy finish to your lips.

Lip Glow:


This ultra sheer lip glow treats your lips as a balm and at the same time enhances, moisturises and protects your lips.

Lip Primer:


This lip primer contains moisturising formula which aids to prep your lips before any lipstick application onto your lips.

Lip Conditioner:


This lip conditioner is featured with an inbuilt anti oxidant formula that helps to bring in a moisturised, soft and long lasting comfort to your lips.

Lip Rescue:


This lip rescue gives an intense hydration to your lips along with some soft and subtle colour to your lips.

Have you tried any of these products before? If so, share some of your experiences with me and feel free to drop into the comment box that is right below and I would love to read those comments as always.

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Venice – Sephora & Souvenirs Haul.


For any beauty blogger, holiday trip is not complete without a beauty haul and I am not in exception either and hence, I went on a hunt trail for beauty haul in Sephora and also, some world-famous glass souvenirs from Murano too. Plus, I am very glad that money has been spent wisely and didn’t splash too much albeit. Well, even before the holiday, I made up my mind very clear that a visit to Sephora is a must as there isn’t any Sephora in UK though and so, I grabbed this opportunity instantly and also without fail.

Moreover, when I first entered into Sephora, I literally felt like I was in a beauty heaven as all of their array of shelves were arranged and ordered with tremendous amount of beauty galore and I should say that my bulging drooling eyes were constantly spotting onto the beauty aisles all the time and it was like a jaw-dropping experience. Even though, I have lip glosses, eye palettes, blushes and bronzers as a separate beauty staple, this time I was looking for a all-in-one package and that’s where, this time I bumped onto this massive makeup set that contains all the beauty pieces that I opted for. Wow! I am totally addictive to this product right now as it has 36 pans of eye shadows, 12 shades of lip glosses, 4 shades of blushers and two tones of bronzers and anyway, what else could I ask for? Besides, the pigmentation of the eye shadows are so gorgeous and the creaminess of the shade is perfect to blend onto the eyes as just like a second skin and while moving onto the lip glosses, it just applies onto the lips like a butter and gives out a mirror like reflection of the shade onto the lips and then, while coming along to the blusher, the texture of the blusher is incredibly super soft and it leaves a dab of pinky or peachy tones onto the cheeks instantly and lastly, the bronzers are great to define the cheek bones and it leaves the cheeks with the long-lasting gorgeously glowing bronzy look.


Furthermore, as we all know, Murano is famous for its glass making artistry and after visiting that gorgeous place, one can’t come home empty-handed and even though, there were so many products available from glass vases to containers and from chandeliers to collectibles and from bracelets to rings but with the biggest hurdle of luggage restriction, this time I opted for smaller items that I can keep comfortably in my hand luggage yet still could able to cherish those memories anytime ever after and that’s why, this time I landed onto buy some couple of pair of earrings and a photo frame to satisfy my thirst quenching desires for glass staples. Doesn’t they look gorgeous!

This is the last post on my Venice series and if you have missed any of my previous part of the series, then you could always jump into right in here, here, here and here.

I hope you had a fantastic time in reading this post and you could always write in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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