Tutorial: How To Get An Instant BB Cream?


This is the time of the year where BB cream comes as a life saviour as it is quintessential to use as a light foundation base without sacrificing the heaviness from the foundation. Besides, as we are moving forward towards warmer, sunny days, I think it is an absolute must have beauty essential for this Spring/Summer. I hope you do agree with me as I do. Moreover, with so many BB creams are available in the market, there occurs a great opportunity to tune ourselves to bring in the inner beauty goddess out as it is so simple to make our own BB cream. Doesn’t it sound amazing? And so, come along with me to see how to get an instant BB cream.


First of all, you will be surprised to see that it only takes just two items to bring in the new formula of BB cream, how genius is that? So, let’s see the actual products now:

  • Regular Day Cream with SPF factor
  • Normal Concealer

Yes, that’s it and right here, I will be using Nivea sensitive day cream and Collection lasting perfection concealer as my product choices.

Nivea sensitive day cream



There are so many advantages in using BB cream during warmer months and herewith, I will be highlighting some of the key aspects of using BB cream.

  • Formula is lighter than the heavier foundation
  • Perfect evened out base and covers blemishes, dark spots and eye bags
  • Ideal to wear for day outs and beach
  • Your skin looks flawless just as a second skin
  • Brightens your skin exemplarily well
  • Smoothes and tones your skin as well
  • Brings out dewy finish on your skin
  • It is very easy to blend
  • Great for versatile application such as with a sponge or makeup brush or fingers
  • It comes along with moisturising feature
  • It has SPF factor which helps to aid your skin against harmful UV rays
  • SPF factor also helps to fight against your skin from environmental affecting factors
  • It hydrates your skin concerned areas of dry skin


Firstly, take a tiny blob of your regular day cream and mix it along with your everyday concealer to get a new BB cream formula. In further, to bring in the right consistency, you could always add more or less of the concealer as per required.




  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned, washed and towel dried face.
  2. Then, use your daily moisturiser to keep your skin as fresh as a daisy.
  3. Now, take the above BB cream and using beauty blender, apply it onto your face evenly.
  4. Set the evened out base with loose setting powder.
  5. Now, your face is ready to add on more products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, highlighter and lipstick.
  6. Finally, your face is ready to show off.

Have you ever tried this technique before? And, if so, you could share your experiences along with me and as always, I would love to read them. Or else, let me know your tips and tricks that you use in your everyday makeup looks.

Also, don’t forget to see bonus post later today and so, stay tuned!

Happy Midweek All!



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Current Favourite Drugstore Concealer.


New Year always bring me new resolutions and some of the resolutions are targeted in such a way that I need to literally adapt in my day-to-day life and one such particular example is a versatile, quality concealer that I use everyday in my beauty regime. Too, any beauty lover knows that having a good concealer in their beauty wardrobe is a mandatory tool to get a complete flawless makeup look and moreover, we are living in an era where everyday brings a new discovery of beauty item in the market and hence, it is certainly an overwhelming challenge to choose one among them and also, the best beauty goodies are always carried along with a hefty price but instead, this time I’ve landed onto a product that is perfectly affordable and the quality is also in-line with the high end branded concealers, which is none-other-than, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Besides, I must also thank my fellow blogger Claire from Clarina Beauty  from whom I got inspiration to purchase this product.


What to expect from this product?

  • Award-winning drugstore product
  • Best buy concealer under £5
  • Incredibly luscious and creamy formula
  • Well used to cover under eye dark circles
  • Hides away imperfections like blemishes
  • Unmatchably even coverage
  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • Water resistant
  • Flawless photo finish


  1. Start your makeup with a well cleansed face.
  2. Then, apply serum and moisturiser onto your face.
  3. Next, apply your regular foundation onto your face.
  4. Then, using the applicator from Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, apply concealer onto the under eye and T-zone area; plus, dab on well to the blemish spots as well.
  5. Now, either using a concealer brush or a beauty blender, blend the concealer well with the underneath foundation to get a seamless finish.
  6. After that, set your makeup with loose powder.
  7. Now, contour your cheeks with bronzer to get a sculpted makeup look.
  8. Lastly, finish off the makeup by completing the eye makeup and also highlighting onto cheek bones area.

So, what are your current favourite concealer then?  Let me know as I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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