Airport Beauty Haul.

Art Deco. Isa Dora, Maybelline NewYork Color Rama Nail Polish, jewellery, Brooch, ring, hair accessory. hair clip, Loreal Paris Kajal Magique

Art Deco. Isa Dora, Maybelline NewYork Color Rama Nail Polish, jewellery, Brooch, ring, hair accessory. hair clip, Loreal Paris Kajal Magique

You all know that I’ve been on a 4-week holiday to India last month and during my visit, I’ve managed to buy some beauty items from the duty free shop in the airport and surprisingly, seven of them are just nail polish alone as I’ve been totally hooked up with the amazing galore of colours that has been displayed in the shop and also, I’ve made some great buys on jewellery and hair accessory too. So, are you all excited to see the beauty haul? Yes, just like you, I’m also absolutely delighted to showcase some of the key buys and so, let me head onto it right away.

Art Deco Nail Polish – shade 971:

This is such a pretty burgundy shade that is shimmery and glossy and the brush wand is so magical to apply onto your nails and the consistency is picture perfect to finish a pro-styled manicure.

Art Deco Nail Polish – shade 812:

Oh my! This is a fantastic neutral nude shade that is not only quintessential for wedding season but it also brings an elegant style statement instantly onto any occasion. To be honest, I’m so addicted to this shade at the moment.

Art Deco Nail Polish – shade 629:

If you are a peach lover just like me, then this is the shade for you as the completed look of your nails appears to be a wonderful pastel peach shade. Marvellous!

Isa Dora Nail Polish – shade 241 (weekend):

This Swedish nail polish brand is an ultimate rocker and this is my debut nail polish from their range and I should say that it is like love at first sight. Well, this gel nail lacquer has a beautiful application consistency that assures you to give a one week super shine finish – Viola! What else could you ask for, isn’t it? Besides, I love the name of this polish, weekend – What a pretty way to celebrate your nails on the weekend? Gorgeous!

Maybelline NewYork Color Rama 60 Seconds – shade 155:

If one nail hue that was so popular all throughout this summer, then I must agree that it is certainly bright orange. Yes, girl! You’ve heard it right. Yep, wherever you go from salon to nail studio, this colour has been rocking like any other and the clear evidential proof is, I’ve applied this onto my nails most of the time during holiday.

Other Nail Polishes:

I’ve grabbed a stunning cobalt blue shade and mesmerising blood red shade from Indian duty free shops. Doesn’t they look so amazing?

L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique – Black:

In future, if you ever wish to travel to India, then I would highly recommend to buy this product as it gives the most amazing pitch black eyeliner look that you can ever get in the whole wide world and L’oreal Paris has literally nailed at making this item.

Jewellery And Hair Accessory:

Even though, I’ve bought lots of jewellery, one among them is the splendid rose gold ring and my pinky finger love it a lot. Then, comes the amazing brooch where it can be pinned with elegance to any kind of occasional wear. Last but not least, I can’t finish off this post without mentioning the awesome stone studded mini hair clip. Look at the picture – how gorgeous it is!

So, what kind of beauty staples that you often buy in airport duty free shops? If you have anything in particular, then you could always share along your amazing desires with me and as always, I would love to read them.


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My Current Obsession For Collar Necklaces.


Recently, you might have seen that collar necklaces rocked with various fashion houses among the whole Couture Fashion Week FW15 and the fashion designers also tried to represent their essence of style trend each in a unique way. Even though, the main focus was onto the clothing yet other accessories collections including footwear and jewellery were also well appreciated for their humongous effort for bringing creativity to the fashion world. Besides, no one can deny that the final selection of mainstream collar necklace from Giambattista Valli and Dior were one among the most fashionable recent entries onto the jewellery section. So, with that as the inspiration, today I will be showing you on my take on the collar necklace that is from H&M which I am currently obsessed with.

Moreover, the design of this gold necklace ticks all the boxes of style-trend which includes elegance, simplicity, easy to wear, light-weight, versatile to use and last but not least, it fits in quintessentially with any kind of outfit or any other special occasion. Furthermore, with all eyes on the neck, choosing the right necklace makes your life much easier since it finishes off your outfit with a perfect style statement flawlessly.

Now, let’s see the roundup of assortment of styles that can be worn along.

  1. If you are looking for a casual look, you could always wear this graphic metal collar necklace along with the all-time favourite jeans and white tee that is perfect for any weekend strolls.
  2. If you are looking for a smart look, then this golden metal necklace can be worn along with a bow-tied chiffon blouse and a figure-hugging pencil skirt.
  3. If you are looking for a chic look, then this hollow hooped necklace can be coupled along with a perfect bandeau dress and a matching high heel stilettos.
  4. If you are looking to wear for a special event, then this sculptural design necklace can be adorned along with the gorgeously styled embellished dress and a matching silver high heel footwear.

Hence, I hope you would also try these styles in the near future too.

In case, if you are looking for other styles, then you could also pop onto here.

Further, you could also comment onto the section below to write down all of your various thoughts and views.

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Ear Cuffs – The Clan of Ear Candies.


The current trend in ear candies is adorning your ears with a pair of ear cuffs and it is also well worth to proudly say it as the clan of ear candies since the style trend has not only outreached either celebrities or runway models but also to all kind of fashion loving women too, who has also started accepting and celebrating the new arrival of ear candies as the hottest jewellery trend of this season. So, for now, let’s forget about the chunky statement staples of chokers and the dainty little necklaces that dangles around your neck but alternatively, you could swap it and embrace the up-to-date cutting edge statement of jewellery portfolio.

Before, there were some times where the statement staples were particularly restricted to VIPs and celebrities because of the fact of highly acclaimed price tag but this time to make our life easier, the various high-street stores have energetically stocked up zillions of ear cuffs that could literally match and satisfy everyone needs. Furthermore, since my recent visit to London, I am absolutely obsessed with Accessorize as they are the crown makers of designing staple pieces and each piece is so unique and much affordable that is also featured along with different aspects of stones, beads and metals.


Besides, design is the highlighting part when it comes to ear cuffs and my pair of ear cuffs doesn’t disappoint me either since the flower and leaf patterned jewels are immensely rocking at the moment and I have also seen famous celebrities with different age group like Rita Ora, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have donned their ears with ear cuffs to  finish off their red carpet look grandly. Moreover, the design aspect is not that too complicated to handle and the benefiting part is that it is always showcased upwards that could basically run along your outer ear either half way or if you are brave enough, you could also adorn your entire ear with the highly-celebrated jewelled pair of ear cuffs like Chanel’s.

So, if you are fond of jewels like me, then you should definitely give it a go.

Or, if you are looking for dangling earrings, then you could certainly jump onto here.

You could always land onto the comment section below for your various thoughts and views on ear adornments.

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Wear these Bedazzled Earrings this Summer.

And, here comes the chandelier-inspired earrings that can dangle in your ears elegantly fuss-free plus, if you are not fond of gemstones but want a little bit of subtly matte-effect gold detail, then certainly, this can fit your wardrobe perfectly. Also, the sweeping, dangling feature that rhythms with the breezy tones of the wind gives a flawless thumps up too.


Style statement:

While talking about style a simply cut, knee-length, black sleeveless dress along with this conversation-starting jewellery (a pair of geometrically cut out, floral patterned, gold earrings with hook hold at the back from Forever 21, the well-known American brand – as shown in the picture above) and a pair of black stilettos can make an absolute match-perfect holiday statement look. Albeit, not had enough of it or want to go for more bold look, then you could go for by adding more accessories including hand cuffs, rings and hair jewellery.



Finally, I am sure that these earrings will be worn out by me for many more holidays to come on this summer…

All that glitters are diamonds.

It’s the time of the year, where the star-studded Hollywood people make their sparkling entry to the famous Red Carpet of Cannes International Film Festival, which is to be held between 13-24 of this month, May.

Being the official partner of the film festival, the world’s notable brand Chopard, the Swiss luxury jewellery & watchmaker, as always, is all geared up with their famous red carpet collections during the 11-day period of the film festival. Not only in the jewellery section, but also in the award part, Chopard always welcomes and supports the Hollywood Industry by giving two famous trophies including Palme d’Or – award for the best film of the International film festival and Trophee Chopard – award for the young talented actor annually. Also, with bag full of surprise, this year, Marion Cotillard, the oscar-winning French superstar & actress is designing her own range of collection for Chopard incorporating the ethically sourced gemstones plus, her designs will also be exhibited during the Cannes International film festival.

5may151Additionally, the another brand to be noted for during the Cannes International Film Festival is De Grisogono, the Geneva-based jeweller & watchmaker, who has recently launched their new Love Vivi collection while celebrating 15th anniversary of their iconic watch collection INSTRUMENTO, during the international watch and jewellery event, the Baselworld 2015 in March this year in Basel .


Albeit, the Cannes International Film festival is popular among the Hollywood community, there is no doubt, the overwhelming celebrity crowd will also be really looking forward to the high-end jewellery display on the most awesome seafront venue in the gorgeous Hotel Martinez, which will be open from May 13 onwards, in which is chronologically in-line with the International film festival event.

I hope just like me, you are also waiting for this special occasion to happen soon to hear all the latest award-winning news!

White Gold Diamond Jewellery: My Best Friend Forever.

“Want to achieve a red-carpet look at your own pace?” or, “are you ready for a glam look?” or, “are you looking for a hands-on-experience with the diamond jewellery?” or, “are you searching for an eureka moment on diamond jewellery pieces?” or, “are you getting nervous on how to wear diamond jewellery?”

No problem, help is on the way and here is the direction to go for:


We all know, diamonds are girl’s best friends yet I am not in exception. I love diamonds and when it is combined with white gold, it gives a double power vibe, which in turn gives an impeccable form of elegance to the entire look and also, for me, white gold and diamonds are like two good lovable friends who just think the same and certainly,  reiterates the tale of luxe-look.


So, just like others, every year, I have so many special occasions to celebrate like anniversaries, birthdays, easter, christmas and many more. However, for this Valentine’s day, my better-half gave me this gorgeous and snazzy-looking diamond set as a Valentine gift, in which, that special day has instantly and remarkably changed the whole ambience to another level.


Coming back to the jewellery section, let’s see the in-house details of it. This statement piece is made out of 18ct white gold coupled with hand-crafted diamonds to give a luxe-look, plus, this staple jewellery is such a pleasure to wear and I believe, I would be having more wear-outs by wearing to parties, events and special occasions for the many more to come.


How to Wear:

Daytime: It is always a must to make the dressing as simple when accompanying with luxury jewels like diamonds as accessories because it is a must to make the jewels itself to talk more drama and also, it is a perfect moment to make the jewels to stand out. Hence, the luxurious look can be effortlessly achieved by wearing white or black dress with neutral make-up and a matching bag, and finally, adoring your ears and fingers with rings to complete the ultimate ultra-chic look.

Evening-wear: A full length glittery silver dress with sparkling and matching clutch and high-heeled stilettos along with these adorable diamond jewellery set would definitely creates more glam look for the total outfit ensemble and for sure, it would make head-turning enviable moments.


Different ways to wear 3-tiered diamond rings:

This 3-tiered diamond rings can be worn as tiered or as a single piece in three of the other fingers or just can be adored as a single piece out of the three for a simple-chic look. So, whatever way you try yet, it would certainly create a momentum of celebration festivity. That’s why, always look for the different options to try mix and match with these three beauties to make a mark on your finishing touches.


Spring Flower Inspired Glittering Necklace.

Spring means flowers and I totally adore these in-season inspired, flower-patterned, glittering blue necklace. As always, blue colour brings freshness, brightness, coolness, modernness and flattering effect to the whole scenario and it does the same in this necklace.


Moreover, the blue colour on the necklace reminds me of the nature’s beauty of bluebells, Penhaligon’s bluebell eau de toilette, breezy blue beach huts, bright blue stripes on the Breton top, dark indigo denim jeans, blue-tiled Jardin Majorelle (Marrakesh,Morocco), blue flower beddings in the garden and the gorgeous upholstered soft blue sofas in the living room. Oh my! Absolutely amazing!


Plus, these sapphire-stone-inspired blue oval gems are hand-crafted to perfection to give the most electrifying, dazzling and glittering effect to the necklace saying – “look at me!”. Also, the blue coloured chords have been used brilliantly to showcase the beautiful flower pattern and brings a unique look to the necklace.

Keep enjoying!!!

Dazzling and Dangling Earrings.

Coachella‘s festive fever is soaring up high with temperatures reaching sky in this Music and Arts festive season. I would say two eyes are not enough to see all the beauties of festivity on the desert landscapes of California. Plus, clothing and accessories marched in-style with fashion in various social media including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Trendsetter presented their show styles including colourful garland of flower crowns, beauty-tanned radiant skin, ear-to-shoulder dangling earrings, tattoos in wrists, arms and face, neutral-toned make-up, tiered dainty necklaces with tiny-tot pendants, geometrical-patterned bracelets, asymmetrical-featured hand cuffs, hued wrist bands, stacked chunky bangles, wired friendship bracelets, trendy watches, waist-line belts in different colours and sizes, white-themed shirts and shorts, all-time favourite black jumpsuits, fringed dangling kimonos, super cool sunnies and so on. Literally, I can’t take away myself from the ongoing incredible cultural acts. However, even among from all of the goddesses of accessories,  I want to discuss one of my festive favourites this season which is, ear-to-shoulder earrings.


These pair of gold-plated, black-stoned, diamond-shaped earrings are must-have festive favourites and their elegant-looking character turns out the whole outfit to enviable levels. These snazzy yet glittery dazzling danglers are ideal show-stoppers which can effortlessly bring complete look with perfection.


These gleaming pair of earrings can glisten along with off-shoulder white top, all-white ensembles to make your earrings stand out, sleek black jumpsuit with cool cat-eyed sunglasses and ultra-glam bandeau dress.

Hope you have loads of fun in this festive season!

Black and White Leaf Patterned Necklaces

Now, Spring is getting better than ever and, I would say, this is the best time to top up some of the best Spring accessories available in the latest fashion aisles in the market. And, to be honest, when I think of Spring, the first thing comes to my mind is, beginning of long sunny days and next is, greens and colours from plants, floral and leaves. By the way, who could not think of these God-driven nature’s beauty?  Mind blowing! And, this is how, here comes my version of Spring time statement necklaces: Black Vs White leaf necklaces and their leafy patterns always gives me 100% reassurance of Spring season.

Black Leaf Necklace:


This Spring is all about geometric patterns and these horticulture-inspired Brussel’s bought chunky black leaf necklace can easily make head turners and it beautifully adorns your neck stylishly fuss-free and brings an ultimate chic look to your total ensemble. Furthermore, these effortless yet affordable neck piece makes a completely emphasised staple fashion jewellery and the eye-catching trendy leaf pattern details gives a one-of-a-kind easy to wear look visually.

How to wear:

This ginormous black leaf necklace can be worn along with a gorgeous off-shoulder black maxi dress, snazzy-looking denim jacket and flat tanned sandals to give an ultra glam sense of feel.

White Leaf Necklace:


I am completely certain that this white leaf choker necklace is going to dance and sing rhythms on my neck for many more sunny days to come this Spring. Literally, I love it so much and what’s not to like in this trendy accessory? Let’s see in detail: Made out of three layers – first with small glittery white stones, second with large sparkly white stones and third with matte finished leaf-structured glossy stones. And, all these well-crafted delicate layers joined together with two dainty silver bands gives a first-class and unique top-notch look.

How to wear:

These shining momento can be worn on special occasions or evening parties along with twinkling shiny silver maxi dress and high-heel stilettos to give a high-five look.

So, keep rocking!!!

Glistening and Gleaming Accessories for this Spring.

SS15 jewellery trend is all about stacking up and layering sleek-looking jewelleries in hands, neck, fingers and knuckles with chic chokers, bright bracelets, chunky bangles, geometric cuffs, dainty rings and niche midi rings. Also, to amp up even more, why not amend some stones and beads to your jewels in various shapes, cuts and sizes to rev up the whole look to enviable levels.

3 different ways to wear bangles:

  • Bohemian Style: You could effortlessly bring Bohemian flavour to your whole ensemble by piling up some glittering bangles on your wrists.
  • Pop up some colours: Adorn some coloured bangles to your wrists to spice up more drama to your outfit.
  • Stacking and Layering: Decorate your wrists either by stacking up or layering bracelets and bangles to bring more enchanting beauty with true indulgence.

Jewelled Wrist Bangles:

On my recent visit to Dubai, I strolled around each and every corner of the market for best bargain buys. And, I should say, they have the most fantastic market with wide range of choice to suit everyone’s needs. So, I sincerely reckon you to make a visit to these markets for the best deals around there. To be honest, for me, there are some times when I don’t want to spend a fortune and splurge too much on something to empty my bank balance and that time, there comes the rescue – these vintage inspired easily wearable stoned bangles doesn’t cost the earth and it’s much affordable to buy. Plus, these ever-popular, timeless-classic, chunky stone bangles adorns my wrist beautifully to give a more sophisticated statement look in ease that fits perfect to my wallet. However, depending on the occasion, you could either stack up or wear alone to give an elegant, edgy look to add more glam to give a complete look. Additionally, the embellished stones on the bangles gives an extra-edgy and vibrant dramatic ambience that practically lifts up the whole setup to next level. Furthermore, to get an ultra-uber-stylish look, try wearing these amazing bangles with a long, full-length black maxi dress on a hot sunny day to give a perfect style-note.



Hair Accessories:

Trends on hair accessories have changed so much through the years and this time, 70’s trend has revisited in SS15 fashion week in full swing and all day-to-day, modern fashion designers have showcased their ultra-chic, trendsetting collections of hair accessories that’s ideal for giving non-stop style trends. On SS15 catwalk, models from various designers ran through the runways in gorgeous looking hair grippers, hair clips and pins and amongst all of them, Chanel had brilliantly executed their show with trendy hair slides in a cool, stylish way.

For instance, the hair gripper pictured below can instantly make a voguish-appeal by getting two strands of hair on both sides and clipping it firmly in the middle of the head for getting a more defined chic look.


So, I am certain that you would also experiment with the latest must-have hair accessories in style for this Spring/Summer.